Pater Hyatt - Terry Collins Responds To Criticism of Playing Vets Over Kids


Terry Collins told media, without challenge, why he is playing veterans over kids in meaningless September games.  

He specified his ideology in "winning" over "development" and that he cultivated this theory while managing in the minors. 

Although most people believe that the minors are best served by player development, Collins sticks to his principles.  

He said that "winning is contagious" as to why, for example, his line up begins with 

1.  Jose Reyes 
2.  Astrubal Cabrerra 
3.  35 year old Waiver wire on his 3rd team this year 

rather than giving the valuable at bats and fielding experience to the hungry youngsters of tomorrow.  

He is to create a win because "winning is contagious."

He said this after the rain shortened victory against the lowly Phils.  


It appears  that if winning with vets is contagious, our vets have been vaccinated against the contagion. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Cabrera going for MRI on his back today - if he goes on DL, I want them to call up Phil Evans.

Thomas Brennan said...

Brandon Nimmo started to play more once Grandy left.

Grandy since August 22? 3 for 49 - yes, that is not a typo. .061.

Nimmo since August 22? 15 for 52, and 15 walks! .448 OB %.

Play the kids!!

Anonymous said...

There are two problems here:

* Yes, winning is important, even in the minors, when an organization creates a culture of team success. This is not separate from "development" but an aspect of it. Cashen's old farm system won up and down the organization; Sandy just builds lousy teams that lose at every level.

* The larger point, to me at least (which you hit on with the second comment), is that TC doesn't believe in these kids. He thinks by playing them he is sacrificing the team's chance of winning. That's his message to these young players. You aren't good enough. A real shame.

At same time, this is about Sandy Alderson, not Terry Collins. A GM can say, play this guy, sit that guy, this is the roster I've given you. Terry takes the hit for a lot of the GM's work. I strongly believe the Mets are bringing back Cabrera and Reyes next season. And if that's true -- horrible, unthinkable, but true -- then it makes sense to play them.

Mets are cutting payroll and raising ticket prices next season.

Reese Kaplan said...

Let's see...Flores out, Cabrera out...do you think he'll try an infield of Reynolds, Reyes and d'Arnaud with Plawecki catching and Smith at 1st? Cecchini has become the new Flores -- forever wondering why he's in Collins' doghouse.

Viper said...

I don't call him the "Imbecile in the dugout" for nothing. Stupidity is also contagious. Someone get Collins a dictionary so he can look up what "evaluating" means.

Viper said...

Hey Thomas, you're getting your wish. Evans being promoted.

Thomas Brennan said...

Viper, my lips to God's ears.

Evans was smoking hot the last 2 months - so why the heck not...and the kid gets a major league pay check for perhaps the next 3 1/2 weeks, which is a welcome reward.

Gary Seagren said...

It really seems that they know next year will probably be another rebuilding/losing year because we don't know beyond DeGrom how the staff will shake out and not adding to payroll doesn't help. To have a pitching staff with an ERA comparable to the 62' team, as unbelievable as that seems, is not a good omen for next season so kind of like the 'suck for Luck" the Colts did for Andrew Luck a few years ago is that the plan?

Viper said...

With Evans up, what are the chances that Collins now plays Reynolds at 3B?

Adam Smith said...

Fire everyone. 🔥

Anonymous said...

Terry Collins is a big part of the problem and he cannot leave the organization fast enough, IMO.

However, some of the other contributors to this thread make a good point about the influence of the GM. If TC goes, Sandy will likely still be here and he will pick the next manager......will that be more of the same?


Anthony Carnacchio said...

Been saying since last year sandy needs to go

Anonymous said...

He isn't good
Nor is Reynolds
Nothing to find out there
Reyes will be back next year as a backup at short and third and will get a shot to start at second base if he produces

Thomas Brennan said...

Quite high

Thomas Brennan said...

Two Homer Jose.

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