The Morning Report 1.20.2016 | Antonio Bastardo's Market Heating Back Up, A Prospect Trade Worth Considering, Marlins Out of Cespedes Sweepstakes


Robert Murray Baseball EssentialThe market for free agent reliever Antonio Bastardo is beginning to heat up, with the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Mets all interested. Bastardo’s market has been somewhat quiet this offseason, but, he very well could land the three-year deal he seeks. It’s possible it could be for $5-6 million per season. Bastardo, 30, was very solid in his first full season with the Pittsburgh Pirates, going 4-1 with a 2.98 ERA and a 64/26 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

(Chris Soto: $5-6M per season may still be a little too rich for the Mets blood. While Bastardo does not have severe splits, which makes him a good candidate for the set-up role, the club is already paying Addison Reed $5.3M to be their set-up man. In addition, the club already has 3 other lefties projected to be in the bullpen with Josh Edgin, Jerry Blevins, and Sean Gilmartin. In fact, if used correctly, the compination of Blevins vs lefties and Robles vs righties could probably match the statistical performance that Bastardo would bring.)

J.J. Cooper | Baseball America- Prospect-for-prospect, challenge trades rarely happen. More often prospects are traded for big leaguers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sketch out of some realistic trade. Here [is one] possibilty: Red Sox trade 2B Yoan Moncada to Mets for LHP Steven Matz and SS Luis Carpio. Moncada is one of the best position prospects in baseball. Matz is among the best pitching prospects in the game. And a swap would help fill big needs for both. Moncada could be the Mets long-term answer at second base (where Neil Walker has been acquired as a short-term replacement) but his versatility means he also could become a rangy, explosive center fielder.

(Chris Soto: Ohhh.....man.....that is enticing. At this very moment...I would have to say no to this potential swap. However, if you could guarantee me that Zack Wheeler will be back 100% healthy, I think I may actually be willing to pull the trigger on this one. Moncada is a FREAK athlete capable of becoming a 15 HR/60 SB talent that would wreck HAVOK at the top of anyone's starting line-up. There's also no doubt in my mind that he could add even more power and maybe settle into an Andrew McCutcheon style 20 HR/30 SB guy. He's that good.....)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • Marlins President of Baseball Ops told Ken Rosenthal, "we have no interest in signing Cespedes" due to their already "crowded OF." Currently the club has Marcell Ozuna in LF, Christian Yelich in CF, and Giancarlo Stanton in RF.
  • In an interview with MLB Network, Rockies’ GM Jeff Bridich, indicated that the team is not pushing to trade one of his 4 MLB starting caliber OF's. "I know it’s popular to expect a trade, but it’s tough to put odds on it right now. The last thing I want to do is apologize for bringing more talent into this organization. Adding another professional, talented young outfielder is overall a good thing. Having too much depth is a good thing.”


Lew Rhodes said...

Someone introduce Cooper to Dillon Herrera

He may not be as good as Moncada, but he won't cost us Matz

Gary Seagren said...

I still like a Harvey for Betts+ trade next off season

Thomas Brennan said...

I would not want the Matz-Moncada trade, because we could have signed Moncada last year for just money.

Gary, I wonder if Bosox would be willing to trade Betts at all.

Mack Ade said...

If I was Sandy Wilpon, my main player availabe next off-season would be Matt Harvey. He'll never stay as a Met long time and next year will bring you the highest potential return... 2 ++ everyday players and anther prospect

Mack Ade said...

Lew -

I agree. Herrera is our future 2Bman...

Reese Kaplan said...

What Tom said...the Mets are gun shy in the international market and then would part with the crown jewel of their farm system (plus a handful of major league starts) for someone who was openly available for the money you'd now have to pay him anyway...even the Wilpons are not that stupid.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Harvey can get us 2+ quality, Mack, everyday players next off season, I am good with that. ANY word on Carillo after getting hit in nose area by pitch yesterday?

Anthony Carnacchio said...

This ownership is a joke man, 5-6 million dollars is too rich for their blood? I'm not saying Bastardo is the answer but you have to spend money to hang with the big boys. This team got incredibly lucky that this group of arms was able to keep it together and help carry this team to a word series. The time to win is now, it's embarrassing that a team that made it to the World Series refuses to spend with the big boys to improve their team. This team doesn't spend big on the major league level nor does it spend heavily internationally. The team isn't going to have as many assets as they did last summer to acquire talent mid year. It's a shame that this team has such talent on the bump but still needs a big stick to lengthen the lineup and an arm or two in the bullpen, oh plus new owners

Christopher Soto said...


He is ok.....fractured nose....he was back in the team clubhouse before the club left for the night.

Mack Ade said...

Anthony -

Hey Anthony. Good hearing from you.How's the house?

Regarding the Mets BP, I think I'm starting to think like the Wilpons (yikes).

My guess is they have decided that their big salary addition in the pen this year was Addison Reed and the arbitration decision on Jeurys Familia. Past that, they will go with the many talented kiddies that are bubbling over in the minors.

I also expect a more definitive role for Hansel Robles who could take the next step and become quite the talented speed balller

bob gregory said...


Remember: Alderson stated again, just recently, that he is able to spend money if he thinks it will make a difference.

The conversation has to stop centering on blaming the Wilpons for not spending and start acknowledging many of these decisions are Alderson's choices.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

It's smoke and mirrors, Alderson would spend if he was capable of spending.

bob gregory said...

Alderson has spent.
Made some not so good choices with who he spent money on (C. Young being the poster child).

Stop giving the man a free pass.

He can speak up for himself.
I think that he has proven that he can say what is on his mind and not worry about what others think. Best example is all of his "jokes" over the years that upset the fan base, such as "What outfield?" and when he commented about Jeff Wilpon not knowing what he was talking about regarding the pursuit of Peralta a few years ago.

He spoke up in the book released this past year regarding money constraints in the past.
Now he is saying that he can spend if he feels it will make a difference to the team.

Let him accept the consequences of his decisions.
It is unfair to write off all bad decisions as being the Wilpon's fault and any good decisions as Aldersons.

Are you going to give the Wilpons ALL of the credit for keeping Harvey, DeGrom, Wheeler, Syndergaard, and Matz? After all, it was their decision not to spend money that kept these young pitchers from being traded for higher price talent? I didn't think so.

and remember, as reported last year, it was Jeff Wilpon that forced Alderson's hand in spending more money by acquiring Cespedes.

I am sure, If Alderson insisted, he could tell the Wilpons that he needed a payroll of $120 million and the Wilpons would grant it to him.

I am sure also that if Alderson felt confident enough, he could even stretch the Wilpons to $130 million. It would probably mean Alderson would have to put his neck on the line, and accept responsibility if the team did not succeed with the increased payroll, but I am sure the Wilpons would be able to be persuaded.

Heck, the profit from last years increased attendance and playoff run would probably more than cover the $20 million increase. There is also that increased television revenue MLB teams are receiving each year around $25 million if I remember correctly.

Alderson is an ex-marine. Please, let the man stand on his own 2 feet and be held accountable for his own words and actions.

Unless of course, you are prepared to share all of the credit attributed to him with the Wilpons.

Herb G said...

Anthony - Alderson is fully capable of spending where he believes there is value rather than risk. He doesn't believe it is necessary to spend big to build a winner, he believes it is necessary to spend wisely.

Re: Bastardo. I don't believe for one minute that the $5-6 million is an impediment. It's the years. I hope Sandy doesn't get pressured to give him a 3 year deal. I would be fine with 1 year @ $6M or so. An alternative to Bastardo, in my mind, would be signing Joe Blanton, who was great last year when he was moved to the pen. I'm sure he would accept 1 year, probably at less than $6M base if it had innings based incentives.

I'm not doing that Matz/Moncada deal. The possibility of Moncada being able to handle CF effectively is very tantalizing, but it is only a possibility. And how many sure fire prospects have failed to fulfill their potential. Matz has demonstrated that he can handle major league hitters. Moncada still has a lot to prove. If I am going to seek a trade with the Bosox, I am more inclined to go after Jackie Bradley Jr. with a package that does not include any of our Big 5 Starters.

Jacob Falk said...

Someone please explain to me why a AA prospect already moved off of SS is being viewed as having more trade value than a #2 lefty already in the big leagues?

Christopher Soto said...


Matz is going to be solid SP but he's not on the same scale as Syndergaard, Harvey, deGrom, and Wheeler. His a #4 SP on this team and probably a #3 SP on most other teams.

Meanwhile, Yes Moncada is still a minor leaguer.....but what he did last season was jaw dropping.

He needed a few weeks to get adjusted to playing everyday and get used to the level of talent in the US.....but once he got comfortable....my god he was good enough where I would name him the next big thing.

In 44 games in June and July, He had 210 Plate appearances, he hit for a .325 AVG, with a .985 OPS. 7 HR, 25 RBIs, 36! SB while being CS only 3x, His BB rate was an outstanding 13.8%, and his K rate was a respectable 18.5%.

I mean those are Mike Trout-esque numbers and he's only 20 yrs old.

Christopher Soto said...

As I said.....I wouldn't do that deal today.....but next off-season. If both Matz and Moncada perform around the same and Wheeler proves he's healthy......

I would try to trade Wheeler first for him....if they counter for wanting Matz.....I'd be ok with it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Great for him. That was really close to something much worse

Thomas Brennan said...

They'd do Wheeler (close to getting expensive) for Moncada next off season

Lew Rhodes said...

There is no such thing as an ex-Marine - it is former Marine!

And Marine is always capitalized when referring to a US Marine

Lew Rhodes said...

Chris - you are selling Matz short, very short - he would be at least a #2 on most rotations

Lew Rhodes said...

Tom - they trade Harvey before Wheeler - especially if Wheeler comes back with no issue

bob gregory said...

Ok Mr. Kotter.

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