April 23, 2015 -- Mets 6, Braves 3

The Mets scored a run in the top of the 5th to snap a 3-all tie and scored twice in the bottom of the 7th to add insurance. The Mets steam to their record tying 11th win in a row beating the Braves Thursday afternoon 6-3. 

 The Mets jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the first.  Julio Teheran was wild walking Curtis Granderson, Lucas Duda and Michael Cuddyer to load the bases. Daniel Murphy then hit a 3 run double to deep right to clean the bases.  

Andrelton Simmons RBI double on a challenged call at home in the 2nd scored A.J. Pierzynski to make it 3-1. The Braves then tied the game in the 4th.  Nick Markakis doubled and went to third on a hard hit single by Freddie Freeman. Murphy then made a mental error on a sure double play grounder off the bat of Pierzynski to give the Braves the bases juiced with no out. An RBI single by Andrelton Simmons made it 3-2 and a sac-fly by Jace Peterson tied the game at 3. 

 In the bottom of the 5th Eric Campbell drew a bases loaded walk to bring home Granderson and it was 4-3. The Mets scored their final runs in the 7th when Michael Cuddyer hit into fielder’s choice that scored  Juan Lagares making it 5-3. Murphy added an RBI single scoring Cuddyer and that capped the scoring.  

Teheran only lasted 4 1/3 innings. He allowed 3 hits 3 runs (all earned) he walked 5 and struck out 5. Overall the Braves walked 8 Mets on the day.  Colon continues to be a work horse. He went 6 innings allowing 7 hits 3 runs (all earned) he walked none and struck out 5.  Buddy Carlyle pitched a scoreless 7th. Alex Torres pitched the 8th.  Jeurrys Familia pitched the 9th for his 8th save on the year and 8th and 8 tries.  

Colon gets the win. He improves to 4-0; Teheran takes the loss falling to 2-1. Juan Lagares sees his hitting streak climb to 10 games.  Murphy went 2 for 3 with 4 RBI to lead the offensive charge for the Mets.  

With the win the Mets finish their first home stand a perfect 10-0 as they have swept the first three opponents they’ve hosted in 2015. The Mets are now off to their best start in their history at 13-3. They are a perfect 10-0 at home and their 11 game winning streak ties the franchise record. 

 Friday Night the Mets jump on the subway to take on the Yankees over the weekend. Friday night Jacob deGrom (2-1  0.93) goes for the Mets. Michael Pineda (2-0 5.00) goes for the Yankees. 


Steve from Norfolk said...


Thomas Brennan said...

Mets are blazing, and Yanks are hot, but we have Harvey, Jake and Niese and they used Tanaka today. I'd be very satisfied with 2 of 3 vs. the Pinstripers,but a 14 game winning streak would be sweet. The Murph switch seems to have turned on, as has Grandy's.

Recker 0-4 with 3 Ks. Monell, anyone?

Richard Jones said...

I heard an ESPN analysis stating that the reason the Mets have a better record than other NL east teams is because they have been playing just NL east teams. This is an advantage over teams like Washington who are playing outside their division. The NL east is weak so the Mets have an advantage.
Doesn't make sense to me. The Mets have a winning record against each of the NL teams.

Ernest Dove said...

The Mets are beating teams they are scheduled to face. Thats kinda the point. Analysts are paid these days to attempt to be interesting and entertaining and not apparently to just make sense.
And since the Mets play their division foes a ton, beating them can get them into the playoffs. And good luck to the other NL teams in facing deGrom/Harvey and maybe a young stud like Thor or Matz in a 7 game series.
Wouldn't be the first time some under 25yr old stud arm comes outta nowhere and dominates in October.

Stubby said...

I know people focus on offense, but there's a reason Recker is your back-up catcher and Monell is in AAA. While offensive catchers are a rare commodity, defensive catchers (catchers who work well with pitchers and call a good game) are a necessity. I'd wager that if you asked ever pitcher on the Mets staff, they'd speak highly of all the Mets backstops, but they'd prefer Recker over Monell.

Mack Ade said...

the Mets pitchers love Recker and frankly have very little experience with Monell

Anonymous said...

The backup catcher position is pretty much entirely behind the scenes. I like that Recker is well spoken, strikes me as intelligent, and seems hard working. He knows the pitchers and the club knows him. I don't see the problem. This is not at all the time to break in TWO new catchers; the idea is crazy, frankly. This is not Strat-O-Matic and teams need consistency, not an endless infatuation with "the new."

In any event, it's very likely that he'll be odd man out when d'Arnaud comes back.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

Hearing everyone's point of view, Monell is 2 for 3 with a HR and walk tonite and hitting .333. He's got to have Sandy thinking more and more about the possibility. It won't happen now, and likely would take torrid hitting over several more weeks by Monell and continued non-hitting by Recker. Also, if d'Arnaud is out 4 or 5 weeks, and Plawecki does well, we ought to see Recker replaced by d'Arnaud, and Plawecki as Travis back up.

So Monell may just not get a chance here anytime soon.

Thomas Brennan said...

Make that 3-4 for Monell. Just sayin'. Being a pest,

Thomas Brennan said...

I have a long train ride, fellers. So I got to thinking about Monell, yeah, I know, again.

JM has has 91 plate appearances. In the spring and AAA. In those at bats, he is hitting .347 with a .410 on base and .641 slug % with 7 HR.

Recker has been up 66 times in the same time span: .196/.318/.356, with 20 Ks.

Don't change them now...but if this continues for a while longer, and they do decide to send Plawecki back down when Travis returns, please do not dismiss calling up Monell and demoting Recker.

Stubby said...

Again, Thomas, your ENTIRE focus is on offense. I don't care if my back-up catcher hits at all, so long as the pitchers are comfortable with him. When d'Arnaud returns, Plawecki will be sent back to Triple-A--no matter how well he's done--and we'll resume as we began. Try thinking of back-up catcher as an entirely different position than catcher with its own skill requirements. Recker has that spot nailed down--there is no one in the organization better at filling the requirements of that position. I don't care if his batting average is ZERO and Monell hits .800. That's not what the back-up catcher position is about. Monell does not have the skill set necessary for the unique position of back-up catcher. He's an offensive catcher and that's not the job.

Richard Jones said...

Recker is not playing everyday. It is hard to get thing going when you're on the bench so a Recker-Monell comparision isn't exactly fair. I remember when the Mets called up Campbell last year he was red hot until he started losing playing time. So if Monell becomes a once a week catcher I doubt his number remain where they are.
I agree with Stubby defense and even more than that- Pitcher comfort out way offense.

Thomas Brennan said...

Could have used some more offense tonite, gents. I like offense. So do the Yanks.

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