Mack’s Morning Report – 5-30-15 - Q and A

Good morning.

Randy asked –

          Hey Mack… a quick question.

We all know the minor league prospects that should be arriving in the next few seasons, but is there any pitchers in the lower levels that stands out to you yet?

Mack – Hey Randy.


First of all, it’s always too early to speculate on anyone below the AA level; however, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some guys that are playing excellent ball against other ballplayers at the same level and same age.

Savannah has two starters… Casey Meisner and Brad Wieck… that are both showing the ability to dominate while on the mound. Meisner’s early ability is translating in the stats while Wieck is producing a masterful K/9 ratio.

Relief wise, I have a man crush on Paul Sewald, while David Roseboom and Akeel Morris both seem to have the ability to go all the way here.

A little caution though… anything can develop at these levels, but these look like the guys that have best chance of making it.

      Michael asked -

Now that Wright has spinal stenosis and his career will slowly trend down to its eventual conclusion, are we more likely to trade for Tulo knowing he can shift to 3B when that eventually happens?

Mack – Michael, I live with spinal stenosis every day. Trust me… the Mets need a new third baseman.

Regarding Tulo, nothing has changed. You want something, you have to give up something.

This is just an opinion, but the Mets may have to take a step back after all the crap that’s gone on this year and regroup for another run… next season. In order to do that, they need good, tradable prospects that are both talented and healthy.

Kevin Plawecki looks like one, but only if you have a healthy Travis d’Arnaud on your team.

Other than catching, the Mets can only turn to pitching to create a trade and they better hurry up or they will lose the window to create a balanced team. It still comes back to trading either Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz. You build a package around one of these guys, add Plawecki, and you’ll get yourself a quality player to replace Wright.

And, in the long run, you’re out a quality pitcher to break even. The hope is that the return of Zack Wheeler in around June of next year will make us all forget these days.

My first move would be to determine the extent of the stenosis and the long term prognosis. I would then do everything I can to convince Wright that the only way he can go forward as a professional baseball player is to shut to down this season and have back surgery.

Then, and only then, I would revisit the Rockies with a Matz-Plawecki-somebody package of prospects and see what kind of sympathy you could draw out of these guys.

Michael -  Re: Cecchini - Any chance the kid hits AAA this year?

Mack – Yes I do, because I think the whole Mets world is open to experimentation right now until either 1)things settle down, 2)things go back in the right direction, or 3)managers fly out the doors.

What Cecchini needs to do is work on his defense. It doesn't project out much better than Wilmer Flores (11-E in 38-G this year in Binghamton).

Frankie asked –

        Mack, how much does age come into play when they assign players to different levels in the minor leagues?

        Mack – Thanks for the question, Frankie.

        Everything comes into play, but anyone still playing minor league ball at 24 years old, or older, is considered by the scouts past consideration for stardom at the major league level.

        I happen to like the college process, especially when it comes to power pitchers. Let them work out their aches and pains during the three years you would only be pushing them through rookie ball. But, and this is the big but… make sure you start them off either at the A+ or AA level when you do sign them and assign them to one of your team. These are now young adults ready to do a man’s job.

Carly asked –

   Hey Mack, do you think that Sandy Alderson will ever field an all-start shortstop again for the Mets?

        Mack – Yes, I most certainly do Carly, but not from the sources you and most other fans look to find them.

        Alderson and Company are attacking this problem the same way the Mets found Jose Reyes and other teams found their future stars… at the international level through the July bonus signing period. This is where every team can bid for, and sign, any player that has turned the age of 16.

        This is how the Mets found Amed Rosario in 2012 and signed him with a $1.75mil bonus.

        Since then, the Mets have signed eight more 16-year old shortstops, though some project out long term as third basemen. They are:

                  2013 – Yeffry De Aza - $475K bonus
                              Luis Carpio - $300K bonus
                              Cecilio Aybar - $231K bonus

                  2014 – Hansel Moreno - $50K bonus
                              Yoel Romero - $300K bonus
                              Edgardo Fermin - $250K bonus
                              Kenny Anderson (projected 3B) $1mil)

                  2015 – And the big prize who is expected to be signed in July:
                               Gregory Guerrero (projected 3B) $1.8mil

It is well know that most of the natural athletes in the Dominican (at this age) start out at shortstop. Eventually, the strong guys branch out and become corner outfielders, third basemen, or first basemen.

The entire future of this team in, oh, let's say, 2019, could have their names on this post.


Thomas Brennan said...

Good Q&A, Mack. I'd add Gsellman to that pitcher's list, with the way he' s dominated in St Lucie this year. Several great arms.

When I was at the game last night, they had a video on AAA GUYS. Bowman was on it a lot. He is articulate, and seems they really like that, so hopefully his pitching comes around.

I start to wonder if Rosario will be ready by mid-2016, along with Cecchini. Rosario terrific in Hi A as 19 year old, Cecchini having a breakout season with bat in AA.

I'd really like to keep Matz and Thor, and see what develops with Cecchini and Rosario the rest of the year. They along with Herrera and Flores could represent the future IF, other than 1B.

Michael S. said...

I'd add Dom Smith, Montero, and one of Cecchini/Herrera/Rosario to the list for a trade or trades.

This depth is really nice.

Charles said...

Dom Smith....he's starting to hit. A bunch of doubles....all I can say is, thank God of Lucas Duda.

Dom has seemed to lost the plus raw power they said he had when drafted. I know nobody expected 35 homer power from him. More like a Jon Orlerud type of bat. Great batting average, great glove, 20 homer power.

The silver lining is his age and aggressive assignments so far with him. Hopefully once his bat catches up to the leagues he's been playing in, he'll stop having to swap his power for contact. I think that's what he's been going through.

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