Tom Brennan - Rhame and Callahan Called Up Today


As all of our recently traded-away players are nicely helping their respective teams' pennant runs, we finally see a few of the guys we got back, starting today.

Jacob Rhame since the trade with LAD when the Mets surrendered Grandy has thrown 6 innings for Vegas, allowing 2 hits, 1 run, no walks and fanning 11.  Pretty intriguing.  

He has exactly 100 AAA outings under his belt in 2016 and 2017, 136 Ks in 117 IP, and a fine PCL 3.61 ERA - interestingly, only 2 unearned runs over this 111 innings, too.

He seems fully seasoned and ready to roll in the big leagues to me.  My guess is he did not get up to the Dodgers this year because they are STACKED.

Jamie Callahan, in the Red Sox trade for Addison Reed, has 40 career AAA innings this year, and has fanned 46, with a decent ERA.  Not quite as seasoned as Rhame, the 2012 2nd rounder for the Bosox turned 23 a week ago, so he is still likely refining his skills, but should be able to hold his own in the big leagues right now, I'd think.

Welcome to both, and best of luck.

Besides them, Drew Smith is in AA, and I'd not be all that surprised to see him join the Mets after the Binghamton Rumble Tumblers completes their playoffs.   This year, in A, AA, and a brief appearance in AAA, he is 4-4, 1.65 ERA and 0.90 WHIP in 42 games.  Not shabby.  And...



Thomas Brennan said...

Also just read in NY Daily News ( I read a lot while waiting for my wife) that the Mets signed Nori Aoki Saturday. Aoki, 35, was released by the Toronto Blue Jays earlier this week. The Japanese outfielder had been traded by the Astros to Toronto at the July 31 trade deadline. Between the Astros and Blue Jays, Aoki has .274 batting average with 5 home runs and 27 RBI.

Also, Michael Conforto shoulder surgery this week. The local store that I buy Mets' get well cards from is all out, and I am awaiting their new shipment. Sorry, Michael.

Peter Hyatt said...

I'm glad and hope we get to see some real inning auditions.

With Collins, however, we never know if a youngster is going to play. His recent sitting of Rosario drives me nuts.

He has given us few reasons to watch the tail end of the season. Cabrera and Reyes, over and over? Seriously?

I end up turning off the games, unless Keith Hernandez is going passive-aggressive on Collins' line up and division of play time; then, I stayed tuned in a bit longer.

Thomas Brennan said...

Peter, let's see the kids, because the Kids are All Right!

I need. to amend what I wrote - Grandy is hitting .109 with the Dodgers, Duda .188 (but 8 homers) with the Rays, and Neil Walker has cooled down. So they are not all walking on water post-trade.

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