Mon-Fri Probable Pitchers, ST Schedule, "Rotation Watch", Beimel $2mil... and Baseball's Record Revenue

M-F Probable Pitchers:

Monday, intra-squad game - Jack Egbert - Clint Everts - Travis Blackley - Jon Niese - Tobi Stoner -
R.A. Dickey - Jenrry Mejia

Tuesday, vs. Atlanta (SNY) - Nelson Figueroa - Hisanori Takahashi - Bobby Parnell - Elmer Dessens

Wednesday, at Atlanta - Pat Misch - Pedro Feliciano -

Thursday, vs. St. Louis (SNY) - R.A. Dickey - Tobi Stoner -

ST Schedule:

March - Tuesday, March 2 vs Braves 1:10 PM SNY
Wednesday, March 3 @ Braves 1:05 PM
Thursday, March 4 vs Cardinals 1:10 PM SNY
Friday, March 5 @ Cardinals 1:05 PM
vs Marlins 1:10 PM SNY
Saturday, March 6 @ Nationals 1:05 PM  - WFAN 660
Sunday, March 7 vs Nationals 1:10 PM WPIX
Monday, March 8 @ Marlins 1:05 PM
Tuesday, March 9 vs Astros 1:10 PM SNY
Wednesday, March 10 @ Braves 1:05 PM
Thursday, March 11 vs Red Sox 1:10 PM SNY
Friday, March 12 @ Twins 1:05 PM
Saturday, March 13 vs Tigers 1:10 PM - WPIX WFAN 660
Sunday, March 14 @ Marlins 1:05 PM  - WFAN 660
Monday, March 15 vs Cardinals 1:10 PM SNY
Wednesday, March 17 @ Red Sox 1:05 PM
Thursday, March 18 @ Marlins 7:05 PM
Friday, March 19 vs Twins 1:10 PM SNY
Saturday, March 20 @ Cardinals 1:05 PM - WFAN 660
Sunday, March 21 vs Univ. of Michigan 11:10 AM
@ Astros 1:05 PM - WFAN 660
Monday, March 22 @ Nationals 1:05 PM
Tuesday, March 23 vs Braves 1:10 PM SNY, ESPN
Wednesday, March 24 vs Astros 1:10 PM SNY
Thursday, March 25 @ Cardinals 1:05 PM ESPN
Friday, March 26 @ Marlins 1:05 PM
Saturday, March 27 vs Nationals 1:10 PM - WPIX WFAN 660
Sunday, March 28 vs Cardinals 1:10 PM - WPIX WFAN 660
Monday, March 29 @ Nationals 1:05 PM
vs Marlins 1:10 PM
Tuesday, March 30 vs Cardinals 1:10 PM
Wednesday, March 31 vs Marlins 1:10 PM SNY


Thursday, April 1 vs Nationals 12:10 PM - SNY WFAN 660
Friday, April 2 @ Rays 6:10 PM
Saturday, April 3 @ Orioles 1:05 PM - WFAN 660

"Rotation Watch":

For the 5th season, Mack's Mets will be keeping tabs on the formulation of the 2010 rotation... I will add later today a fixed box on the left side of page one... will update it each night with total IP, ER, ERA, Ks, etc for all pitchers that have a remote shot at the rotation.


Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that free agent left-hander Joe Beimel is still looking for a contract in the $2 million range.
The Mets, on the other hand, aren't willing to go that far. Beimel signed a $2 million contract with the Nationals last March, posting a 3.58 ERA and 1.37 WHIP in 55 1/3 innings. Since he's not even that effective against left-handers to begin with, it's hard to think he'll find a team willing to give him $2 million again - link
Baseball's Record Revenue:
They say that funeral homes are the only industries that are truly recession proof.

Baseball, however, is making a good case of why Bud Selig has more in common with your local undertaker (other than, you know, just looking like him).

According to numbers provided to our pal Maury Brown at Biz of Baseball, Major League Baseball brought in a record $6.6 billion in gross revenue during the 2009 season. That amount was a 1.5 percent increase over the previous high of $6.5 billion in '08 and was produced despite a 6.58 percent decrease in total attendance from the previous year. Maury is also reporting that $433 million in revenue sharing money will be sent from the big-market behemoths to the teams crying poor in smaller markets -



derekshowerman said...

In your opinions, does the Escobar set back make Parnell the shooin for the 8th inning w Feliciano?

Mack said...

just posed some info on the 8th inning guy

I see Parnell as 7th inning

The new Japanese kids may both dominate the 8th inning until Escobar comes back - or Feliciano with one of them

Nothing has changed with Escobar... he signed hurt and came to came hurt... no big deal. he looks great and the injury looks small

but, of cource, that's what they said last year before Freddy Garcia threw his first pitch.

I see Escobar not hitting Queens until May... first, IR, then Extended...

probably too late by then to go 8th inning

look for him as middle relief and, around May, be "Joba'd" to become the SP3 after all-star break

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