The Morning Report 1.18.2016 | Time for a Strategy Change with Cespedes, Mets Exchange Arbitration Numbers


Liz Roscher SB NationThings have changed a lot for Yoenis Céspedes in a short amount of time. Just a few days ago, Céspedes was reportedly deciding between a five-year deal with the Orioles, who had pursued him when talks stalled with Chris Davis, and a one-year deal to return to the Mets. When Davis signed a 7-year, $161 million contract with Baltimore, Céspedes saw both his longest and best offer disappear, and his bargaining power rapidly evaporate. It's possible that Céspedes could still end up with the Orioles, though. The Orioles may still be considering him on a much shorter contract. Whether he wants to do that after all that's gone down is a different story, though.

(Chris Soto: Wow....the landscape for Yeonis has changed very quickly over the weekend. The Cespedes camp continues to search for a long term, high dollar value deal that just isn't there. Multiple reports around the league indicate that teams do not want him around long term due to bouts of "lack of hustle", "not taking batting practice", "constantly smoking cigarettes between innings". and occasional tardiness to team functions. The reps for Cespedes needs to scramble and come up with a gameplan that fits both Yeonis' immediate and long term financial goals because the current plan is flat out not working.)

Arbitration Filings- The Mets settled arbitration cases with 5 of their 9 eligible players. Figures are below. Juerys Familia, Lucas Duda, Jenrry Mejia, and Neil Walker have all exchanged figures with the club and will have hearings in February unless they come to an agreement before then.

RP Josh Edgin: Settled for $625k
SP Matt Harvey: Settled for $4.325M
RP Addison Reed: Settled for $5.3M
SS Ruben Tejada: Settled for $3.0M
RP Carlos Torres: Settled for $1.05M

RP Juerys Familia: Offered $3.3M, Asking for $4.8M
1B Lucas Duda: Offered $5.9M, Asking for $7.4M
RP Jenrry Mejia: Offered $2.345M, Asking for $2.595M
2B Neil Walker: Offered $9.4M, Asking for $11.8M

(Chris Soto: It's nice to see that Matt Harvey was willing to settle for a number that was below the 2016 expected forecast for him. On the flip side....a really bad look for Mejia to challenge the Mets on what they are offering him. Mejia wants to have the same salary in 2016 that he had in 2015, whereas, the Mets feel his salary should be reduced 10% as punishment for his PED usage. I have a feeling arbitrators are going to side with the Mets here....not so much because of the usage, more from the performance standpoint. His earning power has been reduced due to the fact that he is no longer the closer so his case is going to be viewed as a standard RP.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • The Baltimore Orioles, bidding against themselves, agreed to sign OF/1B/DH Chris Davis to a 7 yr deal worth $161M. The deal includes various provisions such as deferred payments with no interest, a no trade clause, and no opt-out. The deal seemingly takes the Orioles out of the running for Yeonis Cespedes.
  • Per Jon Heymen, now that the Orioles are out, and there is an established 5 yr/$90M offer that was made, Multiple teams are checking in with the Cespedes camp to see if he is willing to drop asking price to that kind of level. The Tigers, White Sox, and Astros are all reportedly interested.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea why the Mets are paying $3 million to Ruben Tejada, or what his role could possibly be on the NY Mets. Is he the backup of the backup? Does anybody want to see him PH?

All I can figure -- the only thing that makes sense to me, if not Sandy Alderson -- is that Tejada is insurance through Spring Training. The Mets would not be on the hook for the full amount if he does not start the season on the 25-man roster.

Released or possibly traded?

As for Cespedes, I don't think they want him.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...

Now that think more about it I think the Harvey signing is pretty huge.
Many people like to paint Harvey as the 24 + 1 guy because he has an ego and loves the spotlight. But the bottom line at this point is that he's done what the team has asked of him. He pitched all the way into the world series. And now waists no time getting this arb deal stuff over with quickly so no distractions.
Im not saying he's gonna be loyal enough to stay forever at a home discount but I think eventually fans need to see Harvey as a confident guy who wants to win.

Mack Ade said...

The attempt of Mejia to get the Mets to pay him more than he was supposed to be paid in 2015 doesn't make much sense and I hope the Mets hold off from doing something stupid here.

Reese Kaplan said...

Expect Matt Reynolds to get a LONG look in spring training to see if they feel he can handle the backup middle infield role slated for the grossly overpaid Ruben Tejada.

Ernest Dove said...

I don't know Reese.......
Tejada has always been a contact hitter who knows how to accept a walk in the 8 hole and play solid defense, especiallly when playing less per week.
Reynolds had a nice 'random' solid year back in like 2014. I wish him well but in 2016 I'd choose tejada over him.

Reese Kaplan said...

As a backup, I agree he's fine. As a starter he's awful as he's overexposed.

Where I have an issue with these Madoff-Mets is spending $3 million on a bench player like him when a more productive player could get that salary in another role.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I've always felt I know what I have with Tejada... a GOOD defensive players at both middle infielders who raised his BA 24 pts last year.

He also was only 25.

I have no problem with him and Flores being the infield backups this upcoming season

James Preller said...

When would you play Tejada, Mack? Doesn't he just provide a pale duplicate of what Flores is supposed to do?

Under what scenario do you give Ruben a start?

Under what scenario is this the hitter you want off the bench?


Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with JP, hard to see where Ruben gets ABs with Cabrera and Flores. He may get traded in the spring. Reynolds would be good at $500K in a very limited AB scenario.

I am tired of speculating on Cespedes. Wake me up when he signs with someone.

Eraff said...

I like Major League Players...and Tejada is a Major League Middle Infielder. He's capable of starting on a World Series Contender, and providing some meaningful prodyuction with his over all game. After all---We all say him do exactly that!!!

The team has 5 million dollars in a togh to explain 1 year deal for d'Aza....add 7 million dollars for Colon..... you need to explain these deals to me before I spend any time chewing on the Tejada Contract.

Tejada would be signed in 8 minutes when you release him...you guys need to deal with some reality! Go look at actual SS play and production over the past season of two. I don;t regard Tejada as a first level SS...or even a starter. However, the reaction to him here is just ridiculously negative. He's NOT the target for all that plagues this team!!!

As for all of you Reynolds and Muno and TJ Rivera Guys--- I love those kinds of player...I root for them! You do not just plug them in to a Championship defender beforer they've knocked the door down with their play. Reynolds and Muno have not looked like Suspects, more than prospects.

eraff said...

Meant to say They've been more Suspect than Prospect

Mack Ade said...

James -

First, you know me... I'm a middle infield defensive guy first.

Flores offers me a decent bat off the bench while Tejada would be the first guy I would bring in late during the game for infield defensive purposes.

It surprises me that people question his value off the bench

Herb G said...

I'm all in with Tejada on the bench, but I am bewildered why they agree to a figure $500K over his projected salary, when they go $375K under on Harvey. To me, that's a slight to the Big Guy. And, Reese, I'm not sure you can get a "more productive player in another role" for the same money. Do you have someone else in mind? I think either Pearce or Raburn will wind up costing more. Same with Bastardo, who I hope they do NOT sign.

Chris - I think you are absolutely right about Cespedes. Alderson has more problems with his attitude than with his glove in CF. (If you ask me, there is a reason he has been on 4 different teams in the last 2 years.) Maybe if he is here on a 1 year deal, they re-evaluate him based on a full year's performance. Moreover, he would be playing for the huge contract he failed to secure this year, so he would be doubly motivated. Still, I don't think he will be forced to accept that 1 year deal. Some team will ante up more years and dollars than Sandy wants to spend on him. And no way is it a Wilpon or Aldersson cheapness issue. It is smart general management.

Anonymous said...

Mack, do you see Tejada coming in as a defensive replacement over Walker or Cabrera? I just don't see that role for him on this club.

For two consecutive seasons, the Mets went without a backup SS on the roster. 2013 and 2014. Now they've got two, one making $3 million and sitting on the bench.

I don't see that as good resource management.

This isn't about making Tejada public enemy -- I liked him as the starter last season, and could have gone into this season with him and Flores at SS, particularly if they put that saved money on Cabrera where they needed it, in CF or the bullpen. I could have lived with him in that role, provided they upgraded meaningfully elsewhere.

I don't see his value on this team as a sub. I don't want him playing 3B. He won't play SS or 2B over Flores, will he? Give me a RH bat with pop who can fill in at 1B/3B, outfield corners. That $3 million could have been used in better ways.

Paying him $3 million to start is quite different than $3 million to sit.

James Preller

James Preller

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