Stephen Guilbert - Jacob deGrom Just Pitched the 2nd Best Game in the MLB in 2015


ESPN uses a metric they devised called a "Game Score" to evaluate each player's performance in a single game. The scale ranges from 0-100. Corey Kluber's 8 inning, 18 strikeout performance has been baseball's best. That game received a score of 98. Jacob deGrom's outing this afternoon trails only Kluber for the best performance by a pitcher in 2015.

Corey Kluber- 98
Jacob deGrom- 91
Chris Heston- 89
Shelby Miller- 88
Felix Hernandez- 86
Shelby Miller- 85

Here is how ESPN calculates Game Score:

No other Met starter has pitched a game ranked in the top 30 this year, though the Mets have been the victim of two in the top 30: Kyle Lohse's 8 inning gem ranks 7th and Jake Arrieta's start in early May is tied for 20th. Matt Harvey's last two scoreless starts both received scores of 78, ranking just outside of the top 30 in baseball this year.

Full list: http://espn.go.com/mlb/stats/topperformers/_/type/pitching

Fun fact: They have this metric for batters as well. As you might expect, no Met has had a game that ranks in the top 30 offensive games...until today. Lucas Duda's two-homer day should place him right around the 10th best offensive game in the MLB this year (if my mental math is correct).



Thomas Brennan said...

Interesting metric on deGrom. Makes me wish I'd seen the Kluber game.

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