Tom Brennan - Playing for Vegas Can Be Hazardous to Your Health


Saw this today - apparently he is OK after being hit in the head - 
happened in Salt Lake City of all places:

Mets minor leaguer attacked by homeless person with tire iron

Logan Taylor, a Mets minor league pitcher with Triple-A Las Vegas, was attacked and injured by a homeless man in an attempted robbery Saturday in Salt Lake City.


Thomas Brennan said...

Get over the hump, Logan, and get to Queens - no one gets hit over the head in NYC, right? Actually wrong.

My cousin once had her skull fractured by a thief attacking her in an elevator in Queens, and my uncle once was hit over the head from behind and fell unconscious face first to the Manhattan pavement many years ago. Both true stories.

Logan, always wear a batting helmet - it's rough out there.

Kidding aside, feel better. See you soon in Queens, perhaps.

Mack Ade said...

the homeless have been chased out of NYC, right?

Thomas Brennan said...

We have no homeless, Mack, Mayor DiBlasio has fixed everything.

Taylor did need multiple staples in the back of his head to close the wound, and got a concussion.

Jayce Boyd has barely played and done little all year - until his last 4 games, in which he went 7 for 14 and 4 walks. Let the dude play more.

Interesting that Luis Mateo pitched poorly yesterday for Vegas, and the other Luis Mateo pitched poorly in rookie ball...make a new rule....anyone named Luis Mateo cannot pitch on July 3.

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