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Fangraphs  https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/top-18-prospects-new-york-mets/  Top 18 Mets Prospects -

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      3. Tomas Nido, C Video

      Drafted: 8th Round, 2012 from Orangewood Christian HS (FL)
      Age   23       Height           6’0      Weight          210     Bat/Throw   R/R

        Nido hit .320 in 2016 and then .232 in 2017 as he struggled with breaking-ball recognition against Double-A pitchers who exploited it. The offensive downturn looks worse on paper than it really is. Some of the disparity is BABIP driven, and some of it might have to due with a swing change Nido made between 2016 and 2017. Once striding similarly to Sammy Sosa, Nido now has a slow, dangling leg kick. He was taking entertaining, max-effort hacks in the Arizona Fall League and deserves time to harness this new swing, because he’ll hit for considerable power if he does.

Because Nido does just about everything defensively, he has a pretty good chance to be an everyday catcher if he produces more offense than he did last year. (As for the defense, he’s a fringe athlete but his mobility is fine. Multiple orgs with which I spoke have him graded as an elite pitch framer, and his arm is plus.) We are fairly optimistic about him getting there. His splits against righties are horrendous so some consider him a platoon catcher, but the glove could still get him into the lineup every day.

Mack – I still need to be convinced that Nido is our catcher of the future. Frankly, I think Patrick Mazeika will pass him buy, leaving Tomas as a future backup.

2018 Preseason Top Pitching Prospects List Fueled by  FaBIO Numbers 1 through 50 –

    26. LHP David Peterson, New York Mets - Prolific GBer Peterson made huge gains in the CTL/K department as a 2017 Oregon Duck that even translated over to a tiny sample of post-draft A- work. He, too, historically allows too many LD for his GB rate, and that exposes him to increased risk of the single. That his IFFB Rating is even lower than would already be expected per his high GB Rating signals that his primary fastball moves down and only down. Logically Peterson would gradually learn to impart more horizontal action on his sinker/two-seamer and/or alternatively incorporate a cutter as a secondary fastball. That Peterson projects to be at very low risk for the BB and XBH would otherwise stand to minimize the runs consequences of the LD batted ball blemish.

Mack – It sure would be nice to see Peterson return to the bump. The reason for his shut down remains a mystery.

 Baseball Opening Day  Roster Analysis –

   Most Talented Team: High Class A St. Lucie features 19-year-old SS Andres Gimenez (1), one of the youngest players in the Florida State League, in addition to RHP Justin Dunn (3) in the rotation and OF Desmond Lindsay (8) in center field.

Most Notable Assignment: A pair of 40-man rosters players, RHP Marcos Molina (7) and C Tomas Nido (12), are back at Double-A Binghamton after finishing there last year.

Who Is Missing: The Mets’ top two picks in the 2017 draft opened in extended spring training. First-round LHP David Peterson (2) didn’t throw enough this spring to be ready, while second-round SS Mark Vientos (6), one of the youngest players in his draft class, eyes an assignment with a short-season club in June.

Baseball Unwritten Rules -

   One day earlier this week, the Minnesota Twins were pounding the Baltimore Orioles 7-0 in the ninth inning when Chance Sisco, one of the Orioles’ rookies, bunted for a hit. Bunting when you’re that far behind (or ahead) and it’s that late in the game is a violation. Not an official violation, but it goes against one of baseball’s many unwritten rules.

To add to the offense, the Twins had shifted their defense and left a good portion of the third base side of the field open. (In addition, the inning before, the Orioles had elected not to hold one of the Twins’ runners on in an act of implied concession.)

Then came the bunt.

           College baseball: 2018  Golden Spikes Award midseason watch list released –

           Name, Class, Position, School, Conference

Luken Baker; Jr.; IF/DH; TCU; Big 12
Joey Bart; Jr.; C; Georgia Tech; ACC
Seth Beer; Jr.; IF/OF; Clemson; ACC
Alec Bohm; Jr.; IF; Wichita State; American Athletic
Kyle Brnovich; So.; RHP; Elon; Colonial Athletic…


Thomas Brennan said...

If Nido's splits against righties are "so horrendous", I assume a healthy (?) Plawecki should get all starts against lefties until d'Arnaud returns.

If Nido is not ready, and d'Arnaud is out for the year, trade for a major league quality catcher like Barnhart of the Reds, if possible.

Andres Gimenez's first game with Columbia last year was on April 29. I imagine, therefore, that it is possible that if Mark Vientos shows enough early in minor league camp, he might follow a similar promotion route and not just be slated for a mid-June Brooklyn start to his official season. If he looked like Fabio, he'd be a shoo-in.

Thomas Brennan said...

The above should have read:

If Nido's splits against righties are "so horrendous", I assume a healthy (?) Plawecki should get all starts against RIGHTIES until d'Arnaud returns.

Eddie Corona said...

I think Travis will not play as a Met again...
With this start we need to explore professional Catchers...

too bad we couldn't steal Romaine...

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -

I'm not sure if d'Arnaud has a future as an ex-Met yet... but you could be right.

I have never been a fan of the two headed monster solution to positions.

I want a full time catcher, and I don't see that in d'Arnaud, Plawecki, or Nido.

Just my take.

Hobie said...

Unwritten Rule: if you are incensed that a rookie bunts against the shift when 7 runs behind, you had better be trying to hit a 7-run HR every AB.

Robb said...

I think the shift un-dos the unwritten rules of baseball. Hit them where they aint. This would also apply to a no hitter. If you are going to vacate the area its mine to use how i see fit.

now stealing with a seven run lead. Thats a ball to the noggin every time.

Adam Smith said...

My unwritten rule. If i’m AB, down big, late in a game, i’m Going to do anything I can to get on base. And if they give me the left side to bunt into, i’ll do that.

Nido is an interesting question, but a .320 average in 2016 says that there’s at least some hit tool in there to go along with what everyone says is an above avg defensive catcher. I respect your opinion, Mack, but have you looked at the C position around the league? If the kid can catch and throw, just a little bit of offense makes him an easy starter. And ML-avg offense makes him a top 10 guy at the position.

Vientos is even younger than Giminez was last season, and he was brought up to full season ball due to an injury as much as anything, I believe. Would be surprised to see Vientos start anywhere but Brooklyn. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit his way to full season ball by mid-year, however.

Last note: keep an eye on this Ian Strom kid. He’s my pick for a no-name breakout this season.

alizarine said...

Is there any realistic chance we can trade for Realmuto? If so, what would Miami be looking for? Nido + Dom + ???

I know they have Bour at 1B but I was thinking of Dom only because he's almost MLB ready and probably has the most value. Maybe Dunn or Szapucki?

TexasGusCC said...


Mack Ade said...

FWIW - Realmuto is also hurt

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