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The Mets and left-hander Antonio Bastardo are in agreement on a contract, reports Jon Heyman (Twitter link). It’s a two-year, $12MM contract, according to Baseball Essential’s Robert Murray (on Twitter). Bastardo is represented by the Legacy Agency.
Antonio Bastardo
Murray reported yesterday that things were picking up in the Bastardo market, though the three-year deal mentioned in that report ultimately wasn’t attained. The two-year pact represents a departure from the Mets’ previously reported plans, as the team was said earlier this month to be seeking relief help on a one-year deal. In that regard, the agreement between the two parties represents a compromise, as Bastardo had reportedly been seeking a three-year deal in the $18MM range (similar to the one Tony Sipp landed with Houston earlier this year).
Bastardo, 30, has turned in generally strong results across the past three seasons between the Phillies and Pirates, working to a 3.18 ERA with 10.5 K/9, 4.4 BB/9 and a 30.8 percent ground-ball rate in 164 innings of work. He’s dominated left-handed opponents in that stretch, holding same-handed batters to a paltry .167/.273/.295 triple-slash. However, Bastardo is more than a specialist, as he’s also been plenty effective against right-handed batters, limiting such opponents to a .204/.310/.314 line. As such, he can be deployed as a setup man, regardless of matchup, alongside Addison Reed and Jenrry Mejia. That trio, of course, will help bridge the gap from the club’s excellent young rotation to breakout closer Jeurys Familia, who saved 43 games for the Mets in 2015.
With Bastardo in the fold, the Mets will now have a wealth of quality left-handed options for manager Terry Collins to utilize. The team re-signed Jerry Blevins this offseason, and he’ll look for better health after twice fracturing his forearm in a pair of fluky accidents in 2015. Sean Gilmartin, whom the Mets selected in the 2014 Rule 5 Draft, enjoyed a brilliant season with New York, recording a 2.67 ERA in 57 1/3 innings in his Major League debut. And southpaw Josh Edgin, who missed the 2015 campaign in the wake of Tommy John surgery, will likely be ready to return to a big league mound at some point during the 2016 season as well.


Zozo said...

Great move Sandy, now finish up the offseason and sign Cespedes!!!!

Lew Rhodes said...

So, is everyone going to take back their griping about Sandy and the tight was Mets' owners?

Sandy waited this out and got him down from a 3-4 year deal to a very palpable 2 year deal.

The question is who goes to Vegas with Verrett to work as a starter - Gilmartin or Monterro?

Our now looks pretty stout:

Long man (Gilmartin or Monterro most likely

With drug wonder boy back in July and some decent options in AAA (Smoker at the top of that list)

Thomas Brennan said...

Pen looking good. Get Cespedes now and win a World Series

Anonymous said...

I like this deal. Thought they were going after Clippard instead. Something had to be done.

Next, and last, Mets need to add that RH-bat to fill in OF corners & 1B. Maybe the guy from Baltimore, who can also play 3B.

I don't think they even want Cespedes.

But I've been wrong before!

James Preller

Anonymous said...

Are you talking Steve Pearce?? James. What about signing Cepsedes then Trade Grandy to the Yanks for Gardner! Cespedes can play RF Gardner can split CF with Juan

Christopher Soto said...


For a team STARVED for offense.....

Why would we trade one of our only GOOD offensive weapons for an OF who's been dealing with injuries, has declining defensive value, and can only hit in Yankee Stadium?

HOME: 77 Games, .283 AVG, 12 HR, .861 OPS
AWAY: 74 Games, .236 AVG, 4 HR, .650 OPS

1st Half: .302 AVG, 10 HR, .861 OPS
2nd Half: .206 AVG, 6 HR, .592 OPS

2011 UZR: 30.3
2012 UZR: 12.6
2013 UZR: -0.3 (Mostly CF this season)
2014 UZR: 2.9
2015 UZR: -2.2

Anonymous said...

I've seen other float a trade Grandy concept, and I think that negates all the qualities that Granderson brings to the franchise. He's been a great Met, a great teammate, and he's one of the class acts in all of baseball. He's an asset; leave it alone.

Elsewhere I've heard people talk about signing Cespedes and shipping Granderson to make room for him. Imagine that. Again, these guys are not just numbers. You couldn't get two players at more extreme opposites in terms of the intangibles they bring.

James Preller

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