FLASH: - Gio Agents Told 6 Mets "Untradable"

Jon Heyman

mets told a's they wont include niese, ike, harvey, wheeler, mejia or familia. trying for gio, as said


David Groveman said...

Mets trade Chuck James, and Val Pascucci for Gio Gonzalez?

Charles said...

Flores, Akeel Morris, Havens, Puello, Duda, Tejada, A-Rod, Lagarus...doubt Wright($$)....Wilpons would love to really have chance to compete without spending. They need it. I wouldn't doubt the Mets end up trading a lot of their secondary prospects to try to get this done. Probably took those top guys off the table and told A's to pick three. Negotiate from there.

Michael S. said...

If the Mets get Gonzalez without including any of those six, I'd assume Beane is doing his old pal Sandy a favor. I don't think the Mets get him without at least including Familia. Would the A's really take a quantity over quality deal for arguably their BEST pitcher? I realize that a small market team needs multiple pieces, but I can't see Gio coming here for Murphy, Parnell, Duda, Gee, and prospects. If they get him, I'll be happy to eat crow.

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