Minor League Recap - 4-29-15


Slow night, with only 2 of the 4 teams playing baseball. Two wins, though.

Minor League Player of The Night - 

    Savannah 2B Jean Rodriguez. J ROD #1

Honorable Mention -

    Binghamton 3B Josh Rodriguez. J ROD #2

AAA - Las Vegas -  no game scheduled

Only way to cool down the Vegas bats is to give them the night off. 6.7 runs per game, boys and girls. Impressive.

AA - Binghamton (12-8) 8  -  Portland (7-13) 3

    RHSP Rainy Lara - 4.0-IP, 6-H, 3-R, 2-K, 2-BB, 2.91

    3B Josh Rodriguez -   2-4, 2-R, HR (3), 4-RBI, .298

    1B Aderlin Rodriguez -  1-5, 1-R, HR (3), 2-RBI, .206

    2B Jairo Perez -  2-4, 1-R, HR (1), 2-RBI, .333

    DH Dustin Lawley - 0-4, 2-K, .246

    CF Brandon Nimmo - 2-4, 2B, 3B, BB, .284. Now hitting.

         Mack - there's been a fair amount of Mets weenies (minor league fans) that have had big hopes for the power generated by Lawley (2013: 26-HRs, 96/RBI at St. Lucie... 2014: 20-HR, 69-RBI at AA-Binghamton), but it always was the high strikeouts (111 in 469 in 2013 and 134/447 in 2014). Well, the strikeouts are down this year (13 in 61-AB) but so is the pop (3-HR, 10-RBI). Add to that the fact that he's playing 2015 as a 26-year old (repeating AA) and his prospect days are over.

A+ - St. Lucie -  no game scheduled

A - Savannah (7-12) 7  -  Delmarva (11-8) 5

    RHSP Corey Oswalt - 6.0-IP, 7-H, 3-R, 4-K, 1-BB, 4.84

    2B Jean Rodriguez - 3-4, 1-R, 1-RBI, .288

    CF John Mora -  2-4, 2-R, double, 2-RBI, .286

    SSw Luis SSwllorme - 2-4, BB, R, .306

A couple of their top hitters lead the Gnats to a much needed win. Came from behind in the 7th after being down 4-2.



IBfromWhitePlains said...

Looking at T. Taijeron's stats.
21 K's in 54 AB's and still hitting .354. Crazy. If he could cut those K's in half......

What's your take on this kid?

Thomas Brennan said...

My take is there are Adam Dunns in the majors who have had great success. This guy is beating the odds, as many thought he'd have whiffed his way out of the game before now.

He is an extra base hit machine, even with all the strikeouts, with his career EBH ratio being around one every 7.4 official at bats. One every 10 is a very solid ratio, but at his ratio, he'd have 25 more extra base hits in 500 ABs than a "1 every 10" guy.

Keep hitting, try to reduce the K rate, and see what happens. This year, his first in AAA, is pivotal for him. So far, so very good. I won't rule this guy out.. I just want him to play every day this year, and see what he does in 550 ABs.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in this guy at all, personally. The K's are a huge red flag.


Mack Ade said...

He's also 26 years old already

Thomas Brennan said...

James and Mack, you're both right. Taijeron is a pretender until he proves otherwise. His high K rate - a very large barrier to entry to the bigs. He has to fix it - pronto. Or he will be at best a AAAA. Val Pascucci II.

But if he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, those extra base hit stats are the equal of virtually anyone in the minors.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

'Pretender' may be too harsh of a word.

Guys like Taijeron (and Lawley, Ceciliani, etc) have a lot of baseball talent, but they just aren't one of the top 750 baseball players in the world... and never will be.

It's a tremendous honor to get to AAA baseball. I hope they realize it.

Anonymous said...

The thing with strikeouts isn't that they are a "barrier," it's that they are an indicator.

Usually of poor pitch recognition and plate discipline. And some guys, like our own Kirkk, can't hit anything off speed. Others can't get around on the real good fastball (also like Kirkkk).

I think the only way he cuts down on strikeouts is to become an entirely different human being.

BTW, Kirkkk would be killing it in Las Vegas right now. Anybody can hit there, the stats are nearly meaningless. See: Brown, Andrew.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

Good points, James, on Taijeron. But Grandy has cut his Ks this year (so far), so sometimes, it is possible.

Mack Ade said...

Tom/James -

Grandy seems to actually swing defensively last season against left handed pitching. No confidence at all.

So much of the baseball swing is confidence.

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