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Good morning.

The Disabled List

It absolutely amazes me just how many Mets are currently on the disabled list (see my updated list on the right side of the front page of Mack’s Mets). Even more stupefying is the eight minor leaguers in various rehab levels from Tommy John Surgery.

Wikipedia explains the minor league 7-day DL as follows –

Minor League Baseball uses a 7-day disabled list for all injuries. Players who are on the 40-man roster but get hurt in the minor leagues are placed on the minor league DL, but not on the major league DL. One problem this poses is that a player who is injured in the minors and who would be placed on the major league 60-day DL cannot be placed on the 60-day, meaning the 40-man roster spot is not freed up.
The freed-up roster spot can be strategically valuable, leading to occasional creative use of disabled lists by MLB teams and their affiliates (similar to teams appealing or dropping the appeal of a suspended player to maximize player contribution). Players who are performing poorly and are slightly injured might be put on the DL so they can go to the minors on rehab, when the MLB club might only want them in the minors because they are playing poorly. There are rules against blatantly "gaming the system" in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and the league.

A team may keep an injured player on the roster but keep him listed as 'day-to-day' to indicate that the medical staff is unable to determine when the player can resume normal playing activities again. If the injury turns out to be minor, then the player may resume playing without having to wait to come off the disabled list; however, depending upon the circumstances, the team may find itself effectively shorthanded in the meantime.

Players recovering from an injury may appear in a limited number of minor league games while still on the disabled list in order to prepare for reactivation. Non-pitchers may stay in the minor league club for up to 20 days; pitchers for up to 30 days

Let’s remember…

            Everyone on the 7-day DL comes off it the day after the season ends. 

            There is no 7-day DL in the off season.


            Legendary Villanova basketball coach Rollie Massimino passed away on Wednesday. He was 82.

            I might have told this story in the past...

            I began negotiating with Rollie in 1984 to host a college basketball update show on WIP-AM, Philadelphia, with the emphasis on both the Wildcats but also other Big East teams. It was basically going to be two sixty second blurbs each day for five days a week and we agreed that the radio station would pay him $50 per week for his talent and services. There really wasn’t much to negotiate here. Villanova had a ho-hum season and was one of the last teams named to the NCAA tournament in 1985.

            We agreed over the phone on the deal and all that was needed was the signing of the paperwork. Rollie agreed to drive to our offices in downtown Philly from the campus on the Main Line, but I told him not to worry until after his participation in the tournament had completed. I even joked with him that, judging from the results of his season, he would probably lose in the first round and I’d see him in a week. I laughed. He sort of laughed.

            Yeah. This was the year that the Wildcats went on to beat the Patrick Ewing-led Georgetown Hoyas and won the whole enchilada.

            I called Rollie after the tournament and was told he would get back to me. I called a number of more times. More’ he’ll get back’ returns from one of his assistants.

            I never did hear back from him. He signed later that month with rival KYW-AM to do the same kind of reports. For $11,000 a month.

            Rest in peace Mr. Massimino.

Had medical emergency and also am evacuating due to Irma coming to town. 

Mailed this post in. Sorry.


Thomas Brennan said...

Good luck with the medical emergency and of course with Irma...a better name for this one might be Maxine.

The amount of surgeries for TJS is jaw-dropping, frankly.

Villanova that year had the most out-of-the-norm game to win the championship ever in basketball...going up against the vaunted Georgetown defense, Nova shot, if I recall correctly, an unconscious 78% from the field, which no legitimate team, college or pro, has ever done against an opponent in their weight class, so to speak. A once in a lifetime event. it would be like going up against Kershaw in the playoffs and scoring 20 runs off him in 4 innings.

Hobie said...

RIP Rollie. The Big East of Rollie, Carneseca, Thompson & Boeheim was a fun to watch. Only Mr. B remains.

BTW, it's not just the 7-day DL that disappears in the off season, they all (7-, 10- & 60-) do. But it's only the 60 that effects the 40-man.

Be safe, Mack.

Reese Kaplan said...

Be well, Mack. My company employees in Houston are all dealing with Harvey aftermath and now this one...nah, climate change doesn't exist. ;)

@Hobie -- after the season ends the 60-day DL folks go back on your 40-man roster. For example, David Wright must be added back which evicts someone from it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, maybe Wright will retire before year end? Sounds doubtful to me, but you never know.

Hobie said...


Yep, that was my point. 7- and 10-Day DL's are meaningless in the off-season anyway. Only the absence of the 60-day has an effect on the 40-man.

Eddie Corona said...

do we know if we have to keep Wright on the 40 man for purposes of the insurance policy... As if to say if he was not on the 40 roster we would be liable for the entire rest of the contract?

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