Rule 5 Decisions


Guillorme - Rule 5 Jannis - Rule 5 Kaczmarski - safe Nido - 40-man Peterson - Rule 5 Pobereyko - safe Regnault - safe Thompson - safe

Mack - Wow... Guillorme naked in the wind...


Thomas Brennan said...

Assuming what you show is accurate, Mack, Luis Guillorme being exposed to Rule 5 is less surprising to me than to others.

He has extremely low power and just average speed - his hitting in AA was good - but that is still two levels below the big leagues.

After he won the SAL MVP in 2015, I hoped to see .300+ hitting with more power, but he has fallen short the past 2 years.

Ruben Tejada had more power and hit better. And Ruben was a utility player who got to start for way too long.

Lots of guys can fill the utility IF role - and offense mostly takes precedence over defense in today's game - or Lagares would be an everyday CF. So Luis has lots of competition for a utility spot on the 40 man roster, with Giminez coming pretty fast. No guarantee he'll be picked in Rule 5 since he is still in AA.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I got the list from the expert in this matter, Chris at TpgMets

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Boy, you're harsh about a guy that is easily the best middle infied glove in the pipeline

Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe so, Mack - but in 2000 minor league plate appearances, 2 triples and 2 homers - only one every 500 at bats - and only 66 doubles. Only 4 steals in 128 games this year (steals being a proxy for a double), so he is very low power overall.

His .376 on base % this year is good, but equals what on a major league level? .280? I love his glove, but his offense is (at this point in his career) quite marginal for a major leaguer, while of course better than most guys in the Mets minors. A year from now, it might be a different story.

If I had a choice for a utility IF between Luis and, let's say, Phil Evans, it would come down to what my team needed more. Offense? I go with Phil. Defense? Luis.

Hobie said...

We did this the other day.

Only Oswalt, Bashlor & Ucets are Rule 5 eligibles who have a higher priority than Guillorme IMO. And those three are higher because I see a greater chance for someone stashing any one of them on their 25-man for a full year than a MINF defensive specialist.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, I thought Cruzado was your # 1 priority :)

Robb said...

They have to keep anyone picked on the 25 man ml roster for the whole year. Its nearly impossible to do that by stashing a guy who isnt ready yet unless they are a pitcher.

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