The Morning Report 1.15.2015 | Orioles Make Offer to Cespedes, Is Reed Capable of Assuming Set-Up Role?


Associated Press New York PostYoenis Cespedes’ market may be heating up after a dormant first two months as a free agent. According to MASNsports.com, the Orioles have been discussing a five-year offer in the range of $75-90 million for Cespedes

(Chris Soto: The Cespedes market may finally be waking up....but that offer is far below what his agency has been holding for. For what it's worth, there have been multiple reports of Cespedes negotiating a potential 1-2 year deal with the Mets in the event that he is unable to secure "the big deal" that he is looking for. Perhaps the Met can afford to bump up the dollars and try and secure a 3 year deal?)

Maria Guardado NJ Advance Media- As it stands, right-hander Addison Reed is primed to take over the setup role for the Mets in 2016. The hope is that Reed will team up with closer Jeurys Familia to form an effective duo at the back end of the Mets' bullpen. But at least one scout has reservations about whether Reed will be suited to assume the eighth-inning job. "Definitely no," the talent evaluator said. "He throws too flat a breaking ball, throws hard but straight. He needs a splitter — not a changeup. You can tell he's not confident against lefties. Plus, he's tight in late-and-close situations." Another scout was a little more optimistic about Reed's ability, "With a little tweaking, I think he can be highly effective again." 

(Chris Soto: I do not agree at all with this talent evaluator's comments. Sure Reed struggled in Arizona and ended up losing his closer's job...but his peripherals have continued to look strong throughout his career. His K rate still hovers in or near the double digit per 9 IP mark and his BB rate is a reasonable (for a RP) 3.0 per 9. His FIP, which measure situations that the pitcher can only control, has been lower than his ERA every season. Last season when he came to the Mets, he saw an immediate boost in his numbers and posted a 1.17 ERA in his 17 games pitched. Do I think he can repeat that? Probably not....But it's not too far fetched to think he could settle 2016 at or near his FIP last season of 2.74. I'll take that in a RP.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • The Miami Marlins have signed 2B Dee Gordon to a 5 yr contract extension worth $50M + a 6th year vesting option worth $14M or a $1M buyout.
  • Another Cuban National team member has left the country in search of an MLB contract. 32 yr old OF Alexei Bell will be holding a showcase for interested team in roughly 2-3 weeks. Bell posted a .319 AVG with a .964 OPS in his Cuban Career. He has just 8 more K's (439) than BB's (431) in that span


Thomas Brennan said...

Sign Cespedes - he purportedly loves NY (and who could not love the Mets' pitching and chances to win every year),and I'd offer him $40 to $45 million for 2 years. It is possible Cespedes feels 2015 was more indicative of what his career will be than his lesser prior years, and that he could go 2 years at a higher rate per year than what the O's would offer over a five year deal, do another deal in 2 years, and make a lot more $.

I really liked Addison Reed, I think he'll do quite well.

Dallas said...

If Cespedes can get 90 mil from the O's he isnt going to take 40-45 from the Mets.

Mack Ade said...

I have learned in the past that the free agent process is controlled by the agent and money is the motivated process.

That being said, I expect Cespedes's agent to take the most onry his client is offered so he gets the biggest cut.

That's all it is folks... business.

Christopher Soto said...

Arbitration Updates:

Addison Reed settles for $5.3M [$400k below projection]
Carlos Torres settles for $1.05M [$205k above projection]
Josh Edgin settles for $625k [$25k above projection]

Christopher Soto said...

FLASH | Mets have made Cespedes a 1 yr contract offer which he is currently seriously considering.


Dallas said...

I could see him do a 1 year deal if next years free agent market is barren and he can get a high number this year. I think his Post Season and last week or two of the regular season really hurt his earnings despite the white hot 6 weeks he had when he first joined the Mets.

Can't imagine he would take a 2 or 3 year deal over something longer however, like Mack said from a business standpoint it would make no sense.

Christopher Soto said...

Arbitration Updates:

Matt Harvey settles for $4.325M [$375k below projection]
Ruben Tejada settles for $3.0M [$500k above projection]

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