Mack’s Sunday’s Thoughts - 1-24-16 – Antonio Bastardo, VSL, Long Term Deals, Niuman Romero, Yoenes Cespedes

Good morning.

You have to love the addition of LHRP Antonio Bastardo. He comes to the Mets after pitching 57.1 innings for the Pittsburgh Pirates, striking out 64, and posting a stat line of 2.98, 1.13.

I also love the fact that it’s a 2-year deal. Two years is a great contract for + players that cost you in this range. It also gives you the opportunity to throw some prospects names (Josh Smoker, Akeel Morris) out on the telephones in hopes of producing a trade that can further help this team.

I’ll tell you this… Bartolo Colon will be moving to the pen during the season, Josh Edgin will fully heal, and Jenrry Mejia will also be back. You can’t fit all of these on a 25-man roster and some of the existing pitchers are going to have to go.

My guess is guys like Dario Alvarez, Edgin, Erik Goeddel, Smoker, Morris, and Carlos Torres are ripe for moving.

The Venezuelan Summer League (VSL) has shut down. They were down to four teams (Cubs, Phils, Tampa, and Detroit), but the Cubs decided to pull out this year and that toppled the blocks.

The Mets had a VSL team once but decided to double up in the Domincan instead and move away from the politically charged country. The sad part is two-fold… one, Venezuela continues to have a lot of prospect baseball talent, but two, people from these two countries basically don’t like each other.

Teams are going to have to work out a venue to feature some of thes players. I do expect the four above mentioned teams to probably add an additional DSL team, but there may be an opportunity here for the Mets to snatch away a few of the 16-year old prospects that will be available soon.

Gary sent –

Hi Mack, Liked your Podcast with Gary Mac the other day and although I agree with you guys for the most part I disagree when it comes to the current makeup of the club considering that the additions are O.K. But, to put a real exclamation point on this off season they should have also  signed Hayward and traded for Chapman no excuses. They said after the Madoff news broke that it wouldn't affect the baseball operations....yeah right. Then they said when we started to win they would add to payroll ....another yeah right.  So although I'm happy with last years results and I know the current ownership will last longer than I will it's really hard for me to get my head around not going for the throat when we had the chance. After all it wasn't that long ago that adding Beltran and Delgado were smart prudent moves by a club really going for it and even though it didn't work out the way we wanted it gave us exciting baseball deep into Sept. and filled the seats which had to make ownership happy so I guess I long for the "new old days" and hope they don't blow this golden opportunity. Thanks, Gary Seagren

          Mack – Thanks for the email, Gary.

          Gary, I truly believe that all the moves and non-moves the Mets did in this of-season take a back door to the resigning of Yoenes Cespedes. We could spend hours debating Hayward, Beltran, etc., but the bottom line is that the current Mets management and ownership is not going to offer anyone a deal past three years. It just isn’t the team we currently root for.
          My hopes are that the exceptions to this will be extended contracts to current Mets under team control (i.e. Familia, deGrom). We need to get back to building our team long term from within.

The Met signed 30-year old SS/3B Niuman Romero, who played SS last year for AAA-Nashville in the PCL (234-AB, .278). Just what we needed. Another AAA shortstop.
I would think there is a remote possibility that you’ll see him fill the third base slot left open in St. Lucie with the suspension of Eudor Garcia.

The three year deal with Yoenes Cespedes, coupled with the Bastardo signing, should put to rest any fan criticism that the team isn’t committed to the immediate future of this team.

I’m not sure what this means regarding the amount of games Conforto, de Aza, and Lagares get, but frankly, I don’t really care right now. It’s a rare day that the Mets have an abundance of ‘bat’ talent, especially in the outfield.


Bob Sugar said...

Gracias Mack. Big credit goes to Sandy Alderson, who fought and best cancer, and still comes on strong for the Mets. He slow played Cespedes beautifully. Alderson and Terry Collins have created a great clubhouse that Yo wanted to come back to you big time. The ball club looks to have nice depth and our new SS and 2b are going to better than people realize.

Bob Sugar said...

Who is the backup catcher ?

Gary Seagren said...

Just want to post I sent that email before the Cespedes deal but I'm as shocked as everyone else. Kudos to Sandy and company because I know no one expected this and by the way if we don't resign him after his opt-out we will get two more draft picks in 17' with QO to YC and Walker....sweet.

Ernest Dove said...

No need to worry about Conforto playing time. Hes the everyday LF and if/when Yo leaves my man Conforto will take his rightful place hitting 3rd in the lineup

Thomas Brennan said...

Bob Sugar, I think Plawecki will be fine as back up catcher. Mike Schmidt hit under .200 when he entered the majors. Don't over-judge Plaw's .219(?) off of a rushed rookie season.

This team could win 100 GAMES! Great starters, strong pen, above average offense. And Philly, Atlanta and Miami are no match for this squad.

Anonymous said...

Morning fella's I cannot understand why any Mets fan would be unhappy?? But Mr Bob Sugar asking who the backup catcher is??? Sir honestly get over yourself! Who cares? If your a fan then you know the answer! So be happy with the team you have and root for! And stop looking for faults! Unless Posey wants to come to NY and be a backup Catcher it is what it is! Who was Carter's back up in 86?? Who was the 3rd catcher? Doesn't really matter much if D'Arnaud is crushing the CF apple in October

Mack Ade said...

Good morning all -

Sorry about the 'anonymous' troll on a sunny morning.

Bob, I still think the Mets are making the decision on who the backup catch is going to be. It would serve the team's interest better if Plawacki could play everyday in AAA and be a plane ride away in case there was an injury. I'd like to see it don't this way so he builds back up his trade cred.

(BTW... I'm also hearing that the Mets aren't done adding to this year's pen so hold your hats...)

Zozo said...

Now if they can overspend in the International draft it will be a complete 180!!!! LGM!!!!

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

According to Crhis, the Mets are going to spend mucho dinero on the internationla 16-year olds before the international rules change

Zozo said...

Yeah that's what he said. It has turned into Bazarro world? Lol... I luv it

Bob Sugar said...

Settle down tough guy. Was simply asking who the guy behind TDA was. Forgotten about Plawecki. Who's unhappy?? Get over yourself

bob gregory said...

I think this guy has something against Bobs.

Mack Ade said...

Bob Gregory -

I guess every site is better off with a couple o f anonymous negative trolls... but thank God it's only a couple of them.

bob gregory said...

I haven't kept up on other teams minor league players when it comes to PEDs.

There seems to be quite a few minor league players from the Mets that have been caught for PED use.

Are there more Met minor leaguers being caught for PED use than other teams?

bob gregory said...

At least this one is funny.

Mack Ade said...

Bob Gregory -


Arizona - 7
Houston - 2
Mets - 7 (Brandon Welsh. Tim Peterson, Ricky Jacquez, Derrick Benard, Adrian Abreu, Connor Buchmann, Jose Martinez)
San Diego - 3
Nat - 1
Miami - 2
LAD - 4 (Robert Carson)
Texas - 6
Minny - 4
Rockies - 1
Pirates - 3
Yanks - 6
LAA - 1
Giants - 4
Balt - 5
Milw - 3
Toronto - 2
Boston - 3
Cleve - 2
TB - 2
Atl - 4
Oak - 1
Sea - 4
Cincy - 2
KC - 1
Det - 2
Cubs - 1
St. Louis - 1

Herb G said...

I have to say I, for one, was not ecstatic with signing Bastardo. Sure, he should be an upgrade over what we had, so I'm not overly unhappy either. But he is a 3.33 FIP, 1.20 WHIP guy who walks too many for my taste. Last 6 years he hasn't had a season lower than 4.0 BB/9.

I really felt Sandy should have taken a fling on the Korean closer known as The Final Boss. I'm not sure how KBO/JCPL career numbers like 1.81 ERA, 0.85 WHIP, 10.7 K/9 and 2.1 BB/9 would play in MLB, but I would have taken the chance. Then when the Cardinals snagged Oh, I thought Joe Blanton, who was great last year when he was switched to the pen, would have been a superior, less expensive signing. So the Dodgers snagged him. Oh well, now of course, I will root like hell for Bastardo to mow them down every time he emerges from the gate in right field.

Bob Sugar and Bob Gregory - We love Bobs. And speaking of Bobs, I wonder if Mack hearing that the Mets aren't done adding to this year's pen might mean bringing Bobby Parnell back on a minor league deal. That might make sense, since Bobby seemed to regain his velocity by the end of last season. Very low risk.

bob gregory said...

Uh oh.
That doesn't look good for the Mets.

Mack Ade said...

Herb -

I haven't heard any names, just a report from one of the Mets beat guys, Puma

Thomas Brennan said...

There are about 85 suspended minor leaguers in 2015, based on your list. Which should tell ANY minor leaguer - use PEDs and you WILL be caught. Stop the stupidity.

Herb G said...

Mack - I saw the Puma ruma too, which set me wondering about Parnell. There are plenty of other options out there as well, but if Bobby has finally shaken off the ill effects of TJS, he could be a valuable late inning addition. On a minor league deal, the risk is minimal.

Another pitcher I was looking at prior to the Bastardo signing was Jake McGee. I don't know what the Rays would ask for him, but he certainly would not come cheap. And now, with Bastardo in the fold, and Edgin seemingly ready o return, would they bring in yet another lefty?

Signing a FA, though, wouldn't cost a prospect. There are several out there, like Tommy Hunter, Greg Holland, Joe Nathan, & Ryan Webb. Casey Janssen could be a sleeper.

Zozo said...

I would see what holland would want, maybe a backloaded contract


What are some of the names the mets could sign if they do spend mucho dinero this international free agents period?

Mack Ade said...

Fred -

I haven't seen a list of the 16-year olds anywhere yet... I'll print them on one of my Morning Reports when they come out.

Christopher Soto said...


Just so you are aware....Greg Holland is out for 2016 due to significant Tommy John surgery.

He had a complete tear of the UCL.

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