The Morning Report 1.21.2016 | Mets Sign LHRP Antonio Bastardo, Is He Ready for Higher Leverage Work?, Nationals Putting Pressure on Mets for Cespedes


Brian Joura Mets360- The Mets have signed free agent reliever Antonio Bastardo to a two-year, $12 million deal. Bastardo had a very nice year in 2015, with a 2.98 ERA and a 1.134 WHIP. While he only compiled 57.1 IP in 66 Games, he’s not a LOOGY. He’s done quite well lifetime against RHB, with a .640 OPS allowed in 839 PA, which makes you wonder why his managers haven’t let him face more righties. A few things that we should be aware of in regards to Bastardo: 1. While he had a very nice year last year, he was not used in high leverage situations. 2. Bastardo has very high strikeout rates. He also has very high walk rates. 3. The last three years, Bastardo has done a good job in suppressing home runs. 4. Only once in his career has Bastardo recorded a 1.0 fWAR

(Chris Soto: Bastardo is an excellent addition for the Mets and gives Terry Collins multiple options and depth within his bullpen. In the 7th and 8th innings, he can use Blevins against the tough lefties, Robles against the tough righties, and use Addison Reed and Antonio Bastardo to fill the gaps in between. The move also seemingly bumps Sean Gilmartin out of the bullpen and gives the club an option to send him back to AAA to stretch out as a SP for 2016. Yes, Bastardo was mostly used in low leverage situations by the Pirates last season, but he has been a capable arm in the medium and high leverage situations as well during his time with the Phillies from 2011 - 2013.)

Bredan Kuty | NJ Advance Media- The Mets remain in talks with Cespedes, according to GM Sandy Alderson. That was reportedly echoed by owner Fred Wilpon at the Owners Meetings in Florida on Wednesday. The Mets are willing to give Cespedes a three-year, $60-million deal, according to a New York Post report. [Meanwhile], Washington has made an offer to Cespedes, but it's not worth as much money as slugger Justin Upton got from Detroit. Cespedes landing with the Nationals might be a small PR disaster for the Mets, who might end up roundly criticized for not just failing to retain its star, but for letting him go to its biggest National League East competitor.

(Chris Soto: When the Nationals interest was first reported, I figured that it was just a bluff tactic by Roc Nation to get the Mets to start being serious about their interest in re-signing him. However, now that there is a confirmed offer on the table....the Mets really need to get moving. If the club were to not re-sign him and he goes back to the American League.....that's fine. However, as good as their pitching is, the Mets CANNOT afford to let Cespedes end up in Washington and have to face him at the plate 60-80 times a season. Such a move would severely harm the Mets chances at repeating 2016 as the NL East champs.)

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  • Nothing new.....Everything is circling around Yeonis Cespedes.


Thomas Brennan said...

Good signing in Bastardo.

The bastardos in the front office cannot let Cespy sign with the Nats. That would be a big loss. If we sign Cespedes, we could trade Lagares or de Aza, either now or mid-season, to free up space in OF and $$ in the coffers. My guess is this team would draw 250,000 more this year if Cespedes is in town, and have a much better chance to go deep into the playoffs. he, in those terms, is cheap.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Cespedes cannot hit 95+ mph fastballs. So I dont see the problem.


Jeff said...

It's good to see the front office get Bastardo on a reasonable deal. Of course with any reliever not named Chapman, you never know what you're going to get in a multi-year deal so limiting it to 2 years is a good move. And with Chapman along comes the domestic violence issue that shouldn't be swept under the carpet.

Here's a different idea away from the Cespedes talk. How about trying to get Desmond on a short term deal to serve the same role envisioned for Zobrist? By all reports, he is willing to move around the diamond playing multiple positions. He's a good athlete and good clubhouse guy that brings pop and speed. Sign him, trade Flores and start to use the Joe Maddon model of moving guys around. It's hard to believe that the Captain will play more that 120-130 games. Desmond could play SS, 3B, and a corner OF position. Walker is gone next year so 2B will be open.

Jeff said...

Wrong player to trade in my earlier comment. Trade Tejada not Flores.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Desmond involves losing a draft pick, can't afford that with the draining of the system

Anonymous said...

Desmond is not remotely a blip on the radar. They signed Cabrera and moved on.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

Jeff -

We're done with the shortstop position.

Ernest Dove said...

Im no longer fixated on cespedes situatuon but a 3 year deal lines up perfectly for Mets to have him up until the first of our aces hits free agency.
The grandy and yo contracts would both be up before offseason 2018 and mets can lock up designated arms at that time.
I agree with my buddy scot that mets can and should try to lock up 3 stud arms to long term contracts.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Nats signed Cespedes, instead of Mets, it would seem we'd put our chances of winning the division in real jeopardy. My guess is whichever team has him wins 2 more, the one that doesn't wins 2 less. Not scientific, just a thought. We don't win the division, maybe we don't get lucky with the Wild Card. Lot at stake.

bob gregory said...

It may not be so for other teams, but for the Mets, Cespedes's value goes beyond his individual statistics.
His Offensive presence in the line up affects batters hitting 1 and 2 slots ahead of him and behind him in the order.

Consider the Mets lack of a comparable # 3 or 4 hitter in the lineup as well.

This additional value is lessened on the White Sox and Nationals.

Gary Seagren said...

If we lose out to the Nats this year and YC has say a 30/100 year helping to led them to a division title the fan base will go ballistic and they should. To lose him to an American league team for over 100 mil. the fan base could live with but NOT to the Nats when he could very well be the difference between first or second place and with strong West and Central teams fighting for wild cards we could be left out all together and ownership thinks their hated now .....it will get downright nasty if that happens.

Jeff said...


Time to think outside the box a little. Maybe this whole Yo to Nats is wrong, but signing him to a 5 year deal would be a big mistake. If Cespedes starts misplaying balls in CF and not hitting homers then his act will get thin real fast with Mets fans.

I think Desmond had an off first half, and will return to a 3-4WAR player. Silver sluggers in his drawer, good clubhouse guy and why can't he serve the Zobrist type of role. Good athlete and fast. Let Lagares play CF at a gold glove level. Use the Joe Maddon approach. Think outside the box.

bob gregory said...

If I'm not mistaken the purpose of MLB teams is to win ball games and compete to win as many games as possible.

It is amazing to me how the Mets organization has conditioned fans into believing it is more important to have the best win to payroll cost.

For all of those fearing Cespedes living up to a contract, I hope you realize the injury rate of hard throwing pitchers these days.
Very likely any of the young Met pitchers will suffer injury and not being worth any contract the Mets might sign them to in the future.

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