Luis Guillorme, by all reports, is a fabulous and dazzling fielder, whether he is stationed at shortstop or 2nd base....or in the dugout when bats come flying his way, as one did this past spring training.

While other Mets would have somehow missed half a season with a hand injury, Luis nabbed it flawlessly and nonchalantly. And got some nationwide attention for it.

Luis is listed at 5'9", 199, which remarkably was exactly my height and weight at the doctor's this week.  Like Luis, I too have advanced defensive skills, as my wife can attest whenever we have an...ahem...:discussion".

Kidding aside, pitchers LUV defense and HATE to see their best outings blown by clumsy fielders.  And Binghamton allowed the fewest unearned runs in the Eastern League (and who knows how many runs prevented) by superior defense led by Luis.

An infield that has already upgraded defensively in Queens, with Amed Rosario at SS and baby boomer with the bat Dominic Smith at first, would be on total lockdown with a glove like Luis wields added to it.

His season mark of .283/.376/.331 in AA was another solid offensive effort by Luis. He provides quality every season at the plate, except, however, for a dearth of power and speed on the bases. Just 4 steals while getting on base, and only 2 career triples in 2,000 plate appearances, attest to the latter.

I for one believe that the power part of Luis' game will remain well below average...few guys have a career slug %  (.328) below their career on base % (.361) by so much.   Few guys with a .328 slug % in the majors (much less in the minors) have long and successful careers in the MLB.

Yet, MLB teams have a need for superior defense coupled with on base ability in a substitute's role, and I believe there is a role for Luis in that regard in the future.  He, as I see it, could also fill in as a starting shortstop if Rosario were to go down with injury.  His challenge is that compared to 40 years ago, teams carry 2 less position players, so you have to stand out to be in the bigs.

I just wish there was more double and triple power to his game, so I could rank him higher.  Right now, his bat seems like it will advance to Ruben Tejada levels, but with even less power, but with a glove superior to Ruben's.  If he cannot boost his HR power (he has only 2 in his career), significantly ramping up his double/triple rate would make him more attractive.

I know Mack loves him for his D.  However, when I described him to my rabid (and often disgusted) Met fan and brother Steve, he was adamant he does not want to see a guy on the team with no power or speed, regardless of defensive prowess  Therein lies the conundrum.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

So, your brother hated Bud Harelson?

Zozo said...

Get Rickey to teach him how to be a smart base runner and let him steal at least 20 bases a year and that would be fine in my book. If Murphy can steal 10 bases a year why can’t a defensive wiz kid do a bit better?

Thomas Brennan said...

Zozo, maybe Luis is saving his steals for the big leagues. I'd take a 30/30 man from him: 30 steals, 30 extra base hits a season. My fear is his total for both would be 30.

Mack, he was young in the Buddy Harrelson days, being that he just turned 2 when the Mets win in 1969. My brother likes guys with D who can hit for power and with speed...who doesn't? Luis having modest speed and no power is a hindrance. The more he can minimize that, the more he can be valued as an everyday player in the bigs.

Zozo said...

I think we should be going for Dee Gordon this offseason. Heyman wrote he is available and Marlins would eat some of his contract. I would take the whole contract and give them hardly anything in return.

Have him lead off with Rosario batting second. Wow what a speedy top 2 and great defense to boot.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Not many people can do everything in baseball without artificial enhancement.

As you said in your original post, I vote for the D first. Plug up my middle infield and my team will win 10+ more games a year regardless of what they do with a bat.

Viper said...

That's my take on Guillorme as well. Unless he develops more power it makes more sense to have Flores at 2B and his potential 25hrs at least for now. Luis is the Lagares of the infield but if the Team has a problem getting Lagares into the field because of his bat, the same will apply to Luis.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, you may get your wish in 2018.

ZOZO, Flash Gordon at SS...intriguing. Very intriguing.

Reese Kaplan said...

It's funny that you brought up Ruben Tejada because as you were saying, good glove, no power and no speed I threw up a little in my mouth remembered how much the clown with the lineup pencil would insert the not-able-to-stay-in-the-majors Tejada as a core part of his team. Yes, Guillorme's defense is even better but his offense appears to be even worse. I'd love a team of gold glovers at every position, too, but how many more games would Flores help win with his bat vs. how many games would a Guillorme help win with his glove? Me? I go with Flores then Evans, then Rivera then Cabrera then a battle between Cecchini and Guillorme. Matt Reynolds would be bringing up the rear.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, grate minds think alike. Cheese, we are on the same page a lot :)

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

you tell Reese that Luis is your 6th option, yet you have him this high on your prospect list.

Reese -

Luis will hit worse than Tejada?


Adam Smith said...

If he can maintain a .350+ OBA in the bigs, he gets a spot on my team, regardless of the speed/power shortages. Flores for 7 or 8 innings at 2B, Guillorme for the save. Also, what a comfort to be able to throw a lock down defender who can also get on base out there for a couple of weeks in case of injury. Also, also... the bat catch tells me that the guy's a badass with no fear.

Mack Ade said...

I can't stress this enough. Luis is a future gold glove in baseball

Reese Kaplan said...

@Mack -- the Mets once had a GG 2nd baseman who hit 7 home runs over an 11 year career with a total of 20 SBs over that time while hitting a robust .238. Would you want another Doug Flynn?

Thomas Brennan said...

Tejada hit better and in majors one year around same age as Luis in AA. Except for Gavin, others listed by Reese are major leaguers...I favor O over D.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam...if he can do a .350 OBP in the bigs, Luis would be real attractive.

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