INJURED - RHRP - Vic Black


Relief pitcher Vic Black has had his rehab assignment terminated in Binghamton and he has returned to New York. Reports are that there are 'complications' that could result in Tommy John Surgery.


Ernest Dove said...

I prefer the reports that hes got a herniated disc of sorts with plans for therapy and re-evaluate in a week and no surgery ;)

Stephen Guilbert said...

This isn't going to result in TJS. This is a disc herniation in the neck that has led to triceps tightness from overcompensation. I have had this injury and it's a pain in the neck (heh. heh.) but this is not a tendon-elbow related injury whatsoever. Whichever report suggested this is just wrong.

Thomas Brennan said...

Black hurt - sucks. No more lengthy injuries please.

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