INJURY UPDATE -- Kevin Plawecki


Word has come down that catcher Kevin Plawecki has a broken hand and will join Travis d'Arnaud on the DL.  Jose Lobaton has already been summoned from Las Vegas but the combination of the former Nationals backup and Tomas Nido could be quite a blow to the high flying Mets.  

Trade possibilities abound, including the DFA's Miguel Montero and the soon-to-be-back-from-the-DL J.T. Realmuto, but other teams seeing the Mets in a postion of somewhat desperation as likely going to demand a king's ransom.


Thomas Brennan said...

If Nido started most of the games over the next 3 weeks, hit .170 and played tight D, would they be willing to ride that out for 20 games? Maybe he was on the cusp of improved hitting this year, and can do better than .170.

Mack Ade said...

I just hope they let both these guys heal properly.

Mack Ade said...

Mets signed Johnny Monnell

Hobie said...

Hope they do not panic and sell off Wheeler, Nimmo, Gimenez, Dunn, etc, for Realmuto.

Mike Freire said...

Ugh, the injuries are starting to get old (already)......I like the idea of Realmuto, but the cost would be pretty high, IMO.

A different Mets' site suggested Gimenez and Dunn would have to be included and I almost spit my coffee on the keyboard.

Um...NO THANKS if that's the price.

Dave Schulps said...

I love the New York tabloids and their "disaster" headlines. As Thomas already pointed out, if Nido/Lobaton bat .170 with good defense for the next couple of weeks, we're ahead of the game. Lobaton matched both D'Arnaud's and Plawecki's extra base hit outputs for the year IN HIS FIRST AT BAT AS A MET. Now, he and Nido can take aim at the whopping 1 HR and 4 RBI these guys contributed over the first 11 games. Their first runner caught stealing will eclipse the combined totals of TDA/P. The bar is low. The rest of this team can make up for what they lack, if it turns out they do. (And remember, even .130 hitters occasionally smoke one out a la Hernan Perez last night.) And now there's a real lefty-righty platoon at catcher. Nice.

This isn't to say they shouldn't go after Realmuto (whom I would love to have), or one of the other decent catchers who might by had, but don't do something that may bite you in ass too hard down the road. Because they can't play two first baseman, I'd be willing to part with Smith or Alonso -- I don't think we're looking for a first base platoon down the road, so one is expendable -- a Flexen-level pitcher, TJ Rivera, Guillorme and TDA for Realmuto. Is that really such a bad deal for Miami, or can they do a lot better than that? If so, the Mets can afford to stay the course until they can get someone else decent for approximately that haul.

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