The Morning Report 1.6.2016 | Hall of Fame Voting Results Announced Tonight; Is Piazza a Met or a Dodger?, Impact of DePodesta's Departure, Mets In Talks with LHRP Antonia Bastardo


David Hong Metsmerized OnlineIf Piazza gets in, the question then is whether he gets in with a Mets or Dodgers hat. He spent his first seven seasons in Los Angeles and then eight seasons in New York. It’s also possible that he gets in with no logo at all.“The museum staff works with each inductee by suggesting an appropriate logo option, or no logo at all,” said Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson. A cutting remark from [Piazza's] own autobiography says it all. “If the Hall came to me and said, ‘We want you to go in as a Dodger,’ I’d say, ‘Well, then I’ll go in as nothing, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with LA stamped on my head for all of eternity.”

(Chris Soto: I don't think there's that big of a question about which cap Piazza would where in the Hall of Fame, should he maintain his current voting trend numbers. Mike has made no secrets about where is heart lies in terms of a location's impact on his career. Piazza played over 150 more games for the Mets than he did the Dodgers and made his only World Series appearance with the Amazin's. There was also the very emotional post 9/11 HR memory as well as a number of career defining moments that occurred in NY, not LA.)

Ken Davidoff New York PostPaul DePodesta’s departure for the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday, created industry-wide shock and a healthy diversion from Hall of Fame vitriol. We never will learn for certain if DePodesta would have succeeded Alderson. He seemed more comfortable working under the radar, evaluating talent and not needing to perform as the club spokesman for every maneuver. When Alderson missed both the GM meetings and the Winter Meetings, the Mets appointed VP and assistant GM John Ricco as their primary mouthpiece.Therefore, DePodesta’s emigration from baseball doesn’t mean as much to the Mets’ long game as it does to their immediate future.

(Chris Soto: DePodesta's departure has a significant impact on the 2016 draft and that is probably it as his role in the organization was not as large as everyone makes it sound like. He oversaw the scouting department and was Alderson's point person for the Rule 4 Drafts. The scouts are still there....they'll just report to someone else. It's not like these guys just up and vanish either, there are specific transition plans to move all the valuable insight from the old guy to the new guy that way the organization doesn't miss a beat.)

Ryan Thibs BBHOF Ballot Tracker(updated 1.6.2016 10:55am EST | 43% of Ballots Made Public)

Ken Griffey Jr. | 100%
Mike Piazza      | 86.3%
Jeff Bagwell     | 77.5%
Tim Raines       | 76.5%

Trevor Hoffman | 62.7%
Curt Schilling    | 60.8%
Mike Mussina    | 52.5%
Barry Bonds      | 51.5%
Roger Clemens  | 51.0%
Edgar Martinez  | 47.1%

HOT STOVE REPORT (courtesy of mlbtraderumor.com)
  • Per Mike Puma of the New York Post, The Mets are in negotiations with LHRP Antonio Bastardo on a major league contract. Bastardo is said to be searching for a 3 yr deal but the Mets are unwilling to sign a RP for that kind of length. The club is willing to wait out the market to see if Bastardo is successful in obtaining that agreement elsewhere.


Ernest Dove said...

Perhaps its time the Mets FINALLY give out a multi year deal to a reliever.
Bastardo is a lefty.
Bastardo dominates opposing lefties.
He won't break the bank no matter the years.
Mets have question marks with every current lefty on their 40man roster.
There's no legit lefty reliever on the farm that im aware of.
If he doesn't end up being a solid setup man he can still be worth his paycheck by facing lefties only.

Thomas Brennan said...

Bastardo would be a good pick up. My brother has always been a fan of his.

Allow Mike to pick...he'd likely pick the Mets. That would make him the first long time Mets offensive player to get in, correct? Go in as a Met, Mike.

At 50.0%, I guess the voters are 50/50 on Bonds.

Thomas Brennan said...

When thinking about the Mets re-signing Cespedes or not, read the following Valentine quote about Mike Piazza:
“He gave so much credibility to the franchise,” former Mets manager Bobby Valentine said Tuesday. “You got to see more Mets jerseys out on the streets, because people were proud to wear Mike Piazza jerseys with Mets on the front. You get more leads on the TV sports shows, because Mike Piazza does something spectacular during the game and all that just builds the foundation of the franchise, the idea that perception becomes reality, the idea that you have a superstar on your team, you think you have a super team.”

If we re-signed Cespedes, fans would rightly think we have a "super team."

Christopher Soto said...

5 new ballots released......updating my post now.

Christopher Soto said...

Piazza Holding Steady
Bagwell and Raines Losing Ground
Steriod Guys Gaining Support
Hoffman starting to see some more love.

Zozo said...

Alex Gordon signed with the Royals, so we are about to see the other shoes about to fall.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Good morning

I happen to think the Mets pen is fine the way it is. Montero is ready to step in if needed, Henderson could make a comeback, and Mejia will be back during the season.

Mack Ade said...

I'm going to write on DePodesta over the weekend, who I never was that high on. Look for it...

bob gregory said...

It would be horrible in my opinion if Clemens were to get into the Hall of Fame before or even in the same year or the year after Piazza.

Both men proved to be dominant baseball players during their career.

Piazza seems to have had his Hall of Fame induction delayed simply because of unfounded PED speculation based on nothing more than acne on his back.


Clemens actually had enough evidence of PED use to bring about a Civil suit.

Christopher Soto said...

All 18 ESPN Ballots published....updating post again

Christopher Soto said...

Griffey still perfect
Piazza still holding steady
Raines stops the bleeding but Bagwell continues to lose support. Both flirting with 75%
Steriod guys still gaining some support but continues to look like 50/50 split
Alan Trammell close to falling off the list. Needs 99% of the non-public votes in order to get into the HOF.

S. Finch said...

As any mets fan should, i love Mike Piazza. However, i can't help but feel that as a baseball fan, he belongs in the hall as a dodger. They drafted him in the 20+ round, he rose to stardom as a dodger, and had a more productive career in dodger blue. I love his loyalty to the mets franchise, but it still feels wrong.

Lew Rhodes said...

Trammel isn't a HOFer IMHO - he would be in the hall of very good - along with Edgar Martinez and Bagwell (I don't believe Biggio should have made it - his hit total was the product of lot of years).

Griffey deserves to be 100% - guy was everything and was a class act while doing it in an era where everyone else cheated.

Piazza should have been a first ballot hall of famer if not for Jeff Pearlman's outlandish and unsubstantiated allegations. When you look at Piazza's numbers, he went through a standard career arc - nothing crazy about it

Here is how I look at the steroid tainted players RE the HOF - would they be HOFer's if they never used steroids

If Bonds's stats ended in 1999, he would have been a first ballot HOFer - so, if he tainted the last few years of his career with Roids, he was a HOF player before that.

McGwire is another one - his numbers through the late 90's would have gotten him in

Without steriods, I believe that Clemens would have been Dwight Gooden - a guy who was fairly washed up with a ragged out arm in his early 30's - Clemens was in fully decline through 95 in Boston - his innings and all his number were down, and then - miraculously, his stuff and numbers got better at the age of 34 - ridiculous.

Clemens was not a HOFer through his Boston career - he may have been able to hold on with so-so stuff to hit 250 wins, but I doubt it - his numbers though 1995 were very good, but fell short of HOF worthy - in my opinion

I look at Palmeiro and Sosa in that light - guys never would have had big numbers without steroids

To me it is pretty easy to look at career arcs and stats and figure out who only reached lofty goals through steroids, and who were fairly dominant ball players without drugs

Lew Rhodes said...

Piazza is a Met - his biggest moments were as a Met - post-season, World Series, pennant races - 9/11 HR

More games and bigger games and more counting stats as a Met

His best individual season and ROY award were with the Dodgers, but every other high point was as a Met.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with Lew on Bonds, and yes, Piazza declined later in his career with Mets. Catching catches up to all of them, and he lost homers in early season dead air in Shea. But his most memorable work was as a Met.

Metsiac said...

Ernest---True that there are no dominant LHRPs on the farm right now, but despite the question marks we already have Blevins and soon will add Edgin. Gilmartin seems to be too good to simply be a long man, and there's no room in the rotation right now, so he can work in ST on his approach to LH hitters and assume more of a late-inning role.

Bastardo has been impressive, but few RPs rate 3-year deals and if he won't settle for less we don't have to feel we're without alternatives.

S. Finch said...

Does anyone but met fans remember a loss in the World series? While his numbers in the post season were solid, they were nothing other worldly. Won't argue with the 911 hr, but don't you think we remember the biggest moments as a met because we are biased mets fans?

I think we would all agree counting stats are a poor way of evaluating a player. A player with a 20 year career putting up solid, albeit unspectacular numbers, won't get in the hall because he has a good total of hrs, RBIs, etc. Why would we use that criteria to decide what cap someone wears in the hall. Piazza was simply a more dominant player as a dodger, his best seasons were as a dodger, and he played only one less season there. Love Piazza, but I think baseball sees piazza as a dodger, mets fans I think are just a bit louder and more passionate.

S. Finch said...

Age and the wear and tear of catching absolutely cause a decline, but that doesn't change the fact that he was better early in his career. We could debate how Shea affected his numbers, but most advanced statistics quantify stadium differences.

Again "most memorable" and "biggest moments". I don't argue he had unbelievable moments as a met, but don't you think dodger fans have a similarly long list of amazing moments?

Anonymous said...

He should go in as a Marlin! :-) 1998 -- 8 Days --5 games -- 5 hits---5 rbi's and his only triple of the season! Just a small part of my Piazza Marlins collection went on display Nov.7th at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown! So, technically, Mike is already there as a Marlin!

S. Finch said...

Very curious as to what memorabilia you had from Piazza's Marlins days. His lone batting gloves and maybe the one game used bat? Interesting...

And mack, very interested to read your take on depodesta, from everything I've read he was unanimously praised and Metsland is taking the loss pretty hard for a front office guy.

Lew Rhodes said...

Gary Carter should have gone in as a Met - so making Piazza a met makes up for that sin!

Outside of his monster 1997, Piazza's Dodger numbers are no better than his Met's numbers - 3 of his 5 highest HR totals were as a Met, as were 2 of his 4 highest RBIs totals -- that was given less games and less AB's so his HR and RBI rates were higher during his peak Mets' years than his Dodger years

Not to mention all of his counting stats are higher with the Mets than the Dodgers.

To me the difference is the Post Season - with the Dodgers - 6 games in 7 seasons; with the Mets 22 games -- and his 2000 NLCS OPS was 1.487 with his WS being a stout .909

I think the post season appearances and one NL pennant is enough to tip the otherwise close case.

Thomas Brennan said...

S Finch: you make very good points. He was a more prolific player as a Dodger. I give him tons of credit for plowing ahead in his Mets years, where guys like Gooden, Straw, Mattingly, and Hernandez fell short of the Hall due to injuries or personal issues. Sometimes those last year's are not the best years, but only the guys who continue at a high level get there.

I would have loved to see Piazza's numbers as a career 1B. No catcher's drag and deterioration. My guess is 600 homers, 1800 RBIs, .325.

Herb G said...

You're kidding about Clemens, right? In 13 years in Boston, a ROY, 3 CYAs, an MVP. Two more CYAs after,and who knows when he started using. He was a HOFer before using.

Herb G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Herb G said...

Just to add - I admired and Clemens in Boston, hated him as a Yankee, detested him after. But early in his career he was the best pitcher in the game. Later he shared that distinction with Maddux. If we agree not to withhold entry if a player was worthy before steroids, I hate to admit it, but Clemens gets my vote, along with (ugh) Bonds.

Christopher Soto said...

Vote Percentages Updated.

Alan Trammell has fallen off the list. With 204 of the estimated 450 votes in he can no longer garner enough votes to reach 75%

Lew Rhodes said...

Herb - Believe or not Clemens stats through his time with Boston were not fantastic - 180 wins and 2200ish K's

Very good - but not HOF worthy if he retired then - he had some fantastic years bit some average years as well

Lew Rhodes said...

Mike Piazza - Hall of Famer!!!!

bob gregory said...

Gordon and Cespedes I believe entered the off season with experts speculating that they would receive similar contracts.

With Gordon signing for $72 million over 4 yrs....

Mets should be ashamed and embarrassed that they declared themselves out of the running for Cespedes.

De Aza signing looks even better now (sarcasm).
De Aza is the 2016 version of Chris Young.

Front office demonstrates it's brilliance yet again.

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