Tom Brennan: Binghamton 2nd Best, Trying Harder


After Friday night's 1-0 masterpiece win, Binghamton has moved to 83-54, 29 games over .500. Of their 7 minor league squads, the only other team over .500 (by one game) is Columbia.

Why a terrific 29 games over?  They have the 2nd Best ERA at 3.23, that's why. Their above average D resulted in just 43 unearned runs, easily the best in that League.  And a middle of the pack offense, good enough with the fine pitching to be second.

Friday night, Eastern League Starter of the Year Corey Oswalt (12-5, 2.28) was brilliant again, with 5 scoreless with 8 Ks, follows by newbie Drew Smith with 2 perfect scoreless and 4 Ks.  Superior reliever Tim Peterson tossed a perfect 8th with 2 Ks, and dynamo Tyler Bashlor saved it with a scoreless 9th and (for him, only) 1 K.

A 15 strikeout shutout.  Good stuff indeed.

But who's first?  Hertz to Binghamton's Avis?

 The Yanks' Trenton Thunder, 44 over .500 at 90-46, and a league-leading ERA of 2.86 and 80 more runs scored than Binghamton.

Of course, the Rumble Ponies now have Pounding Pete Alonso to even up the two team's offenses.

It should be an interesting upcoming playoffs indeed...perhaps an Eastern League Subway Series.


Thomas Brennan said...

Another 1-0 win last night puts Binghamton30 games over, and rolling.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see.......some of that talent should be knocking on the Mets' door in the next year or two.


Thomas Brennan said...

Mike, you are right...Thompson, Guillorme, Oswalt, Smith, Bashlor by late 2018, Nick, Peterson, Mazeika 2019? Hopefully, a few will be strong contributors.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Your key word in your comment is 'hopefully'.

Lots of minor league talent here, but no one is an MLB lock.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, sad but true, although I think all 3 pitchers will be good. The hitters? I did leave out recent AA arrival Pete Alonso, whom I believe will be VERY good.

Adam Smith said...

I would be fine with having Guillorme as our utility IF next season, with Flores (feel better, Flo!) starting at 2B. Guillorme will never hit for any power, but he can put the bat on the ball, and gets on base, while playing gold glove caliber defense.

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