OF Fernando Martinez


      OF  Fernando Martinez

Martinez convinced all the doubters in 2009, hitting .290/.337/.540/.877; however, it was after only 176 at bats. The real good news was the slugging percentage, which finally started to post at levels the Mets always said he could reach. 28 of his 51 hits were for extra bases. Yes, he was called up to the Mets, but the conditions of his advancement were not the best. Martinez seems surrounded by injuries. He’s either replacing guys that got hurt, or he’s getting dinged himself. The good news: they all are dings. The bad news: they won’t stop dinging.

Some history:-

In July 2005, the Mets signed Fernando Martinez as a free agent. His signing bonus was 1.4 million dollars. Most around that week said that he was highly influenced by the Mets signing of Carlos Beltran.

In 2006, Martinez was assigned to Hagerstown. He was leading the team in hitting when he went on the disabled list, first for a thumb injury, and later for injuring his knee sliding into second base.

OnDeck ranks him as the 4th top Mets prospect, RotoWorld has him #9 and BaseballAmerica puts him at #7. John Sickles’ pre-season rating was a C+ and ranked Martinez as the 8th Mets prospect. Rotoworld updated their prospect list in July 2006 and now have Martinez ranked #80. Scout.com also updated their rankings in 7/06 and put Martinez at #37 in baseball. Gotham Baseball updated their Mets prospect list in August 2006 and Martinez was ranked 4th. Martinez was named by the Mets as the co-MVP (with Jonathan Niese) for the 2006 Hagerstown team  (A) of the South Atlantic League. The only thing that slowed him up in 2006 was his injuries. 

A scouting report said: “Martinez keeps the bat in the hitting zone for a long time and stays inside the ball while driving it from gap to gap and his approach is advanced for his age. Scouts see power potential, though he presently has more of a line-drive swing. With a plus arm and speed, Martinez should be able to stay in center field. His overall performance was all the more impressive considering that he was making his pro debut after signing last summer for the biggest bonus on the international market in 2005.”

InsidePitch published their prospect list in November 2006 and had Martinez as 3rd on the list.  From Rotoworld:  “When Martinez was signed out of the Dominican Republic in July 2005, the word was that he wouldn't be allowed to play in the minors in 2006. Well, play he did, and he's already established himself as one of the game's best outfield prospects. A left-handed hitter capable of handling center field, Martinez is a premier talent on his way to showing 30-homer power. He didn't walk much as a 17-year-old, but he's less prone to low-and-away breaking balls than most hitters his age. It's likely that he'll end up as a right fielder, but he should be a very good one. He could be ready for the majors as soon as the second half of 2008 or 2009.”  An added bonus is his defensive abilities, and is considered a sound CFer with a plus arm. On the down side, most of his power is still being projected, and a couple of scouts have commented negatively on his swing, which doesn’t seem to create enough loft. 

In December 2006 Scout.com listed Martinez as one of the Mets Top 10 prospects and the 12th best outfield prospect in all of baseball. Fantasyinfocentral.com ranks him #1. Baseball Prospectus updated their top 10 Mets prospect listin December 2007 and listed Martinez as #1, with the label “excellent prospect”. The Mets are pleasantly surprised how quick his tools are translating on the field. John Sickles has Martinez as the #1 2007 Mets prospect, with an A- rating, and the comment: “(tools and youth, just needs refinement.”

In January 2007, SI.com listed Martinez as the 21st top prospect in baseball.  Also in January, Rotoworld ranked Martinez as the 2nd top Mets prospect, and was quoted to say: “Martinez has plenty of time to develop and is about as good of a bet as anyone in the low minors to turn into a star.” Also in January, .ESPN‘s  Keith Law presented the first annual Scouts Inc. top baseball prospects list, and coming in at #6 was Fernando Martinez, stating: “Martinez doesn't look or carry himself like a teenager, and had no trouble against Double-A and Triple-A pitchers in the Arizona Fall League. Plus glove in center as well.”

In Febraury 2007, Scout.com ranked Martinez as the 3rd top Mets prospect.

In March 2007, ProjectProspect.com listed their “Top OFer’s Under 25” and ranked him #14, stating:  “Known as “ Pequeño ” in the Arizona Fall League, Martinez, 18, is the top teenage Dominican prospect in the minors. After signing to a $1.4 million contract in 2005, he tore up Low-A Hagerstown before being awarded a late-season promotion to High-A St. Lucie. His production slowed after the promotion, but he put up .279/.336/.457 combined vitals.”   Baseball America ranked Martinez as the #22 top prospect in baseball, saying: Followed up an impressive debut as a 17-year-old by holding his own in the Arizona Fall League - Opening Day Age: 18. ETA: 2009

Also in March 2007, Rotoworld came out with their Top 150 Prospect List and  Martinez was ranked 10th in all of baseball.  Rotoworld said: “While he wasn't quite ready for the Florida State League or the AFL, Martinez was stellar as a 17-year-old in the South Atlantic League, amassing an 894 OPS in 192 at-bats. The native of the Dominican Republic is a phenomenal talent. He's on his way to showing 30-homer power and might go well beyond that. He can also handle center field, though he'll probably be in right by the time he reaches the majors. A left-handed hitter, he does have trouble handling southpaws at the moment. Also, while he rarely looks as bad as some teenagers on low-and-away breaking balls, he's not yet adept at waiting for his pitch. Martinez has plenty of time to develop and is about as good of a bet as anyone in the low minors to turn into a star. He should spend most of 2007 back at St. Lucie, but a midyear promotion to Double-A can't be ruled out.

In late March, Fox Sports ranked Martinez as the 8th top prospect in baseball, saying: “Martinez was tremendous in his full-season debut, but he scuttled a bit after a promotion to High-A St. Lucie. Still, his performance was thoroughly impressive for a 17-year-old. On the field, he's impressive on a number of levels. He's got speed, a quick and level bat through the zone, good range in center and a polished approach overall. The only question is whether he'll develop the power. Considering his success against much older competition and his natural hitting skills, the power will probably come.

In July 2007, Rotoworld updated their top prospect list and ranked Martinez 8th in baseball, saying: “Martinez is currently on the DL with a hand injury, but he's hitting at least as well as should have been expected after the Mets got ridiculously aggressive and pushed him up to Double-A to begin the season. Martinez batted .333/.389/.505 in 192 AB in low-A and .193/.254/.387 in 119 AB in high-A as a 17-year-old last year. The power is sure to come in time, and he already has a pretty good feel for hitting, rarely embarrassing himself on outside breaking balls. Martinez is likely to end up in right field and should be well above average there. He may not arrive as quickly as the Mets hope, but he'll likely be a .300 hitter with 25- or 30-home run ability in time.”

2007 was a disappointing season for Martinez. He spent much of it on the IR, but did manage to play some for Binghamton (.271/.336/.377 in 236 at bats). In November 2007, ‘Project Prospect’ listed him as the 2nd top prospect in all of baseball, ‘BA’ had him as the 5th top Mets proepct (‘young Dominican signee looks like a bust, but still scouts favorite’), another ‘Scouts.com’ listing had him the 2nd rank Met, and another ‘BA’ ranking had him as the #1 Mets up-and-comer.

Also in November, MiLB.com listed Martinez aa the 17th overall prospect in baseball, saving: Despite playing less than half a Minor League season, Martinez is still highly regarded by scouts around baseball. The Mets sent him to the Arizona Fall League in 2006, where he became the youngest player ever to participate there, and continued to push him aggressively by making the 18-year-old the youngest player in the Double-A Eastern League in 2007. A hand injury hampered him for much of the year and eventually ended his season in July.When healthy, Martinez has tremendous potential with the bat. He should eventually hit for both average and power from a corner outfield spot. He has the ability to play decent defense and isn't a bad runner, but all his skills are still on the raw side. Assuming he's healthy in 2008, Martinez should be able to continue his quick ascent to New York. Starting the year back in Double-A might be the way to go, but even if he begins there, it's unlikely he'll finish the season at the same level.

In November 2007, ‘Project Prospect’ ranked Martinez the #1 Mets prospect: Entering the season with about as much momentum as any hitting prospect, Martinez stumbled upon a major roadblock in 2007. The Dominican native accomplished little at the plate while playing through what was initially thought to just be a bad bone bruise. In early August the injury was diagnosed as a broken hamate bone. The $1.4 M international signee had already amassed a feeble 9.0% line-drive rate to go along with a .106 isolated power and 0.39 walk-to-strikeout rate by that time. Martinez finished the season at No. 25 in our Top 25 prospect rankings. The 6-foot-1, 190-pound lefthanded hitter still has the potential to climb as high as the Top 3 on that list by the end of 2008. But the kind of injury he’s recovering from can take over a year to fully heal from, so temper your immediate expectations and prepare to be patient.

In December 2007, Jonathan Mayo/MLB.com wrote: Slipped a rung - Fernando Martinez, OF: Yes, he was by far the youngest player in the Double-A Eastern League. Yes, a hand injury hampered him for most of the year and ended his season in July. And yes, scouts still, for the most part, like his potential. That being said, an uber-prospect like Martinez is expected to do more than the .713 OPS he put up in 60 Double-A games. He's also only played 139 games over the past two years. He certainly has time to start turning potential into performance, and perhaps the Mets moved him too quickly, but the 2007 season certainly didn't help his prospect status.

In January 2007, John Sickles ranked Martinez in his “top 50 hitters” column:   #17 -  Fernando Martinez, OF, New York Mets  -  ‘Hit .271/.336/.377 in 60 games in Double-A. Plagued with injuries and was extremely young for the level. Still a great prospect but exact shape of his future is unclear’.

In January 2007, Keith Law/ESPN ranked Martinez #10 in his Top 100 Baseball Prospects, adding:

It's been fashionable this offseason for some writers to bash the Mets' top prospects, mostly vis-à-vis the Johan Santana trade talks, but this criticism has been way overblown. Martinez's 2007 performance doesn't impress on a quick look, but consider these facts: He played the entire season at age 18 in AA; and he was hitting .309/.372/.409 as late as May 25 before the effects of a contusion on his left hand ruined what remained of his season. He was shut down on June 23 and missed the rest of the year. Martinez shows huge raw power in BP that will make its way into his game performances, and he has a solid approach with good pitch recognition for someone so young. He has good range in center and a plus arm if he outgrows center field and has to move to right. To put his development in more perspective, if he'd played a full year at AA and hit .290/.360/.410 or so, he would have been on pace to debut in the big leagues at 19 or 20 and be a big league regular before he turned 21. He's going to be a star, but everyone has to bear in mind how young he is to keep his performance in perspective.

In late January 2007, Baseball America listed Martinez as the #1 Mets prospect in their system.

In February 2008, Baseball Prospectus listed Martinez as the only 4-star prospect in the Mets system, and the #1 overall Met prospect.

Also in February 2008, Rotoworld ranked Martinez as the #1 Mets prospect, saying: Sure, they needed a center fielder, but it's hard to believe the Twins sent Johan Santana to the Mets without getting the team's best prospect in return. That was Martinez, though the four players the Twins received would have occupied the next four spots on New York's list. Martinez, who received a $1.4 million bonus to sign at age 16, quickly established himself as a top prospect by hitting .333/.389/.505 in 192 at-bats at low-A Hagerstown in his pro debut in 2006. Moved up in August, he proceeded to bat .193/.254/.387 in 119 AB for high-A St. Lucie. Still, the Mets opted to get extremely aggressive and send him to Double-A for his age-18 season. He barely held his own in 60 games when he wasn't sidelined with hand injuries, but even that was rather impressive. Martinez is an enormous talent with 35-homer potential and the ability to hit for average. He should also prove to be an above average defender in right field with experience. He's at least one and probably two years away, but he's a star in the making.

Also in February 2008, ScoutingBook.com listed the 238 top prospects in 2008 baseball and they ranked Martinez as 28th, stating: When the Mets assigned Martinez to be the youngest prospect to attend the Arizona Fall League, many were left skeptical of the Mets' chances at maximizing their value with the phenom. After all, in his final 15 games in the Florida State League, Martinez had gone 9-for-57 with three extra-base hits and 13 strikeouts. However, injuries had kept Martinez inactive for much of his first full season, so the AFL presented an opportunity for consistent playing time. Martinez significantly responded, displaying huge power potential from the left side. It appears the Mets know how to handle the teenager, who could use some time in the weight room and some improvements against southpaws to take the next step in 2008. The idea of Martinez and crosstown phenom Tabata reaching New York at the same time almost seems too good to be true, but the Mets haven't been this excited about an outfielder in a very while.

ProjectProspect came out with their revised Top 150 Prospect List also in February 2008, and Martinez was ranked 20th in baseball, adding: “stayed more than afloat as teen in AA then broke hamate; expect modest improvement .”

Baseball America came out with their list on 2-27-08 and ranked Martinez #10 in baseball.

In March, BA wrote an article on the ten prospects to watch out for in 2008: In some ways, the key to the Johan Santana deal was the fact that New York did not have to give up its top prospect. Martinez is a natural hitter, the kind of talent the Mets feel comes around once in a generation. Martinez missed a lot of time in 2007 with a broken hamate bone, but he's completely healthy and he showed up to camp this spring with the goal of reaching the big leagues this season -- before he turns 20. He has the ability to hit for average and power and can run, though as he fills out, that might not be the best of his five tools. His makeup is off the charts -- he's worked tirelessly at improving his English and is willing to do what it takes to become great. He'll start the year at Binghamton and the Mets won't get in the way of his talent. If he stays healthy and produces the way he's capable, he could see New York before season's end.

In late March 2007, MiLB.com ranked their top 50 minor league prospects and placed Martinez as 17th, saying:

Despite playing less than half a Minor League season, Martinez is still highly regarded by scouts around baseball. The Mets sent him to the Arizona Fall League in 2006, where he became the youngest player ever to participate there, and continued to push him aggressively by making the 18-year-old the youngest player in the Double-A Eastern League in 2007. A hand injury hampered him for much of the year and eventually ended his season in July. When healthy, Martinez has tremendous potential with the bat. He should eventually hit for both average and power from a corner outfield spot. He has the ability to play decent defense and isn't a bad runner, but all his skills are still on the raw side. Assuming he's healthy in 2008, Martinez should be able to continue his quick ascent to New York. Starting the year back in Double-A might be the way to go, but even if he begins there, it's unlikely he'll finish the season at the same level.

In June 2008, BA did a post-draft adjustment of their top 10 Mets prospects and Martinez was ranked #1, with the comments: “still young and talented, but his lack of production may mean he's overhyped

In late July,  Rotoworld’s came out with their mid-season adjusted Top 150 Prospect List: 11. Fernando Martinez - With a .328 average in 119 at-bats since the beginning of May, it seems like Martinez is starting to get a handle on Double-A pitching. He got off to another slow start in April, and 32 of his 53 strikeouts came in the first month of the season. He's made adjustments versus breaking balls since, and he's collecting a lot of singles as a result. His power stroke isn't there yet at age 19, and it's likely similar adjustment periods are in store when he's promoted to Triple-A and later the majors. However, he remains an elite prospect with All-Star upside. He should possess the power to his 30 homers per year, and he projects as an above average defender in right field.

In late July 2008, ProjectProspect.com updated their top 10 Mets prospect list and Martinez was ranked #1

Martinez spent the 2008 season with Binghamton. He was dinged up twice, but finished with impressive numbers:  .287/.340/.432, 8 HR, only 43 RBIs

In February 2009, Sporting News Top 50 baseball prospects:  -  #40. Fernando Martinez, OF, New York Mets. Martinez is a top talent but his impact in 2009 is hard to gauge. Despite plus bat speed and great hands, he has been plagued by injuries and inconsistency. If Martinez can stay healthy, he could realize his potential and eventually win a big-league job.

Also in February 2009:     From Fanhouse: You may remember Martinez as the guy who the Mets wouldn't place in the Johan Santana deal. That's how much the Mets thought and still think of him. Statistically, he doesn't jump out at you. But the Mets rarely let prospects dominate the minor leagues before promoting him, and they've done no different with Martinez. In fact, it's been injuries more than stats that have been Martinez's downfall during his minor league career. He was impressing people during his stint in the Caribbean World Series before going down with an injury and was sent back to New York largely as a precaution. The lefty power hitter is also due to start at Triple-A Buffalo, but a combination of a big start to the season by Martinez and the Mets' platoon of Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy becoming a bust could lead to Martinez reaching the majors this year at the ripe old age of 20.

Toby Hyde on:  #1 - OF Fernando Martinez   -  Why Ranked Here: Martinez maintains the top spot on this list by combining just about the best upside in the system with a close proximity to the Major Leagues. I became a believer watching Martinez take BP in the summer of 2008. The ball just exploded off his bat thanks to plus batspeed which generated above average power from left-center on over to rightfield. It was easy for him. Martinez has held his own in centerfield for the last two years in Binghamton, but with Carlos Beltran patrolling center for the Mets, if Martinez is going to make an impact at Citi Field in 2009, it will be on the corners. At this point, Martinez will grow up into a big leaguer, although scouts differ on whether he will be a solid regular or something much better. 2008: Martinez doubled his homerun production from 2007 in Binghamton, moving from four to eight, but he once again battled injuries, missing over a month in May and June. It all seemed to click for Martinez playing winter ball for Escogido in the Dominican Republic. Tellingly, he had the highest walk rate of his career and the best power numbers, homerun rates of his career. It would appear that he took the crucial step of becoming more selective, learning which pitches he can drive.  Projected 2009 Start: AAA Buffalo Bisons

In March 2009, Rotoworld ranked the Mets Top 10 Prospect: Three seasons into his pro career, Martinez has just 22 homers and a pedestrian .281/.338/.429 batting line to his credit. Still, he didn't turn 20 until after 2008 and the Mets had to be excited to see him hit .318 with seven homers in 154 at-bats over the winter, even if he did go down with a strained elbow in the Caribbean World Series. Martinez no longer has much chance of developing into a superstar, but he'll be a 25-homer guy in time and he'll likely hit for solid averages. A center fielder in the minors, he'd be as a corner outfielder in the majors even if he didn't have Carlos Beltran in front of him. After spending the last two seasons in Double-A, he's due to move up to Triple-A this season. It's possible that he'll need two years at the level, but since the Mets aren't committed to their current options in the corners beyond this season -- even if Daniel Murphy does prove to be real, he might be more valuable as Carlos Delgado's replacement at first base -- it's possible that he'll be a regular in 2010.

Project Prospect updated their top 200 prospect list in March 2009: #33   Fernando Martinez   CF   Wasn't overmatched as youngest AA player (.332 wOBA); IsoP up from .106 ('07) to .145 ('08)  

My World Of Baseball:  No one questions Fernando’s bat.  It is his ability to stay healthy that is the big impediment for him to have success in the major leagues.  He’s had three seasons in the minor leagues and he has yet to play over 90 games.  This winter he was having a lot of success, but he had to put an end to it because of a strained right elbow.  This limited him to DH duties this spring and did not give him an opportunity to compete for the left field job.  His other injuries included a bone bruise to his hand and a knee sprain in 2006; a broken hammate bone to his hand in 2007; and problems with his hamstring in 2008.  He is still only 20 years old so playing in AA or AAA is not an insult.  The Mets have him playing centerfield, but he is better suited for left field.  He doesn’t have nearly enough range to match Carlos Beltran and when playing winter ball there are always better outfielders than him that forces him to play left field.  He just doesn’t have the speed to cover the ground necessary for centerfield, but his bat should allow him to survive the corners.

Considering his minor league career may be over, no lifetime .281 hitting ever had more hype than Martinez. His total stats were .281/.337/.445/.782, which you and I would be proud of, but the Mets need to have a long, sit down meeting regarding whether or not Martinez is ready for the 450+ at bat season any major league starter s expected to produce. He has hit only 30 home runs in 1105 minor league at bats, has walked only 80 times and has struck out 228 times.

9-9-9 From www.hardballtimes.com: - He didn't fair all too well in the majors, but not many 20 year-olds do. His AAA numbers were solid, as he displayed his power with a .250 ISO. His centerfield defense was shaky, although he was solid in left field (sample size warning). He'll probably start 2010 in Triple-A as he recovers from knee surgery, but could be a breakout player by 2011.

9-15-09 from: - http://myworldofbaseball.com/wordpress/?cat=42 - 1. Fernando Martinez OF - His struggles with injuries continue.  He had an opportunity to play for the Mets because of injuries, but yet he was injured.  Since he has played beginning in 2006 he has yet to be free from injury, whether it was a bone bruise or sprained knee as in 2006, a broken hammate bone in 2007, hamstring problems in 2008 and now torn cartlige in his knee this year.  When he was up he wasn’t hitting well with an average of .176 in less than 100 at bats.  At 21 he is still pretty young to be playing at such a high level so next year expect him at AAA to start the season, unless he rakes in spring training. 

2010: Look, if 2009 was a normal year, this would be an easy call. Why would you call up a kid who hasn’t played an entire professional season without a DL injury, when you have a .280 hitter named Gary Sheffield you can sign to a one-year contract? I’m sure the Mets will call him up which could a huge mistake. I’m talking Alex Escobar-type mistake.

2-10-10: Fernando Martinez – Yes, I know, he was the MVP in the Carribean World Series. Big deal. Do the same at AAA and I’ll believe in you for the fifth time. In my book, Martinez is a dud and I’d love him to prove me wrong anytime he chooses to.

5-10-10: - Martinez was taken out of the game on Sunday due to an injury. This new injury should not be confuse with his surgery due to repair a torn meniscus (7-16-09), a right thigh injury (12-13-09), a lower back strain (4-28-10), an injured thumb (5-22-06), a right elbow strain (2009 Carribean World Series), or a fractured wrist (2007). Up to this point, he had hit .244 for the season. More important, this is his fifth professional season and he has had only 1,187 official professional at bats. His lifetime minor league stats going into this season are an unimpressive: .281/.337/.445/.782 plus only 30-HRs and 132-AB is an amount of at-bats that averages around three full seasons.

6-12-10: - Fernando Martinez returned to Buffalo last night. The Bisons are having difficulty after losing multiple starts to the parent club. There was as little fanfare about his return to the upstate as there was for his rehabbing in Florida. No one basically covers this guy anymore since every age excuse in the book has been used through his multiple slumps and countless injuries. First it was “hey, he’s still only 18-years old”, which has now grown into “hey, he’s only turning 22… The plan now seems to be to target the checkbook in the off season to the agent for Tampa Bay Rays CF Carl Crawford. If things go as hoped, Crawford will take over in CF with Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran on the corners. As for Martinez, he basically has no trade value until he plays a full season without an injury.

7-1-10: -  We haven’t reported on Martinez much this season. Yes, he is back from his latest trip to the DL, but his value as a future Met just seems to keep fading. First, it’s the injuries. Next, the lack of consistent pop, then, he no longer plays CF and goes to right. And, now, he doesn’t even start on Tuesday. Martinez did come in as a pinch hitter, stayed in the game, went 1-2, and rasied his batting average to .259. Right now, you’d have to say that he would not be the main chip in a trade package. In fact, many teams like Cleveland might want guys like Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Sean Ratliff, or Eric Campbell more. Sometimes it seems like last month when the Mets had this incredible future outfield maturing, consisting of Martinez, Carlos Gomes, and Lastings Milledge. To date, not one of them have reached their potential.

7-31-10: - It’s been awhile since we wrote something nice about this guy, but let’s give credit when credit is due. F-Mart was responsible for the Bisons win last night, going 2-4 and hitting his 11th home run of the season. Seasonal stats are eh: .250/.309/.449/.758, and with Mike Jacobs now gone and Jesus Feliciano and Mike Hessman called up to the Mets, this would be a great time for him to re-take his old team.

3-2-11: - Stock Up – Martinez has come out swinging in spring training this year, batting .625 through March 1st. It will be interesting to see if he keeps this up heading to April 1st. There really isn’t any place in the Mets lineup for him right now (Bay, Pagan, Beltran), and I can’t see him sitting in the dugout either. He probably will still wind up starting the year in Buffalo and the Mets will keep their medical fingers crossed that they have finally found Beltran’s replacement in 2012.

3-7-11: - Up: - Fernando Martinez - I watched F-Mart take a 1-2 count pitch in the second inning of Monday’s game against Detroit.. it was a long slow curve that wound up in the dirt, but it was the kind of pitch a minor league usually swings at… and misses. He didn’t swing and got the second ball. Sure, he wound up grounding out to second, but that was a major league moment for Fernando. Plate patience takes time and it looks like he is developing into a major league hitter.

4-7-11: - Up: - OF Fernando Martinez – went 4-5, including a double on opening day. More importantly, he wasn’t hurt. Trust me, this becomes much more important every day Carlos Beltran and Jason Bay limp around and Lucas Duda bats below the Mendosa line.

4-25-11: - RF Fernando Martinez hit into a double play in the 3rd inning. I could have run that out faster. I’m sorry, but he really looks like toast (though, he did look good scoring from second later on in the game.

4-29-11: - Okay… let’s quietly talk F-Mart. He’s batting .353. He aced the winter league. The only reason he isn’t playing in Queens is his propensity for injury. Ya know, who friggin cares? If he’s healthy now and Angel Pagan is still not ready, bring him up and give him another chance to win the position. I don’t care if he’s out of options Leave him in Queens and DFA Jason Pridie or Willie Harris. Neither is the future of this team; Martinez might be. It’s time.

7-18-11 – Buffalo placed Martinez on the DL again.

8-25-11: - http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=ycn-9021595  - Fernando Martinez -  I know he's not on the major league roster, but shouldn't he be by now? Is he in the witness protection program? I suppose he fits right in with the Mets organization…over-hyped, slow to develop, always injured.

8-11-11: - http://metsmerizedonline.com/2011/08/baseball-americas-mets-top-10-list-prior-to-2011-where-are-they-now.html - OF – Fernando Martinez: What can you say? This guy has not played a full season in his pro career, and because of that he has not been able to show his full potential. Minaya was able to keep him out of the Johan Santana trade because of his 5 tool potential. However, since that time has has been on the shelf as much as he has been on the field. Started 2011: Triple-A  Currently: Triple-A

8-14-11: - http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/mets/post/_/id/32042/projected-prospect-call-ups - FERNANDO MARTINEZ, outfielder (.264, 8 HR, 30 RBI, 216 at-bats with Buffalo): The 22-year-old Martinez, who has battled injuries throughout his career, hit .227 with a homer and two RBIs in 22 at-bats, primarily in May, with the Mets. Martinez missed 10 games in April with a right hamstring strain and 14 games in July with a left hip flexor strain with Buffalo. He does have a minor league option remaining in 2012, so he does not have to make the Opening Day roster or be exposed to waivers next season.

8-21-11: - http://metsmerizedonline.com/2011/08/prospect-pulse-left-handed-hitters.html  - Fernando Martinez - You know this guy. They are going to rename the Disabled List after him. Not only has FMart, been on the DL like forty times for his career, (he’s already been on it three or four times this season alone), but he seems to have reached a plateau, at AAA, at age 22. This is his second injury plagued season at Buffalo, and at the time of his most recent DL stint, he was hitting a mere .260 with 8 HR’s and 30 RBI’s. The guy has chronic bad knees, and he has totally stalled in his development. I think it’s time for Sandy to either trade him, or if that isn’t possible, simply pull the plug on this ill-fated, sci-fi experiment.

10-12-11: - http://www.mlbdailydish.com/2011/10/12/2484736/5-questions-with-new-york-mets-expert-eric-simon - On the other end, the continued stagnation of one-time phenom Fernando Martinez was probably the most disappointing storyline in the system this year. Not that anyone should have been surprised by his three separate DL stints, but the fact that he continues to post middling results even when he's on the field with Triple-A Buffalo is not a good portent for his future as an everyday major leaguer. And at this point, now that he is no longer young for his league, it's no longer even reasonable to expect him to become a big league regular, which shows just how far the stock has fallen for a kid who once garnered comparisons to Ted Williams

10-24-11: - http://risingapple.com/2011/10/24/2011-season-in-review -fernando-martinez  - So what is next for F-Mart? In an ideal world, he would’ve spent most of the year at Buffalo, healthy and getting plate appearances, and then received consistent playing time with the Mets as their season drew to a close.  Since that wasn’t the case, it seems likely that Martinez will begin his fourth season in Buffalo at the age of 23 (although to be fair, none of those seasons have been full ones).  But what about long term?  Given his chronic leg problems, F-Mart isn’t a candidate to replace Angel Pagan in center.  With Jason Bay locked into left field and Lucas Duda seemingly next year’s starting right fielder, Martinez is going to have to either hit like crazy or serve as an injury replacement in order to see significant playing time next year. It seems like Martinez has been around forever, and yet he only has registered 145 Major League plate appearances.  At this point, it doesn’t seem like he will develop into the hitting stud which he was once projected, but that doesn’t mean he should be written off completely.  There is still time for F-Mart to home his raw talent and become a productive player at the Major League level.

10-25-11: - http://www.newyorkmetsreport.com/2011/10/25/mets-have-precious-few-pieces-to-trade  - Fernando Martinez: Had been sought after in previous years, but is a fragile, injury risk whose value has declined. Too bad they can’t turn back the clock two years. If the Mets can swing something with him, they should do it, but his real value to them would be to stay healthy and reach his potential, which is becoming less and less likely.

12-25-11: - OF Fernando Martinez – Leones del Escogido – DWL -  9-G, 26-AB, .077/.143/.115/.258, 0-HR, 1-RBI - First, the good news... F-Mart is healthy once again. Well, that last statement might be a stretch. Let’s just say everything is fine except for his arthritic legs that have robbed him of his tools. He left winter ball early and this could be the last time he represents the Mets. How sad.

1-9-12 – Fernando Martinez was placed on waivers.


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