Minor League Recap - 4-21-15


Minor League Player of The Night - Dilson Herrera 3 for 4 night gives him SEVENTEEN HITS in the last 7 games. Ohh, la, la....the 21 year old is starting to look like a major league caliber starting player, as of right now.  Let's add in .405 hitting Maikis de la Cruz for St. Lucie, with a great bat nite in St Lucie's twin bill.

Honorable Mention - Miller Diaz - another excellent start, and Koch with a refreshing strong start. And Travis Taijeron and Alex Castellanos, both with their 4th homer and both hitting .333 or higher.

AAA - Las Vegas (5-7) 3  -  Reno  (7-6) 8

    RHSP Darin Gorski - 4 IP, 11 H, 8 R, 3 HR, 3BB, 4 K, 6.43. 

    2B Dilson Herrera - 0 for 8 his 1st 2 games, now hitting .392.

  RF  Travis Taijeron - 2-4, Hr (4), 0 K, .333

   LF Cory Vaughn - 0-4, 3K, .176

Ugly in Vegas. Half the line up didn't hit, while all of the line up mercilessly pounded previously unbeaten Darin Gorski, now 2-1.
AA - Binghamton (8-5) 5 - Erie (6-7) 2

    RHSP Matt Koch -  7.0-IP, 5-H, 1-R, 6-K, 0-BB, 4.96

    3B Dustin Lawley -  2-3, 1-R, 1-HR (2), 1-RBI, .220

    SS Josh Rodriguez -  1-2, 1-R, 1-HR (2), 1-RBI, .324

    RHRP Paul Sewald - 1.0-IP, 1-H, 0-ER, 1-K, 0.00

Late rally gives the always impressive Mr. Sewald the win.
A+ - St. Lucie - Game 1 -  Jupiter (5-7) 3  -  St. Lucie (6-6) 1

        RHSP Miller Diaz - 6.0-IP, 3-H, 0-R, 6-K, 1-BB, 0.00

        RHRP Bobby Parnell - 0.2-IP, 2-H, 1-R, 1-K, 2-BB, 10.13

        RHRP Akeel Morris - 1.1-IP, 2-H, 2-R, 1-K, 1-BB, 3.68

        LF Maikis De La Cruz - 1-3, 1-R, 1-HR (2), 1-RBI, .395

One hit by Lucie.  Saving the hits for game 2.  Miller was great, most Met fans are disappointed in Parnell's outing, and Akeel Morris is human after all, if only for a day. Maikis homers for only hit.   
  Game 2 -   St. Lucie (7-6) 10  -  Jupiter (5-8) 4

        RHSP Robert Gsellman - 4.2-IP, 5-H, 2-R, 3-K, 3-BB, 2.40

        C Colton Plaia - 2-3, 1-R, 1-HR (2), 2-RBI, .367

        LF Michael Conforto - 2-4, 2-R, 1-RBI, .354

       DH  M. de la Cruz - 2-4, 3B, 3 RBI, .405 

De la Cruz is de la cruising, having saved the Lucies from first game no hit embarrassment and breaking out the ribbie bat in game 2.  Also, Colton Plaia off to a great start with the stick. Cool.

No Dominic Smith in either game.  Either hurt or sat down to work on his hitting (.200, with one extra base hit in 40 ABs).

A - Rome (4-6) 2  -  Savannah (4-7) 1

    RHSP Scarlyn Reyes - 6.0-IP, 4-H, 2-R, 7-K, 1-BB, 3.60

    2B Jean Rodriguez -  3-4, 1-RBI, .293

    DH Stefan Sabol -  2-4, 1-R, .308

Nice game by Mr. Reyes, who loses due to an anemic offensive showing from the Gnats.
Underperformers du Jour - Darin Gorski for a batting practice pitcher performance, and Cory Vaughn for another lost night at the plate. 26 on a few days, time to hit or quit?


Thomas Brennan said...

Cory Vaughn started out as a very experienced prospect in rookie ball in 2010 and did well. Since then, he has hit .239. .400 slug %. Over the equivalent of a full 162 game season, he has struck out once per game,

In 2013-15, mostly in AA and AAA, he has hit just .227 and a .368 slug %. I believe he is a very athletic guy, of a wonderful "Vaughn" pedigree, who is just not good enough to keep in the Mets org for much longer....unless he catches fire. if he is still not hitting in a month, I'd release him.

Other guys could then move up and get those at bats.

greg b said...

Maikis De La Cruz looks like he can hit. Is he a 4 th outfield type in mlb. Who is Jean Rodriquiz? Never heard of him last yr.

Thomas Brennan said...

@ greg b - Maikis has had pretty decent #'s before this year. I'd not jump to conclusions yet on him, but he needs a break out year to put him in contention for a major league back up role in say 2016. So far, he is tearing it up, but it is early.

Jean Rodriguez hit well in rookie ball last year - I'd also say too soon to tell his ceiling, but he is clearly getting his name on the grid.

Lots of guys are not hitting, these guys are and deserve to be watched.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I never liked the Vaughn pick. In fact, I said so the week he was drafted. Written then, in 2010:

My draft analysis on Vaughn: Well, it didn’t take long for the Mets to pull one out of their arse. I have basically nothing on Vaughn, other than a couple of 200+ round picks on some early mocks. It is very hard to find anything positive about this guy, other than the fact that his father was named Greg. He seems to swing at anything that’s thrown his way and has been one of the divisional strikeout leaders, both in school and the Cape Cod League. Had 55-K in 180-AB and 180-K in 592-AB career wise. Multiple scouting services have reported that his hitting mechanics are horrible. Projection: Boy, who the heck knows. Personally, I’m pissed that left on the board were RHP Sam Dyson and LHP James Paxton, and, if you wanted a toosy outfielder, what about Cody Hawn or Austin Wilson? Look, I have no problem drafting someone that shows potential, but save these kind of picks until the 15th round. There is no way of projecting any kind of ETA on this kid. Everything I have read said he is not a potential major leaguer. ETA: never Draft Grade: F

Mack Ade said...

De La Cruz -

Biggest problem here is he is already 24 years old. Looks like AAAA filler to me.

Jean Rodriguez is 22 which is also to old for the level he's playing.

I wouldn't expect much from either of these guys,

Thomas Brennan said...

You had Vaughn nailed then, Mack.

I do not want him sucking up ABs from other guys like Ceciliani, who has 5 extra base hits in limited playing time.

I'd give him no more than a few weeks, and absent a complete turn around, release him. He is similar to Puello, except Puello killed AA and was half decent in AAA. Vaughn has been "Chris Young 2014" in AA and AAA the past 2 years, and so far this year.

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