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John Sickels on –

   11) Corey Oswalt, RHP, Grade C+: Age 24, seventh round pick in 2012 from high school in San Diego, California; posted 2.28 ERA with 119/40 K/BB in 134 innings in Double-A, 118 hits; soft-tosser when drafted, which has probably hampered his reputation to this point; fastball is now in the “good enough” range at 90-95, which works due to his ability to locate; has a complete arsenal of secondaries with curve, slider, change; all pitches generally considered average, nothing terrific but he knows how to use them; likely a fourth starter but could max out along Collin McHugh lines; ETA late 2018

Baseball Is Stylish Now -

    Ten years ago, it might've sounded crazy, but today it's taken as a given: the NBA and NFL employ many of the most stylish men alive. Major League Baseball, on the other hand, has some catching up to do in the style department. Let's just say we don't study these guys' pre-game tunnel fits with the rapt attention we reserve for hoops. Which makes it all the more amusing that what we've taken to calling baseball player style is having a fashion moment right now. Think Oakley-style shades, and batting practice-ready cutoffs. Of course, pulling these pieces off isn't as easy as packing a dinger and growing a Goose Gossage mustache. There's a difference between breaking out of your comfort zone with a pair of, say, gold-frame sunglasses, and then there is rolling up to the bar looking in 1993's finest threads, Lenny Dykstra-style. But we'll let you decide for yourself; here's a look at some of the baseball jock trends currently permeating the style scene. If none of these speak to you, you're still in luck: there's always a good, old-fashioned baseball cap.

These 20 players will shape  NL East race -


         13. Jacob deGrom, New York Mets - After his blistering long-awaited arrival on the mound this spring, one suspects the "is deGrom gonna be OK?" stories we were dealing with the last month will be forgotten by, oh, Friday.

Progress report: New York Mets -

   STORYLINES TO WATCH - Noah Syndergaard’s lat injury limited him to seven starts in 2017 (2.97 ERA), but he appears healthy after throwing an easy 100 mph fastball early in Grapefruit League action. A healthy return for the 25-year-old immediately transforms the Mets back into a playoff-hopeful team as few rotations can match a one-two punch of Syndergaard and RHP Jacob deGrom.

Adrian Gonzalez landed on the DL for the first time in 2017, hit just three homers in 71 games and was left off the Dodgers’ postseason roster. He was released after a trade to Atlanta and signed with New York to allow 1B prospect Dom Smith further time to develop in the minors. How long that lasts depends on what the 35-year-old Gonzalez has left in the tank.

In the short-term, the Mets have moved on at third base from David Wright, whose health issues have limited him to 75 games since start of 2015. He has no intention of retiring, but Todd Frazier is the new third baseman after signing a two-year, $17 million deal in February.

Minor League Baseball Kicks Up Dust With Changes To Extra Innings, Pitch Clocks –
  As for the big rule change in extra innings: Beginning in the 10th, when the leadoff hitter takes his place in the batter's box, the teammate directly ahead of him in the batting order will set up across from him on second base — already halfway to home plate before a pitch has even been thrown.


Tom Brennan said...

Gonzalez is talking a good game so far - sounds a little like David Wright - so start hitting with authority, sir...or put Wilmer at 1B.

Oswalt ETA late 2018...sounds about right.

Mack Ade said...

As I've said in the past, A-Gon gets 100 at-bats on my team and then I re-evaluate the situation.

Mike Freire said...

I agree, Mack......AGon is a veteran and he should be given a realistic shot at the position, which is more then "getting in shape" at bats in ST.

What is worrisome is that Dominic Smith seems to have pissed off his new manager. Instead of competing for the position and showing that he is the future, he may get passed by Peter Alonso this year.

As far as Oswalt is concerned, it is nice to have back end rotation depth. Unless he turns into Roy Oswalt, he won't pitch ahead of Thor and/or Jake, but we won't need him to, right? Late 2018 or 2019 will be right in line to take over for Matt Harvey, IMO.

Reese Kaplan said...

If A-Gon is hitting .200 with no power after Conforto comes back and still starts, I may need to issue an apology to Terry Collins whose preference for veterans over younger players resulted in numerous wasted ABs. Yesterday Mickey Callaway stated the obvious -- that he has to get Wilmer Flores' bat into the lineup. So why would you continue to trot out the guy we've seen in Spring training when a better alternative is healthy and on the roster. Deadline number one for me is the Conforto return. Let's see what he can do between now and then. If it's more of the same, then Flores should be starting.

Mack Ade said...

Mike -

You might be right about Smith. He seems to have disappeared.

bill metsiac said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again--- ST stats mean ZERO until the final 10 days, when most of the cuts have been made and the pitchers enter the final 2 starts of the rotation.

That period starts TODAY. Until now, the veterans have been focused on staying healthy and working on their timing, especially those like A-Gon, who missed a lot of time last year. It's MUCH too soon to jump to conclusions, though I'd love to see those who are playing great so far keep it up.

And as far as I know, the only thing Dom has done to "piss off his mgr" is coming late to a meeting. Unless he intentionally strained his quad so he could miss most of ST and not have a chance to win the job.

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