Draft 14 - An Early Look At - LHP - Devin Smeltzer - Bishop Eustace (NJ) HS

draft - devin smeltzer20th LHP   -   Devin Smeltzer


7-2-13 - 78. Devin Smeltzer- LHP, Bishop Eustace ( NJ) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/jeff-sullivans-top-100-2014-prospects/


7-24-13  -  Devin Smeltzer, lhp, Bishop Eustace Prep, Voorhees, N.J./Pennsauken American Legion - The 6-foot-2, 170-pound Smeltzer has a lean, lanky and angular build with long extremities. With a high waist, broad shoulders and lean legs, Smeltzer offers significant projection. He has a very deceptive delivery and the ball jumps out of his hand. Starting from the far third-base side of the rubber, Smeltzer uses a high leg kickand throws across his body to create deception and movement. He produces good arm speed from a long, loose arm action. Smeltzer’s arm slot, which is typically a tick below three-quarters, varies to create deception. The Florida Gulf Coast commit generally throws in the upper-80s but can sit 89-91 mph in shorter stints. At its best, Smeltzer’s high-70s breaking ball has sharp 1-7 tilt and depth. He will also vary its shape and throw a sweepier version to lefthanders and mixes in a low-80s changeup. Despite many moves parts, Smeltzer repeats his delivery well and has an advanced feel for pitching. Smeltzer sports glasses like fellow lefties Matt Purke, Brett Cecil and Gustavo Chacin.  http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/tyler-koleks-heavy-fastball-among-tournament-of-stars-standouts/


8-4-13 - Player:  Devin Smeltzer   Primary Position:  LHP  Secondary Position(s):  OF  Height/Weight:  6’2/170  Bats/Throws:  R/L mHome Town:  Vorhees, NJ  School:  Bishop Eustace Prep  Travel Team(s):  Tri-State Arsenal  Class of:  2014 - Scouting Notes: - 2013 Tournament of Stars notes from Don Olsen: - Devin has ideal sloped athletic frame, high waist, lean and loose arm with a great deal of projection left in the tank. He is lanky in a Chris Sale mold. He throws from a ¾ to almost low ¾ slot.  Arm action is a little whippy with some elevation and wrap, looking more reliever type action, highly deceptive and tough to adjust for hitters.  His fastball was 87-88 (89) mph with the ability to work it around, gets some rise out of it, can keep it down.  Change up 75-76 mph, flashed some good hand side fade to project.  Curve 76-79 mph, had a slurve action in a 1/7 path, good spin on it to project. http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/08/04/2014-mlb-draft-profile-devin-smeltzer/


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