The Morning Report 4.23.2015 | Gee's Frustration, Marlins Front Office Trouble, Dan Rohlfing, Vladimir Guerrero's Nephew


Mets Current Winning Streak: 10 Games and Counting

Adam Rubin | ESPN New York- The day after his second start of the season, with his ERA sitting at 7.59, Gee initiated a meeting last Friday with manager Terry Collins. Said Collins: "He's been a little frustrated with the whole scenario -- the wintertime, spring training, all he's had to do. And he said to me, 'Hey, it's time for me to go pitch. It's time for me to go out and pitch, and pitch my kind of baseball, which I know I can do."I said, 'Dill, you don't owe anybody any explanations. You deserve this chance. You deserve to be in this rotation. You've just got to go do your job.'

(Chris Soto: No matter what anyone says or thinks about Dillon Gee, the fact is, he IS a MLB caliber SP and does deserve to be in the rotation. Even though his ERA says otherwise, Dillon has been just as good as the rest of the guys in the Mets rotation so far this season. His K rate is holding flat year over year but he has cut his BB rate in half. The only thing hurting him right now is the fact that 20% of the flyballs he's giving up are leaving the park! That's twice the normal MLB rate. It's unsustainable and it will normalize itself out over the next few starts, thus dropping his ERA.)

Ken Rosenthal | Twitter
(Chris Soto: Apparently, Loria's lack of patience is causing quite a stir amongst his front office personnel. It sounds like he wants to make a move and is extremely intriguied by Wally Backman but none of the people he has hired to run the actual operations does. We know all too well that this is the kind of  ownership meddling that can ruin an organization's chances at winning. April is not even over yet and the Marlins are already 8 games behind 1st place. It's the old adage....."You can't win the division in April, but, you certainly can lose it.")

Michael McCarty | Amazin Avenue- With Travis d'Arnaud's injury, the subsequent promotion of Kevin Plawecki to the major leagues, and announcement that Anthony Recker has a bone spur in his elbow, the Mets needed to bolster their depth at the catcher position. The result of all of that is that the Mets have acquired Dan Rohlfing from the Twins in exchange for cash considerations. Rohlfing will immediately report to Triple-A Las Vegas to take Plawecki's spot on the roster.

(Chris Soto: A minor move to take care of a small problem. If Recker ends up needing to miss time due to the bone spur, you can expect the club to call up Johnny Monell, who was the only catcher on the Las Vegas roster left before this trade. In his minor league career, Rohlfing is a .243/.319/.327 hitter so he is nothing more than organizational filler.)

Kiley McDaniel | Fangraphs- Gregory Guerrero, SS, Dominican Video: Guerrero’s defensive and offensive actions remind me of the top player from last year’s class, Brewers SS Gilbert Lara. Lara has a good bit more juice in his bat and I think both eventually end up at third base, but Guerrero has looseness to his swing and above average bat speed and power projection, so he would profile fine there. He’s rumored to have a deal with the Mets for $1.8 million..

(Chris Soto: Well sounds like we lost out on Vlad Guerrero's son who is expected to sign a $4.4M signing bonus with the Toronto Blue Jays, but, we did get his nephew. This signing would leave the Mets with approximately $750,000 left in the international pool to sign other players. I suspect that the requirement of having to incurre IFA penalties to sign Vlad Jr. is what scared the Mets away. The Blue Jays signing of Guerrero is going to cost them 2 years of limited IFA signing abilities)

Lets Go Mets!


Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, who has a new-found fondness for Collins, is OK with Collins saying this about Gee: 'Dill, you don't owe anybody any explanations. You deserve this chance. You deserve to be in this rotation. You've just got to go do your job.'

But if Collins says about Tejada, 'Rube, you don't owe anybody any explanations. You deserve this chance. You deserve to be in this line up. You've just got to go do your job', Reese will tell Collins he's crossed a red line.

One of Recker's two assets is his cannon arm, the other the ability to go deep occasionally. If the chip turns the cannon into something less, Monell is the better choice, but leave as is during a 10 game win streak - OR call up Monell's lefty bat for that short Yankee RF? I'd call up Monell, who homered last night.

Can't hurt to have a talented guy like Guerrero seems to be added to the system.

Anonymous said...

I am solidly with Christopher on Dillon Gee. I'm rooting for him. He's a classic back end of the rotation starter, who will get you into the 7th inning with a chance to win. Since May of 2013, his ERA is 3.60 (according to Michael Baron).

It's ridiculous to quote stats this early in the season, especially for pitchers. I am not at all sure that Montero is the guy to push Gee into an area of uselessness. Just doesn't seem to maximize the overall talent.

My preference is for Dillon to succeed. But it's good to have a backup plan.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

There is another internationak kid that supposedly has agreed to the Mets in the 800K range... another shortstop

Mack Ade said...

This has to be considered as Gee's first 'quality start' and might have saved him his SP5 slot.

Still, he just doesn't seem to have the ability to finish the 5th inning in a dominant fashion this season.

His arm seems to be on an 80 pitch limit

Christopher Soto said...

@Mack Ade

Correct. The club is rumored to have a deal in place for Venezuelan SS Andres Gimenez.

He is expected to sign for $1.25M.

This will put the club over its international pool amount BUT if they acquire the maximum amount of slot money that they are allowed. They will be still be under the penalty limits.

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

THAT'S the guy.

The team needs to be agressive internationally due to the limited bonus pool money the team is alloted this upcoming draft.

These two would add to the already international bonus shortstops from last off-season... Kenny Hernandez Edgardo Fermin.. Yoel Romero... Cecilio Aybar... Hansel Moreno

You can't sign enough 16 year old middle infielders becase that's where the raw talent is.

The five I listed will fill the DSL and GSL teams

Reese Kaplan said...

@Thomas Brennan

Notice that no one has said a peep about Flores' defense once he launched three home runs? :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Those international shortstops can sometimes pan out big - consider: Juan Lagares

Robb said...

Almost all the international kids sign as shortstops, even the pitchers (Miguel Cabrera signed as a SS too). Its where the best athletes play. I expect most teams will make trades if they are near the penalty limit to acquire just enough money to stay under the penalty phase, Mets included.

eraff said...

Let's stop trying to creat a vacuum for prospects to the MLB club--- Promote on NEED...or if a Guy has just knocked the damn door down and COMMANDED his place.

Until then, you're winning--- Dilson Herrera... Matz...Thor---they can solve their own "problem" of getting to the Big Leagues.

Mack Ade said...

Leave this team alone right now.


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