Mack - Wild Card Rooting


I know it's early (I took down the graphic I had on the right side of the site), but we still can stay aware of what's going around us and who we should be rooting for weekly to do what.

1.  The easiest way to make the playoffs is to win most of the games you play.  You win 70% of the games still left to play this season and that translates to around 106 wins. 60% translates to around 94 wins.

2.  Forget what the National do. If they want to take the time and start losing enough games for the Mets to catch up for the division title, so be it. It's not going to happen so just let's move on and deal with reality.

3. For now, the Mers' rivals are the Giants, Cubs (boy, I just love losing that four games series there), the Braves, and the Pirates (another series we let these guys get into contention). 

    Cubs - you need to root for the Nats tonight and the Kansas City Royals for the three game series that starts Friday night.

    Giants - they play tongiht for one more games against the Brewers and then, beginning on Thursday, have a four game series against the Braves. In a perfect world, we would like these two teams to split this series 2-2.

    Braves - One more game tonight against the Dodgers, and then that four game (hopefully, split series) series against the Giants

    Pirates - One more game against the Miami, and then a four game series against the Padres. I've love to see San Diego win three here.


Thomas Brennan said...

With or without Wright, this team (about to get at least d'Arnaud back, if not also Black and Parnell) still may well have what it takes to get a wild card. Let's not forget Matz. He is clearly dynamite.

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