Mack Ade – Morning Report – 6-27-13 – Shawn Marcum, B-Met All Stars, Carlos Beltran, Jose Fernandez, Mike Trout, John Buck


Shawn Marcum put himself back on the 'move list' after eight scoreless innings last night against the Chicago White Sox. Forget the one victory season. Experts in this game know he has throw multiple good outings and has had very little support by him teammates. No, he's not going to get you one of the Upton brothers (or George Springer), but there will be a team that will offer somebody decent for a pitcher like this who will probably be paid 100% by the Mets for this season, if the person traded for turns out to be someone decent.

The Binghamton Mets will send five representatives to the 2013 Eastern League All-Star Game in New Britain, Connecticut on Wednesday, July 10. Cesar Puello, Josh Rodriguez, Allan Dykstra, Logan Verrett and Jeff Walters will play for the Eastern Division team and battle the Western Division squad at New Britain Stadium.

Well, it looks like Puello will know just how many clean t-shirts he needs until he gets to the Las Veags’ Laundromats. I think there is a good chance that Verrett and Walters will also join him on promotion day (July 11th), but we’ll have to wait to see.

From Gary Seagren -

I love the sign Beltran idea because I wondered after the Wheeler deal why we didn't resign him for a measly $26 mil for 2 yrs and don't give me any of that Madoff B.S.

                This is only speculation.
Beltran wasn’t the most outgoing guy in the clubhouse. He was known by the beat reporters as a ‘tough interview’ and, frankly, was eventually avoided because of that. I thought it was just his way and most beat reporters (who are predominantly white guys that never played the game) were used to Latin players to being loud and running in packs. That wasn’t Beltran’s way.
And then there was the slowest knee recovery in the history of modern science. It seemed like he was never going to come back and it was obvious that Beltran was getting advice from his own doctors and his agent regarding the value of not rushing the healing process for a team going nowhere during his probably last year in that clubhouse.
As I said, all this is just my speculation, so feel free to burn me on the cross (most everyone else does in MetLand).

I was wondering why teams wouldn't be upset when players like Trout and Fernandez can be so major league ready and not be top 5 picks at least. Now I know the MLB draft is a crap shoot at best but if I'm an owner I want someone to tell me how we missed on guys like that (and with Trout right under our noses compounded by losing the pick for K-Rod). Is it quality and quantity of scouting or is it something much deeper.

I was wondering when I was going to get a Jose Fernandez question from you. You’ve had him stuck up your arse for quite a while, haven’t you?
A lot of people say that the Mets, and a lot of other clubs, missed on him. You know I do comprehensive research every year on the draft and compile what everyone says about these guys, plus keep track of the mock drafts. He was not projected to be the 14th overall pick by anyone. In fact, no one had him in the first two rounds. Give the Marlins, and whoever their scout was, credit. It was a great find.
Now, should he be in the majors? Absolutely not. He’s a high school ballplayer that had 27 starts behind him at the A+ level or lower. That’s not scouting, it’s sheer madness. Only the Marlins and the depletion of their system would consider something like this.
The equivalent of tis on the current Mets would be to start Luis Cessa in Colorado this week.
The story on Fernandez is not complete. So far this season, he is 4-4, 2.98. If it works out, it still is the exception.
Now… Mike Trout. Twenty-four teams missed on Trout. Some drafted some pretty damn good players (Zack Wheeler, Mike Minor, Mike Leake) and some didn’t. I remember that draft and there were still some pretty decent players on the board when Trout was picked (Nick Franklin, LeVon Washington, Tim Wheeler, James Paxton).
I don’t consider being picked 25th overall in a pool of 15,000 high school seniors and college junior and seniors as being looked over. There really isn’t anyone that is ‘major league ready’ coming out of school. Even Trout had to spend three years in the minors before being called up in 2012.
Every team has 100s of scouts, all feeding their information into one brain that reports to the home office. One person has to make the final decision on probably 1-15 finalists for that top pick. That’s as close to a crap shoot as I see it.
Gary, I’m sorry, picking players in the draft is a subjective action. I don’t see the Trout thing being a big deal.

    Buck, 32, has hit .176/.263/.243 in 152 plate appearances since May 5th.  Anthony Recker serves as Buck's backup.  Mets fans await the big league debut of Travis D'Arnaud, the key piece in the R.A. Dickey trade over the offseason, as D'Arnaud recovers from a broken bone in his foot.  At last check, D'Arnaud was cleared to run in water.  If D'Arnaud needs more than a month, Buck could still be moved in August given his $6MM salary and lackluster hitting.  The Mets' goal should be modest with a Buck trade; he can back up somewhere and they can receive some salary relief.
The good news about this article was the fact that it only listed two catchers as ‘starters’ available for a ttrade. One was Ryan Doumit and the other was Buck. Let’s face it, we all knew his hot start would cool off, but no one expected him to freeze over like he has in the past 45 days. Still, the powers to be in baseball know how much this guy has helped the young pitching staff of the Mets get their act together and that’s just as valuable to some teams around the league.



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