Only one game, but WOW.  

It is not 2017 anymore.


bill metsiac said...

Didn't we learn from the first 3 weeks of ST that A-Gone is useless? When will we dump him before it's too late?

And that SP today was awful. How long can we carry him and his ERA of SIX?? 😨

Tom Brennan said...

A-Gone pulled a Seaver...got ready for the season - screw the spring stats...and, so far, so great.

Mack Ade said...

Thor did not have his best stuff. Speed was off. Still he only outhit by 2 batters.

The 2 run homer by Molina was a 98 mph high INSIDE fastball on his wrists. Even Noah was shocked it stayed fair.

The 6 ERA does nothing to represent his effort.

bill metsiac said...

But...but...but...that's his ERA for the whole season (to date). 😢

Mack Ade said...

And Nimmo leads the league in OBP

bill metsiac said...

Yep. And he'll be on the bench when 4to returns. Are we really better off with Bruce starting?

Tom Brennan said...

Bruce only got on 3 times...bench him! I miss Ruben Tejada, everybody...not.

TexasGusCC said...

From Newsday:

Despite plenty of pop — about six hitters who feasibly could hit double-digit dingers — the Mets had no homers and two doubles. Cespedes’ two singles came on 0-and-2 counts.

Callaway credited hitting coach Pat Roessler with instilling in the hitters a mindset that they don’t need to homer to be successful.

“[Roessler] is about as thorough as can be,” Callaway said. “He wants all of our guys to be an all-around hitter, not just be a one-facet guy. Go up there and swing for the fences is not going to work.”
Thank you God that I don’t have to hear the ole “we’re a homerun hitting team, that’s just what we are” any more. I can just feel my stress level decrease after that news alone. It’s going to be a great year!

Tom Brennan said...

TexasGus, I agree - but this team will hit LOTS of homers anyway. Every homer Cespedes hit in spring training I tried to watch the video of - like Stanton and Judge, his power is simply freakish - he rips a homer to left, not looking like he had a perfect swing, and it goes out on a line and clears the fence by 100 feet.

Those kind of guys can hit homers so easily, even when trying not to. That said, that 2 run single when he had 2 strikes was beautiful to see...and interestingly, they posted BEFORE that bags full hit that his career average with bags full is .451. I expect GREATNESS from Cespedes this year. I truly am hoping he has the best Mets offensive year ever.

And Nimmo on base 4 times? What a deep outfield when Conforto returns next week - could/should be best Mets outfield ever.

TexasGusCC said...

Right on Tom! I’m with you.

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