Peter Hyatt - Pop Quiz: Why is Matt Harvey Scheduled to Pitch Wednesday September 6?


Question:  Why is Matt Harvey to pitch on 3 days rest after his fiasco come back game?

Answer:  Because Matt Harvey told Terry Collins. 

We may debate the rehab protocol, number of pitches, innings, Florida v New York, but that is not the topic of discussion here, nor is it the concern. 

The pressing issue is leadership.  

If we listen to what Terry Collins has told us, Matt Harvey is pitching because Matt Harvey says so. 

This is the leadership void looks like.

The Mets have long recognized that Matt Harvey's immaturity and selfishness have not equated wisdom.  One need only to look back to Harvey's history of "bad optics" to know Harvey's clinical immaturity and love of self.  But if lack of leadership is the point, one need to look back and ask,

Has Matt Harvey ever told Terry Collins what to do before?

New York  fans are often sophisticated and die hard Met fans have good memories. 

Does World Series 2015 come to mind?

"Page Six Harvey" is still calling the shots for himself.  

With talk whether or not he should have a contract tendered to him for next year, Harvey is digging in his heels and trying to get as many chances to show he can still pitch in the big league level.  

Do we pick up 6m option for him?

Does it mean more DL time?

Would he even make the roster out of Spring Training?

Much depends on who is at the helm of leadership going forward.  Remember, this season was lost very early on and eternal players who were slumping to the point of negative WAR, continued to play the team into a hole we never were able to get out of. 

When a vet finally heated up, Collins was there to say, in his own wording, "I told you so" as if it justified his folly. 

Note to Collins:  Jose Reyes hitting .300 in September of a lost season is not likely to bring us to the wild card slot any time soon. 

This is what a team without leadership looks like:  

The current New York Mets. 

Don't buy into Larry Brooks' nonsense of intimating the Mets ruined Harvey's career. 

Do, however, factor in how alcohol and nightlife impacts physical rehabilitation and healing from  injuries.  Note the fluctuations of weight this 6 million dollar athlete, who shows up when he feels like it, has gone through.  

This is not you or I:  this is a full time, millionaire professional athlete who has repeatedly let himself bloat (see alcohol's impact on estrogen and retention and distribution of body fat) while insisting to rehab often away from the watchful eyes of his employer. 

"I'll never apologize for having a private life."

Never say never, Matt.  

You don't want to be 55 years old and become Lenny Dykstra.  

UPDATE:  after the collective raised eyebrows of media and fanbase, the "bad optic" of the statements made by Terry Collins is being "walked back" and Harvey is being pushed off another day. 

The excuse?

"...weather conditions..."

Can't have Harvey pitch in "weather conditions"; we'll just let someone else do it.  


Thomas Brennan said...

I think in a lost season, if Harvey feels he knows best, I give him some rope - I personally thought he should have done one more rehab start, and he got cremated in his first game back - but he has so much potential future $$ on the line, I'd defer a bit to him to allow him to show what he can - or can't - do. And if he hurts himself rushing back too quickly or recklessly, he hurts himself the most.

But larger than life personalities can get themselves into trouble - Dykstra, Craig Carton, etc. You just hope they can adequately restrain themselves.

I am not all "permissive" here though - when Thor refused his MRI, I agree with you, I say, sorry, Noah, into the MRI machine you goah. Way too much Mets control salary wise with him to not be cautious and therefore dictate expectations.

Pablo Grullon said...

Doesnt matter whether harvey is 1 year or 5 years away from free agency. If they really were gonna allow him to pitch on 3 days rest because HE insisted on it then it goes to show he has little respect for TC. He struggled in his rehab starts, got rocked in his start last week and wants to make demands? After all those injuries and him not showing up for a game earlier this year? The Mets need a strong leader in the clubhouse as our next manager cuz these players are treating TC like a substitute teacher.

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