When opportunity knocks, ya gotta be ready.

The blurry caption in the picture says, " When you walk up to opportunities' door, don't knock it, kick that b...ch in, smile and introduce yourself."  Or...

"Hello, I'm Hansel Robles, and I'm Kevin Plawecki, we're sorry about the busted door, get someone to fix it - we're here to play ball."

On Sunday, Jerry Blevins, who had been brilliant since the Mets picked him up, gets drilled on the pitching arm by a liner, and just like that, an unwanted multi-week "vacation" starts for Blevins.

Sucks. He has been a big factor in the Mets' 10-3 start.

Heck, the Mets had to trade late in the spring to get the crafty lefty, implying a lack of alternatives in the system, so what do they do now?

Sandy and the boys convene, and call up RIGHTY reliever Hansel Robles, who until late last year wasn't a reliever - and still, when I last checked, not a lefty, either.

BUT…Hansel Robles or whom else?

Well, Bobby Parnell's not ready and Vic Black is hurting, so those 2?  Uhh, uhh. Sick Bay Residents.

And besides, neither is a lefty.

Well, what about lefty Dario Alvarez?  Great 2014 in the minors, actually pitched briefly with the Mets last September...nice resume. 
Except he got torched on decision day, Sunday, in his AA game. If that game was his interview, he blew it. Otherwise, maybe he's the logical, if lightly experienced, candidate. Not this time.  Opportunity missed.

Jack Leathersich? The lefty is getting closer, and has pitched great in his 2015 outings {except for a 2 run shot allowed over the weekend – one pitch).  But his baggage has been threefold: 1) rep that he can't get lefties out, 2) rep of wildness, 3) rep of getting throttled at AAA level.  

His first 2 outings this spring he was Wild Man Jack, reinforcing the negatives.  Hasn't walked a single guy since, between his last several spring training outings and his first several AAA outings - amazing.  

But Jack has not done enough for long enough to demonstrate that this is nothing more than a good streak.  Won't take much longer for Jack to changing the decision-makers' thinking, if he keeps up the good pitching to go along with his V8, turbocharged strikeout game.

Montero?  Seems to be getting stretched back out as a starter, and needs time to fix the points that are causing him to falter a bit.

That leaves Robles, who was a shaky AA starter through most of 2014. The switch to the pen in late 2014 in AA was sheer genius. He did great....went to winter ball and did great...and in AAA so far this year? You're right, did great. 5 outings, 7.2 innings, 1 BB, 10 Ks. So he's not a lefty. But he is tossing great. Hard thrower.

Sandy et all made the right choice.  The one I (a big Leathersich fan) would make:  It's Hansel Time.

On the catcher side, move makes sense. Your everyday catcher goes down, you've got to go with Kevin Plawecki.  Hopefully a clone of d’Arnaud, who was off to a fine 2015 start.

Once again, I feel bad for Johnny Monell, who after a great spring training has had a fine start to his 2015 AAA season (.318).  With Plawecki promoted, he now is the everyday Las Vegas catcher. Just keep impressing folks, Johnny, and your opportunity will come knocking.
The easy part is over for Hansel and Kevin – now JOB 1 is for them to help keep that 10-3 party the Mets are on rolling.

I believe both are more than capable.

P.S.  Two high profile guys not promoted are red hot.  In the last 5 games ending Sunday, April 19, Matt Reynolds and Dilson Herrera combined for high school #'s: 25 for 48.  Plus a few walks.  Matt knocked in 13 runs in those 5 games.  Amazin'. 


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

The next test begins starting tomorrow through April 30.

If the Mets can win these next three series (at home/Atlanta, at the Yankees, at the Marlins), that will prove they can hold their own against all these injuries.


The starters have to excel...

And Murphy and Grandy have to produce.

Thomas Brennan said...

Grandy has been disappointing so far, and Murphy certainly not sharp. They've gotten away with it, because the Mets are 10-3.

But it is time for them to step up, to take pressure off Plawecki and others.

You are right- these upcoming series will go along way to seeing how well this team does This year.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, when I saw your picture and the right inscription, I had to post the picture in my article LOL.

Thomas Brennan said...

To an earlier post about Puello in exile, I guess they can award him "Valdespin Status" but I'd rather see them work it out with him and move Vaughn out. He hasn't hit like a prospect in years, so if healthy,I'd put Puello in and let Vaught try a change of scenery.

Reese Kaplan said...

Atlanta is probably reeling a little from losing one its bullpen members. The Yankees are an interesting bunch in that they probably DON'T want A-Rod succeeding, so guess who their leading hitter is? Then there are the Marlins -- they of the rumored Wally Backman interview upcoming situation...a reunion of he and Jordany Valdespin if it comes to pass that Redmond is indeed a dead man walking.

Thomas Brennan said...

6 of 9, to go with those scenarios that make it interesting. 3 for 3 from Yanks

Mack Ade said...

I never 'over-root' for sweeps.

Winning a series is always my goal.

Jaron said...

I wonder how long they are going to wait for Murphy. The front office reached out to both Juan and Lucas to extended them and Murphy wasn't even approached? Writing is on the wall if you ask me. Daniel Murphy will not be the Mets 2nd basemen next year. I have doubts that he will be after the all star break.

Steve from Norfolk said...


Murphy's too expensive for the Wilpon's now. I wonder if this being his walk year has him pressing too hard? If so , he needs to shake it off and get his bat going if doesn't want a pay cut after this year. From what I've read, most teams see him as a supersub rather than a second baseman. Think Ben Zobrist.

With Herrera coming up, unfortunately we have no where to put him. The only I could see him remaining a Met is at a significant pay cut (at least 3-4 million) and in a supersub role, probably replacing Soup. Even that would be a slim possibility, seeing how much less Soup makes. The only advantage to Murph is that he's proven. I'll miss him. I hope he lands somewhere where he can play 3B. That's definitely his bast position.

Mack Ade said...

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am waiting until the end of April before I write anything about 'tweeking' this team...

Obviously, right now, one of the subjects will be second base and Daniel Murphy, but there really isn't anywhere to send him.

Dilson Herrera is playing very well at the AAA level and will most probably be the Mets second baseman next season, but you just don't bench or demote your 2014 representative in the all-star game.

What is needed here (along with Granderson) is positive support. Bother these guys have the talent to do better and this team, with all these injuries, can not survive in 2015 without them being productive.

Thomas Brennan said...

One of those two (Grandy) got some fortuitous hits tonight, so he has to feel great. Murph deep fly caught at wall...the agony continues for Murph.

Dilson on fire...if that continues, things will get real interesting at 2B with Murph.

I said it mid-March...think Mets will win 95.

Steve from Norfolk said...


That makes two of us!

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