Prospect Update


Prospect Update:

I’m going to add to the blog, each week, an update on key prospects that are in line to someday become big-time Mets. I’m going to do this rather than keep updating my top 50 prospect list each month. We’ll update that also, from time to time, but this weekly feature will let you know how some key prospects are coming along.

The 2010 Crop:

Fernando Martinez – OF - AAA – Martinez is probably back to where he belongs right now, though he did nothing to embarrass himself, or the club, while he was in Queens. His bat was erratic and, right now, the Mets need Gary Sheffield in the starting lineup. Martinez will play every day and is a one hour flight away from Queens, if needed.

Tobi Stoner – SP – AAA – we need to start adding his name to the possible players that could make Queens next year. Stoner got off to a good start in AAA this week (6.0 IP, 3 ER, 4.50), and he’s well nown for improving once he’s back into a rotation. GO/AO this year: 0.88; opponent’s batting average: .194.

Jon Niese – SP – AAA – Niese finally had a great outing on June 12 (7.1IP, 0ER), so we’ll be looking closely at him in his next two outings. He is still on top of the list to get the SP5 next year, and knowing him, he’s have a sensation back end of the season. Has to improve on the .296 opponent batting average.

Roy Merritt – RP/CL – AA – The Mets will probably make the same mistake with Merritt that they have done before with relievers like Carlos Muniz and Eddie Kunz. Don’t be surprised you don’t see him in CitiField come September of this year. So far this season, the good news is 28 outings, 11 saves, 3.16 ERA, 29K’s in 31.1 IP. The bad news has been the 16 walks.

The 2011 Crop:

Josh Thole – C/1B – AA – I keep listing him as an additonalfirst baseman, because most fans forget that he has played more games for the Mets organization, as a first baseman, than a catcher. We all know Thole can hit (.354/.422/.462/.884), but we knew that about Daniel Murphy. Only one home run this season and only five career wise. Right now, I’m convinced Josh will be the Mets backup catcher/3rd first baseman in 2011, but I’m still not convinced he’ll be more than that.

Ruben Tejada – SS – AA – Tejada will be the first of many (Reece Havens, Wilmer Flores) that should challenge the Mets brass to start answering the phone when someone wants to talk about Jose Reyes. He’s still only 19-years old and has played one level up two years in a row. That being said, he’s holding his own at AA (.283/.362/.372/.734), has 24 walks, and how can you miss with a name like that?

Jenry Mejia – SP – AA – Not only did Mejia go lights out in A+ ball this season (4-1, 1.97), but he already has a 2.25 ERA after three starts with Binghamton. He’s the talk of the organization and he only turns 20 in October.

Brad Holt - SP – AA – another recent graduate from Lucy, Holt had one bad outing all year, which happened to be opening day at St. Lucie. Currently slotted #2 in the SP pecking order, behind Niese, and may pass him before the year is up.


Not a ton of “A” prospect here, folks, but there’s no way that all four of these SPs are going to make the Mets rotation in the next two seasons. What all this means is, yes, there still is some hope for a 4-5 player trade for some guy named Holiday.


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