Jennry Mejia (remember him?) got suspended 3 times and was banished from the kingdom.

His successor closer, the superior Jeurys Familia, is out for months due to a shoulder blood clot corrected by surgery. Hopefully, he will return 100%.

Addison Reed took his place but may choose to close for a higher bidding team next year.

Hansel Robles has regressed this year, too.

Where might capable, high velocity relief help come from?

Well, which righties are throwing in the high 90s and excelling in the minors in relief?  I see two such dudes:


Tyler Bashlor missed 2014-15 due to injury.  He returned in 2016 to pitch for Columbia and did well in relief.  
In 2017?  Fan the flames!

The 24 year old 5'11", 195 eighty is 2-0, 2.60 for St Lucie, with a jaw-dropping 49 strikeouts in 27.2 IP (16 / 9 IP) and 7 saves in 9 chances thru June 27.

Control has been a bit of an issue but he has walked just 4 in his last 12 IP while fanning 21.  

My take?  It is rapidly coming together for Bashlor.  Maybe he arrives in Queens armed with his flamethrower.  We need heat in Citifield, lots of it.

And his initials, TB, are the same as mine, an added bonus!

(Fair and Balanced: Bashlor had 2 poor outings after I wrote this earlier in the week, so don't start mailing in Hall of Fame ballots just yet).

Adonis Uceta thru June 28 was 3-0, 1.60 in 21 games, 7 for 7 in saves, 0.86 WHIP, 39 Ks in 33 IP.  His last 10 outings?

16 IP, no runs, 21 Ks. Great fastball, great change up. Great.

Before this year, the 6'1", 225 righty was a starter...not great at it...but neither was Jeurys Familia in his minor league days.  Hopefully, Uceta can succeed like Familia in the pen at the major league level some day.

Bashlor and Uceta still have a lot to prove.  Hopefully they not only succeed, but succeed quickly.  We need RELIEF!!


Hobie said...

Saw Uceta close out for Columbus vs. Charleston (Yanks lo A) a week or so ago; K'd three (faced 4 because of a Dash Willingham brain-lock). He looked so much faster than the starter (H.Gonzales) with decidedly louder pop at the glove--yet the scoreboard was recording 91-93 for both of them. So much for the eye/ear-test or was the gun stuck?

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

lower level guns are always questionable. I remember going to Savannah one night and their's were recording fastballs in the 125-130 range.

As for these two guys, too early to project Uceta. I like Bashlor for 2018, but (not to sound like Reese) he has no chance of making it to Queens in 2018 under Sandy

Thomas Brennan said...

Up to these guys to bust thru the doors. High Ks, low WHIP, ERA, and walks, and continued success in pressure situations is the key, in my opinion. While Robles falters this year, he came up pretty fast. Pen needs a makeover in 2018. Signing veterans is expensive. Sandy likes cheap labor.

Mack Ade said...

I expect to see a bright future ahead for Robles

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, hope you are right on Robles. He has a 2.22 WHIP in 17 innings in AAA, which is really puzzling.

Thomas Brennan said...

Wright, to no one's surprise, now has this entire season being viewed as in jeopardy: http://m.mets.mlb.com/news/article/239703610/david-wright-could-miss-entire-2017-season/

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