Wright & PB&J, Ike Davis, Bay & Curling, Frank Catalanotto... and Jose

Wright & PB&J:

Last month the Mets held a media event in the clubhouse at Citi Field, and David Wright made the trip to speak about the coming season. When it was over, he pulled out a zippered, soft-sided blue lunch box that he had brought with him from his Manhattan apartment, unzipped it and retrieved a peanut butter, honey and jelly sandwich that he had made a few hours earlier. By his own estimate, Wright eats these sandwiches 75 to 80 percent of the 365 days on the calendar, and he makes almost all of them himself. - link

Ike Davis:

According to Buster Olney on the Brandon Tierney show yesterday, Ike Davis may have a legitimate shot of starting at first base this year for the Mets. This is interesting news to say the least. Apparently, the Mets hold Davis in such high regard, that if he hits well this spring, it will make it “very difficult” for the decision makers in the organization to send him down.

The one real positive point going in for Davis is his defensive capabilities at first, which already “far exceed” those of Daniel Murphy. The downside is that Davis does strike out quite a bit, and this could lead to stretches of non-production during slumps. - link

-trade bait…

Bay and Curling:

Jason Bay wants to set the record straight on his curling experience: Yes, his high school in British Columbia has a curling team and no baseball team. No, he doesn’t have any varsity letters in the sport. Bay’s high school curling experience was limited to filling in on his father’s Tuesday night recreational team in his youth. Bay said his comments this week about curling have led to a ton of inquiries from people involved in the sport, and he’s glad to help put curling in the spotlight. - link

Frank Catalanotto:

The early read has Frank Catalanotto battling Mike Jacobs for what might be the final spot on the Mets’ bench among position players. GM Omar Minaya is a big fan of Catalanotto, and in previous years tried to trade for the veteran utilityman. Jacobs has more power, but the Mets already have Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis at first base. Catalanotto, a Smithtown native, has experience in the outfield, first base and second base - link


Reyes also looks equally comfortable, but there is something different about Jose. As rough as it was for the fans last season, I think that the injury to Jose is something that helped him grow because he now carries himself like a veteran around the camp. He is running pain free and more than anything, looks genuinely thrilled to be back on the diamond. I know that every hits the ball well against a machine or in batting practice as opposed to a live arm, but Reyes has been absolutely tattooing the baseball. Watching him in BP today, there wasn't a single ball that wasn't hit on the nose of the bat and driven well. - link


Hobie said...

Mack, I wish you were still down there in ST to ask J-Bay if he could confirm that curling was accidentally invented at a Canadian old age home where some of the senior citizens confused Ironing Tuesday with Shuffleboard Thursday--and evolved to eventually include the janitorial staff.

Just wonderin'.

Mack said...

I'm going back the end of March... will ask him :)


Susana said...

Hey, I was wondering why you think Ike will be trade bait. I mean, I rather have him at 1st than any Murphy, unless he's bait for a trade that will bring us one of the big 1st baseman.

Mack said...

my educated guess after talking with Fred, Omar, and Jerry

around May when 5-6 teams who aren't going to make playoffs and start clearing payroll before trade deadline...

Major SP2 to Mets

To other team: three of these four (just like Omar did for Santana after hyping marginal prospects):

C Josh Thole
1B Ike Davis
2B/SS Ruben Tejada
3B Shawn Bowman

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