The Morning Report 1.13.2015 | Pressure is now on Wright to Perform, Mets Re-Sign Keith Hernandez, Parra Signs with Rockies; Potential Trade Looming?


James Newman Mets360Without signing Yoenis Cespedes, the lineup for the Mets will put a lot of confidence in David Wright to make up for the loss of Cespedes. Unfortunately, the captain has been injured over the past couple of years, and has played in over 120 games two times in the past five years. The last time Wright had over a 2.0 WAR was in 2013, when he made the All-Star Game. In 112 games, Wright hit .307, with 18 homers and 58 RBIs. With only Duda, Granderson, and Walker having [potential to] hit more than 20 home runs a season, the Mets may need a little bit more production from Wright if they are going to compete for the division title again.

(Chris Soto: I don't see how you can realistically place any hopes of a good offense on the shoulders of an aging David Wright. His back condition has sapped him of whatever HR power he had left. I believe that the David Wright we saw in the 30 games he played in August/September is going to be the new norm for him.....which is ok. That David Wright still OPS'd .814 which would have been 7th best in the MLB at the 3B position had he played enough games. Wright is no longer a reasonable #3 or a #4 hitter in any line-up.....however.....he can still be a VERY strong #2 hitter behind Curtis Granderson.)

Mike Puma New York Post- One big free agent is returning to the Mets. Keith Hernandez, whose SNY contract was set to expire, has a new deal that will keep him in the Mets broadcast booth at least through the 2018 season. But an industry source indicated Hernandez’s new contract may extend even longer than the previous three-year deals he had received from the network. The former first baseman has teamed with Ron Darling and Gary Cohen to form one of the game’s most popular and colorful broadcast crews. Hernandez will receive a substantial raise in his new contract, according to a source. SNY wasn’t about to risk losing the popular Hernandez, who has become an iconic presence in the booth.

(Chris Soto: I have the premium SiriusXM and DirectTV packages, in my car and at home, which can get all of the home team broadcasts and let me tell you....I have listened to a wide variety of broadcasters and can realistically say that SNY has built one of, if not the best, away from the field broadcasting experience both on the radio AND on TV in the entire MLB. You just do not get bored listening to these guys. Replacing Keith, while still providing that same level of experience, would have been far too difficult to do so I am very glad they were able to come to a new agreement.)

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • The San Diego Padres are close to signing one of either SS Ian Desmond or SS Alexei Ramirez.
  • The Colorado Rockies signed OF Gerardo Parra to a 3 yr/$27.5M deal ($9.16M per season). The consensus around the MLB is that with the signing, the Rockies could now be more aggressive in their desires to trade one of Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon, or Carlos Gonzalez for some SP.
  • The Miami Marlins have signed LHSP Wei-Yin Chen to a 5 yr contract worth $80M. The contract is backloaded and has an opt-out clause after the second year. The value of the first two years is $14M per season with the remaining 3 being worth $17.33M per year.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers continue to dominate the international Free Agent market. This time they have signed 25 yr old Cuban RHP Yasiel Sierra to a 6 yr contract worth $30M. Sierra was not subject to the international bonus rules due to his age so the Dodgers will not have to pay a 100% tax of the contract value to the MLB like they did with youngster Yusniel Diaz.


Thomas Brennan said...

All I ask is for David to be cautious on the base paths. No sliding injuries that are unnecessary (unnecessary steal attempts and the like). Stay in the line up for the 75% of the games you are slated to start (just a guess). Hard to get hits while on the DL.

Anonymous said...

He's going to have to slide, Tom. This is baseball. And I think the steal attempts have been diminishing, along with his speed.

I'm not doing an analysis, but I'd guess that most slides are a result from ordinary baserunning experiences, not steals.

Anyway, David Wright struck out 20 times in 54 ABS in the postseason. He had two doubles and a home run. And, yes, he walked. But those walks are not going to come as often, as pitchers realize that he's not David Wright anymore.

I would be shocked if he can produce anything above a 750 OPS.

And he can't throw overhand anymore.

Love this guy, admire him, respect him. But backs are important. Over the grind of the season, it won't be pretty.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...

Long story short I REALLY hope Wilmer Flores has a breakout offensive season because I feel like he's going to be an everyday player. The exact position may be obvious but we shall see.
Im wishing David the best and I hope he gets to win a world series before he retires.

Zozo said...

I don't like Wright in the 2 hole, because I want someone that is aggressive on the bases in that spot. I also hope they aren't afraid to move him down in the lineup if he isn't putting up good enough numbers.

Mack Ade said...

The Dodgers are never hesitant to try and improve their team through additional signs, especially international ones.

I just don't understand the Mets prejudice about Asian and Cuban ballplayers.

It's like Trump and Muslims.

Christopher Soto said...


The Mets have not been a team that utilizes speed and aggressiveness over the past few years. I think the team philosophy prefers a high impact bat in the 2 hole over a contact/speed oriented guy.

@James Preller

I disagree with you...considering Wright posted a .814 OPS last season. The projection systems are on your side though.....MARCEL: .770 OPS, ZIPS .741 OPS, STEAMER .748 OPS.

bob gregory said...

This is one thing that can be placed squarely at Alderson's feet.

This can not be blamed on the Wilpons holding back money since many international signings are for less money than comparable major league free agents.

Robb said...

strange as it might seem, not going hard in the international pool right now is the smart play. the yankees, red sox, dodger, angels, cubs, basically every big market team plus arizona and the twins will be capped at 300 k for the next one or two seasons. making it much easier to sign international free agents post july 2. at this point its just smart business to wait out the big fish who are already over the cap. its why the dodgers are in so hard on it. they cant play for two years after july 2nd.

Mack Ade said...

Robb -

Do you honestly think that has ben the secret Mets plan all the long?

Christopher Soto said...


it's a lot of teams plan right now.

While the top end quality will be gone, A TON of solid international players could be available in the 2016-2017 signing period as they try to come out before the intentional draft caps their potential earnings.

Christopher Soto said...

Per Jon Heyman.....

The Mets are still maintaining contact with Yeonis Cespedes about a potential 2-3yr contract in the event that he is unable to secure the 5-6 yr deal he wants.

bob gregory said...

Split the difference at 4 if need be.
That would still be very good value.

Herb G said...

@Christopher Soto

Although this year's top end talent will be gone, new "top end" talent will emerge in next year's crop, as new kids are found, and young players grow. I have no doubt we'll see top end players hit the market next year, I only hope we see the Mets as super active players in that market.

I hope Heyman is right, although I am still dubious that Cespedes will come down enough for us to get him. (fingers crossed) I would love to see Cespedes back, on a 1, 2, or 3 year deal, whichever he would take.

I think Wright will be fine in the 3 hole as long as he can stay healthy. He looked pretty good (health wise, I mean) after he came back. He went all out at bat and on the base paths. It was only his throwing that looked weak. For that reason, I hope that the powers that be look for another position for him - either 1B or maybe 2B, which would allow for shorter, less stressful throws. (Can Herrera play SS or 3B?) More pressure on Duda to be consistent throughout the season in the cleanup spot than on Wright in the 3 hole. David can handle the pressure, I'm not sure Duda can.

I hope the Mets resist the temptation to trade for one of the Rockies outfielders. All 3 of them have terrible away splits.

bob gregory said...

Remember: Mattingly was a 1st baseman. Wright's type of back problem will wear him down no matter what position he plays.

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