Injured - C - Travis d'Arnaud


Travis d'Arnaud has a fractured right hand.


D Whit said...

TDA just always finds a way to get hurt. It's a shame. I think he'll always be injury prone. The Blevins injury too- double whammy day. I'd imagine they will call up Leathersich and Monell for now. The good thing is that these injuries are happening early, but that is also the bad thing in the midst of such a strong April start.

Mack Ade said...

D Whit -

This is probably a good statement why you don't trade away your young assets, especially ones in depth positions.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can call a guy injury prone when literally every injury has been a freak accident at this point. I get if it's a past injury acting up over and over, but can't do much when it's a HBP or a ball off the foot.

Richard Jones said...

Plawecki removed from Vegas game. Monell moved from 1st to catcher.

I think this means Plawecki and not Monell is coming to NY. I could be wrong. Hopefully Plawecki wasn't pulled for an injury. The way things are going you never know.

Stubby said...

Anonymous, you can call a guy injury prone if he always gets injured. Doesn't matter if its the same injury over and over again or a series of freak accidents. If a guy misses major chunks of time every year due to injury, he's injury prone. I've always said d'Arnaud is too (for lack of a better term) injury prone to be a long term answer at catcher and, at this point, I'd call David Wright injury prone as well.

I do think Sandy deserves praise for building and maintaining organizational depth--something Omar never understood. We've got the pieces, now, to compete even with these injuries to key players. BTW, for anyone who hasn't been following such things, Ian Desmond has 8 errors through 13 games. He's NOT an answer for any Mets problem. He's just another problem.

Anonymous said...

I guess we just have two wildly different definitions of injury prone, I see a guy like Reyes as injury prone. Repeat injury, but for a guy like d'Arnaud, there's not much the guy could have done in the circumstances, unavoidable situations, I don't feel that's injury prone.

Richard Jones said...

Sometimes the way a player approaches the game causes him to become injured. Harper now, Griffey JR. back when, come to mind. I consider these players injury prone even though their injuries may be tied to one play rather than a weak body part that give out on occasions. I'm kind of in between on whether I consider d'Arnaud to fit the Griffey, Harper definition of injury prone or if it is just bad luck. I think it is somewhere in between.

Stubby said...

If they each miss 50-60 games a year nearly every year due to injury, what's the practical difference? Sometimes bad luck is as bad a thing to have as a bad back or a bad hammy. If anything, I'd rather have a guy with a bad back or a bad hammy than a guy with bad luck. At least with the former, you know what's coming. With the latter, you're always assuming the bad luck can't last, yet it invariably does.

Richard Jones said...

This could be a good thing in the long run. If Plawecki comes up and proves he is a quality MLB catcher and keeps us in the playoff hunt his trade value will go up when d'Arnaud returns. That doesn't mean you just trade him but you would if he helps bring in someone who would be valuable all season rather than someone who's value depends on someone else getting hurt. If Plawecki helps bring in a Tulo type player I'm fine with Monnell in Recker behind the plate if d'Arnaud gets hurt again.

Richard Jones said...


The difference is that the bad luck would be unlikely to continue. The law of averages kicks in. The Mets aren't going to win 120+ games which they are currently on pace to do. They have had some degree of luck. That will not continue. Luck comes to an end. Now if he is playing in a way that increases his chances of getting hurt it is probable that his injuries will continue.

Steve from Norfolk said...


I think you're right about d'Arnaud. How can you protect yourself against getting hit in the hand while batting? He broke his toe tripping while chasing a pop fly, and tore his PCL sliding into second. If you buy into your law of average viewpoint (which I do), he'll probably be injury-free until he retires, or at least until age catches up with him.

I will hate it when we trade Plawecki, but as scarce as offensive catchers are, he could be the centerpiece for the trade that brings the piece we need to take our team over the top. Whether it be a SS, an OF, or another stud pitcher (How'd you like to add, oh, David Price to this rotation?), he's that good.

Let's hope that Travis is our David Wright of the future, another major leaguer that spends his entire career with the Mets, along with Lucas Duda, Juan Lagares, Wilmer Flores, Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, Rafael Montero, Dilson Herrera, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and, last but not least, Steven Matz.

I can dream, can't I??

Stubby said...

"The difference is that the bad luck would be unlikely to continue."

Keep telling yourself that. Its not as though d'Arnaud was injury free climbing the ladder to the majors. He's been a pro for eight years and he's missed significant time due to injury in maybe all but two of them. The kid's not even 27, yet, and he's spent more time on the DL than players twice his age. I'm sorry. He's the very definition of injury prone.

And, in the face of as many injuries as we've suffered so far this year, I can't believe people are still frothing at the mouth to trade away our organizational depth. Trade Plawecki at your peril. We've got a few spare arms to deal, but I'm not prepared to send a catching prospect anywhere until d'Arnaud spends at least two consecutive years healthy. Spoiler alert: I don't think he can...not as a catcher. Make him a first baseman or an outfielder and you might have a shot. Now if somebody wants to trade for d'Arnaud, I'm all ears.

Richard Jones said...


I wasn't arguing that d'Arnaud isn't injury prone. If you read my post I stated I was undecided on that. I was talking about injury prone vs. bad luck. Was it just bad luck that he broke his hand. Maybe or maybe not. There could be something about his style of play or his approach to the game that increases his chance of getting hurt. Before he got hurt Darling was talking about how he became the best breaking ball hitter on the Mets. Maybe it is because he stay with inside pitch a split second more than most players waiting for it to break. That would also increase his chance of getting hurt.
Luck is random. It happens regardless of circumstances. If he continues to get hurt it is because it is not all luck.
When I talked about trading Plawecki it would only be in a package for an All-Star caliber player. We need the depth but an All-star type player would help more.

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