Tom Brennan - Draft: Signed, Not Playing Yet, and Unsigned


Mets Draft: Signed But Not Playing Yet, & Still Unsigned

It takes a lot of effort (and moolah) to sign June 2017 draftees and then, after you sign them, you've got to get them to start playing.

As of Wednesday last week, only about 15 of the 40 were both signed and playing.

Two more had their first games Thursday:

23rd Round Jose Sierra - 1 scoreless inning, 2 Ks for the GCL Mets.

24th Round Joe Cavallaro - 1 scoreless inning, 1 K for Kingsport.

Signed but not yet playing by Thursday were the following eleven gents:

2nd rounder Vientos (1 for 5 Saturday with GCL Mets)

4th rounder Dibrell (allowed HR in Friday Cyclones debut)

6th rounder Renteria

7th rounder O'Neil

9th rounder Chadwick

13th rounder Peden

20th rounder Flores

22nd rounder Payne

29th rounder McCall

36th rounder Kidwell

39th rounder Nunez

Not signed by Thursday June 29 were a bunch of others, most notably our first rounder:

1st rounder Peterson

11th rounder Schneider

12th rounder Hutchinson

14th rounder Duce

16th rounder Gladu

17th rounder Labas

19th rounder Van Eyk

Below the top 20, there are several non-signees.  Jake Eder and Ian McWilliams are both quality HS guys they'd likely want to go over slot with. 

This was written on Friday.  Likely, by the time this gets published, there will have been additional signings of those not signed to date, and of the 11 guys above who were signed but had not gotten in a game yet, they were in fact signed to play, so they should be getting into games either on Friday or Saturday, or shortly.

Oh...Last year's supplemental first rounder Anthony Kay

Not sure when he will first pitch after TJS. My guess is either in the fall instructional play time, or next spring.  By which time most of the 17th round draftees will beat Kay to the field.


Thomas Brennan said...

Draftees that have been playing are mostly off to a weak start in the pros.

but how about those Mets, gaining on the Nats? 8.5 games out, can Montero keep the momentum up?

Jose Reyes 7 for his last 15 - will he suddenly break out after a half season of evidence to the contrary? Stay tuned.

As the bobblehead turns...so are the days of these Mets.

TP said...

This run up to the all star game is absolutely crucial. Sweeping Philly today and winning the last two series can keep the Mets in the mix. It would be nice if Syndergaard could actually throw a baseball again soon.

Thomas Brennan said...

TP, I am still hoping for Thor to return by mid-August, just as my own speculation, but apparently Familia is going to very soon. Could he back say in 30 days? What a "shot in the arm" that could be.

Thomas Brennan said...

In fairness, 6 of the new draftees have now pitched in Kingsport - 8 total outings, only one in which runs were scored. Very early, but that is promising. There always seems to be a bunch of strong relief outings in rookie ball - sustaining similar success against more advanced competition weeds some out.

Mack Ade said...

Hutch signed... think it was on Saturday

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, that's good - keep signing them. Hold Sandy's pen to paper for him.

Charles said...

Schneider signed too. 125k

Thomas Brennan said...

Charles, keep em coming

Thomas Brennan said...

Aaron Ford is a newly drafted lefty pitching for Kingport needing no adjustments so far: 2 outing, 3 perfect innings, 6 Ks

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