Tom Brennan - TIM TEBOW TO RETURN IN 2018


Tom Brennan - TIM TEBOW TO RETURN IN 2018

I read in the NY Post that Totally Tremendous Tim Tebow said he plans to come back to plat ball for the Mets next year, and that he continues to learn a lot every day. 

I think that is totally tremendous, don't you?

I imagine he could still be called up to the faltering Mets in September - hey, who knows? 

He has what no other player to be called up than perhaps current call up Amed Rosario has - gate appeal, and believe me, money counts to ownership, believe me, OK?

Once Tebow was promoted from Columbia to St Lucie in late June, he started great for St Lucie for almost 30 games, then severely slumped.  He's not the first one to severely slump. 

One that comes to mind is Nick Evans a few years back going 7 for 75 early in the season in AAA.  Nick, who hit .258 in the GCL in his first season, four levels lower than where Tebow is now, and fanning 51 times in 50 games.  He eventually ended up with about 440 major league plate appearances and put up a .257/.305/.419 career split.

How about Dancing Jose Reyes' 7 for 67 start this season?

After Tebow's devilish 6 for 66 stretch from late July thru mid-August, he is hitting .263 over his last 10 games, so he has shown he can pull out of a free fall, which is important to see.

His 34 extra base hits this year are not shabby, and I still think that other than Pounding Pete Alonso, no one in their minor league system could have come into his first year stationed at levels as high as Columbia and St Lucie and done as well as Tebow. 

Look by comparison at some guys like Carl Stajduhar in Brooklyn in his first year, hitting .143 with 70 Ks in 147 at bats with lower level Brooklyn in his first year. 

Look at Jhoan Urena, who admittedly is playing very well this year after hitting just .222 and .225 in his 4th and 5th career seasons in St Lucie in 2015 and 2016.  So in his 4th and 5th seasons, Urena hit worse than Tebow's current .226 at St Lucie after 60 games there in his very first campaign.

Some guys I focused on in past years, besides Carl, namely Ivan Wilson and Vicente Lupo, were absolute strikeout machines.  Tebow, by comparison, hitting against higher levels of competition, has fanned "just" 124 times in 124 games, not at all bad for his first year.

Tim Tebow, when viewed as a first year player after not playing any baseball in a decade, has done remarkably well.



Ernest Dove said...

he......also......cant.....field.....like.....at all......


Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, another hill for Captain Timmy to climb :)

Reese Kaplan said...

Can't field? That can't be right. I always thought his problem was that he couldn't throw, hence his baseball career.

Mack Ade said...

This speaks volume to the depth (cough lack of cough) of our system

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, I heard he was excellent in the open field.

Mack, good point - unintentionally the article does make the point that there is a lack of offensive depth in our system, absolutely.

Thomas Brennan said...

Tebow 3 for 5 and a walk tonight. He seems back. How? Divine intervention?

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