NEWS FLASH- Cespedes deciding between Orioles and Mets

Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com reported Friday afternoon that free agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is deciding between 5 yr./90 million (plus option year) from Baltimore and signing a one-year deal with the Mets and becoming a free agent in a year. 

Stephen Guilbert: If I'm Cespedes, knowing that Carlos Gomez is my only competition in an extremely weak free agent outfield class next year, a one year deal looks mighty enticing, especially if that one year can be played in a massive media market with a championship-seeking team. However, he is coming off of the best season of his career, Baltimore lets his power play up (and he would play a corner position instead of out-of-position in center) and five guaranteed years is a lot better than one year. 

While Cespedes would risk a bad or injured season and less money a year from now, he also has the opportunity to prove two things by taking the Mets deal: 1.) He can play CF well. 2.) His smoking hot August wasn't an outlier and he actually did take steps forward as a hitter in 2015. 

Take the one year, Yoenis. 

UPDATE (1:52 PM): Jon Heyman reporting that the Mets do not have a one year offer currently on the table but are willing to discuss shorter (1-3 year deals) if Cespedes backs off his longer contract desires. 


Ernest Dove said...

I think Cespedes would be crazy to turn down a 5 year deal.
I hear what people saying about next years free agent market but think about the market for hitters in general around the lewguer right now.
Heyward looks overpaid but he'll finish the contract at like 33years old.
Nobody wants to pay a guy 15-20mil/yr anymore into their mid thirties.

Stephen Guilbert said...

Normally I would think it's a no-brainer to take the one year deal but the market for hitters just isn't there this winter. Remember, Cespedes wanted 6 years and 150 million. If he takes one year, proves that 2015 wasn't a fluke AND that he can play center field somewhere around league average defensively, he can get that payday a year from now in a much much waker free agent class.

I do understand the desire to stay in New York, too. So while normally I'd say there's still no chance the Mets sign him, I understand why Sanchez' source says he's weighing the two options.

Thomas Brennan said...


Reese Kaplan said...

Bird in the hand -- he'll take the five years from Baltimore who have just as good a shot at the post-season as do the Mets.

bob gregory said...

5 yrs at $90 million is good value for Cespedes.

In my opinion, the Mets should at least match that offer.
If, that proves to be the range Cespedes and Upton were to sign for, I would strongly consider signing both of them.

Of course, in that situation I would look at Upton as replacing Granderson. Granderson then would be traded out.

What I would need to answer before acquiring Upton though is who would be my lead off hitter.
Can Walker, Cabrera, or Conforto succeed as unorthodox leadoff hitters?
I would be looking at who would have an acceptable On Base Percentage and who seems to be able to start rallies.

Christopher Soto said...

Sounds like the Orioles deal may now be off the table.

Chris Davis signs for 7yrs / $161M

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