Paul DePodesta Named EVP of Cleveland Browns


From The New York Post - 

Paul DePodesta is leaving the Mets for a prominent front-office role with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns as chief strategy officer, The Post has learned.

DePodesta, who was the Mets’ VP of player development and scouting, never has worked in pro football, but is viewed as outstanding at organization, analytics and putting together scouting groups. The Browns began pursuing him shortly after the Mets lost the World Series.

Mack - Simply put, there were just too many VPs in the Mets organization and it seemed that the Wilpons have placed most of their trust in Asst. General Manager John Ricco to keep the ship afloat during Sandy Alderson's recovery period from cancer therapy.

Still, it's hard to believe that a professional football team would turn their operation over to a glorified baseball scout.


Bob Sugar said...

This is a loss for us but winning organizations get poached and its part of the business. This guy revamped our minor league system by drafting quality

bob gregory said...

It will be interesting to see how this ends up affecting the Mets combined with Alderson's health issues.

Zozo said...

Can he take De Aza with him? Lol

bob gregory said...

Maybe DePodesta is another Disappointed-Met-Fan that was upset by the off-season moves (lack of moves) and he decided to move on.

Thomas Brennan said...

Best wishes to depodesta.

TP said...

Good luck to him. I does free up some money to be invested inplayers...Mets have plenty of suits.

On a side note - WTF are the Browns thinking?

Hobie said...

De Aza for Johnny Football straight up?

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