Draft 14 - An Early Look At - C/1B - Kevin Cron - TCU

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6-10-13 - Kevin Cron, 1B, Texas Christian - What a difference a year makes.  Cron was drafted in the 3rd round coming out of high school and a year ago, he looked like one of the top power bats who would be available in the 2014 draft.  Things could not have gone much worse for him in 2013, but the raw power makes him worth watching over the next year. http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/06/10/2014-mlb-draft-early-college-names-to-know/


6-18-13  -  Kevin Cron  -  from Don Olson on 6/18/2013 - Kevin is a massive guy with a wide muscular frame, who should be a good deal bigger than his brother CJ, but carries it well.  He shows plus-plus raw power and the bat speed is displayed in BP.  He is a strong 5 O’ clock guy that has to improve his approach; he needs to stay back and start working to right field to get him on the solid path.  Kevin showed a pull oriented swing in game at bats this spring, really a fastball only swing that role over on any break.  He has trouble with the outside, clear hole in the approach.  Gets weight over too quickly, leaving him off balanced with poor swings on change ups and sliders.  The kid is a strong ox and it does not take much behind his swing to connect with power.  Any ironing out in the approach, he could grade out in the first round. http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/06/19/2014-mlb-draft-profile-kevin-cron/



7-6-13 - Frankie Piliere ‏@FPilierePG  - Monster night for Kevin Cron tonight, 2 homers and now hitting .373 on Cape @TcuCron00


7-17-13 - Kevin Cron (TCU) - First Base, Falmouth Commodores - .330 BA, 19 R, 21 RBI, 4 HR, 6 SB -  After an explosive week last week, Cron responded with a mediocre stretch. In four games, he went 2-for-15 with a run and an RBI, striking out more times then he reached base. While his consistency can be called into question, it is still hard to ignore the raw numbers. Cron is one week removed from leading virtually every batting category, and his presence is still being felt. He is tied for first place in extra-base hits, second in RBIs, tied for second in home runs, tied for third in runs, and is just outside the top 10 in batting with a respectable .330 average. Cron is still a very skilled player in all facets of the game, but he cannot afford another week like this. With an MVP contender in Hoskins and the upstart Dylan Davis (Oregon St.) challenging him just on his team alone, he needs to step it up and the struggling Commodores need him to step it up as well. He is still in the conversation, but this week will be a big one for Cron. http://capecodbaseball.org/news/league/index.html?article_id=1565


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