Peter Hyatt - Looking At Yoenis Cespedes Injury


Recall before the start of Spring Training, a Mets insider said that Yoenis Cespedes only gets injured when he is in a slump.

Last night, a bloop to left field, he did not break immediately for the ball and had to attempt a sliding catch to stop the Nationals from losing. 

He got up and began to limp.  

His over-bloated body from ego driven massive leg presses in the off season continues to betray the Mets who reached a zenith in frustration in May when he continued to keep himself on the Disabled List while they wanted him to play. 

Sandy Alderson finally went public with his frustration claiming that no substantial injury could be found, "not even swelling."

He came back scorching at the bat, silencing brass.

Then he got cold again. 

Now he will be sitting on the Fourth of July with what he called a "cramp."

It is all just a coincidence. 



Thomas Brennan said...

We ain't getting our $27.5 million worth this year, and it shows in the standings.

David Wright feels his pain.

LongTimeFan1 said...

Mack, what are you talking about? When did Alderson say Cespedes has no substantial injury after he went on the DL with an obvious hamstring injury?

Otherwise I agree Cespedes is own worst injury bulking like hulk for no good reason. Quite the contrary...to his detriment.

On another subject, your Top 2017 Prospect List leaves me scratching my head. You even include a guy who isn't even signed.

Gary Seagren said...

This getting our asses kicked AGAIN by the Washington Murphy's is getting real old and he still has a year and a half left before resigning of course with the Nats...ugh. Well it was nice for a week or so but we just aren't up to the better teams this year so Sandy...oh Sandy stay by your phone just a few weeks to the trade deadline and I would still like to know who was responsible for choosing Walker over Murph.

Anonymous said...

Well......CES got PAID so he doesn't have to go all out. That and the team having a down year leads to what you have now. A narcissistic player with his priorities out of sync.


Mack Ade said...

Long Time Fan -

I did not write the post. Peter Hyatt did. I just posted it for him and identified him as the author in the title.

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