David Rubin - So the Phils Get...

...another quality AA catcher (Tommy Joseph), some questionable arms and a whole lot of salary relief in their trades of starting outfielders Hunter Pence (Giants) and Shane Victorino (Dodgers), not to mention their soon-to-be-triggered move of Joe Blanton to the Orioles??? And former GM/current XM Analyst, Jim Bowden, is actually APPLAUDING these moves???? So now the Phils have Chooch, who they won't be able to re-sign if their new "austerity" plan continues, and their rotation is top-heavy to the tune of almost $70 mil per season. Their infield is without a good third baseman, and is reliant on older, very over-priced veterans in Rollins, Utley and Howard, all three of whom got old very quickly (injuries didn't help). An outfield of Dominic Brown, John Mayberry and Laynce Nix is NOT going to scare anyone - in fact, it makes the 2000 Mets' outfield of Payton/Agbayani/Perez seem like superstars in comparison. 

Mack wonders if a deal of Flores to Phils for one of those AA catchers could be constructed? You know what- 2 months ago, we all would've laughed at the thought. NOW??? GM Ruben "Minaya" Amaro is capable of nearly anything!

AND FYI- Phils gave up 2 of their top prospects to get Pence...not looking so great now, huh, Mr. Amaro???


Mack Ade said...

there are two devils the Mets an trade with, Philly and the Yanks...

Philly does NOT need two AA catchers...

Pounce on this today, Sandy.

Oh, and they can throw in Lee and pay his salary as well

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