Tom Brennan - AHH, PERSPECTIVE!!

Tom Brennan - AHH, PERSPECTIVE!!
Ahh, where would we all be without perspective? 

The 1962 Mets went on a number of 2 game winning streaks and if someone saw them those 2 games, and did not know they had a miserable record, they'd have thought they were the greatest thing since sliced cheesecake.

The 1986 Mets started out with a mere 2 wins in their first 5 contests.  To a person without the proper perspective, they might have thought they were a mediocre bunch.  But those who understood the team's talent knew such performance would have a short shelf life.  

After all, they were young, great, had terrific veterans...my 1986 pre-season call to my boss of the time (a fellow Met fan) was the 1986 squad would win 105 games.  He felt I was nuts. His call was 95. 
We were both wrong, as they won 108 while losing just 54.  My boss, though, carded a double bogey.  I had a short putt for eagle.

Anyway, several weeks ago, I postulated the Mets would start out with a very strong record in the first several weeks, due to 3 key attributes: strong pitching from starters, and from relievers, and upgraded hitting.  And a 4th - a relatively light schedule.
And whaddya know?  3 weeks in, the Mets are 15-5, as a result of the presence of those 3 attributes.

Now if you'd told me then that by game 20, the Mets would have been without Edgin, Wheeler, Parnell, Black, Mejia, and Wright for most or all of the season to date, I'd have never predicted 15-5.  I’d have never expected those attributes to flourish as they have.

So the fact the Mets had 2 losses over the weekend to the despised and hated crosstown rivals (whose team name rhymes with Tom Hanks, but should never be uttered by a Mets aficionado) needs to be kept - you get it - in perspective.  


Let's hear it for Colon who has, (if you've not noticed) a " DO NOT WALK" sign installed near home plate.

Let's hear it for Harvey, for deGrom, for Niese, for Familia, for Lethal Dude Lucas Duda, for Flores, for d'Arnaud/Plawecki, for Juan "vacuum" Lagares, for Flores, for MC Hammer, for Grandy, and yes, even Jerry and Terry.  

And for the best danged Soup in the tri-state area.  And for the rest of the squad.

We don't ask for much in the next 20 games, as we gaze forward with proper perspective.  


We love it so far, and we can get used to a .750 win percentage. And clearly we are not getting greedy and expecting .800 ball.  750 is fine.
So, from that “perspective”, LET'S GO METS!


Lew Rhodes said...

Tom -

Long time! I was just thinking about your article predicting a hot start - I seem to recall you predicting something like 14-15 wins for the month of April - nice to see they exceeded that with a rash of injuries.

There is SOMETHING about this team - there is a fire and drive and "don't quit" attitude that they haven't had since 2006

Last night was the perfect example.

I don't see us holding off the Nationals for the whole season (although there is a small chance that they could implode under pressure), but I think the Mets have clearly distanced themselves from the Marlins.

Thomas Brennan said...

Why,howdy, Lew. Yep, I looked at the weakness of the schedule for the first several weeks and figured, strong starting pitching, strong relief pitching, upgraded offense, but wasnt betting on a start like this. Fire, indeed!

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