Mack's 2008 Prospect List


Mack's Prospect List - Aug 1st Update

By John Mackin Ade
Posted Friday, August 1, 2008

Mack’s Updated Prospect List – August 1st

1. OF Fernando Martinez/B-Mets – 19 yrs. old – We’re getting close to the time that you will never see Martinez’ name on a prospect list again, not because of his age, but because he will be permanently promoted to the parent club before this season ends. He is finishing off the month resting a hammy, but it’s nothing severe. The important thing to remember here is he’s only one of three ballplayers at the AA level at the age of 19, and he’s hitting .301/.341/.435/.776 for the season. He’s a Met next year. Period.

2. SS Wilmer Flores/Kingsport – 16.9 years old - Has there been anyone in Mets baseball history with a more exciting first career month? ProjectProject is the 1st national prospect ranking site that has listed Wilmer, in their top 125 prospects in all of baseball… The numbers are simply sick: .343/.375/.573/.948 7 HRs 30 RBIs in 34 games. That translates as 6th in the league in hitting, 7th in slugging, and 8th in OPS. The Mets will most probably push him to Lucy next year, regardless of his young age. This looks like one of those rare ones that lack of age doesn’t hold back.

3. SP Jonathan Niese/B-Mets - 21 years old – There is already talk coming out of Omar Minaya’s office that we may all see Niese in Queens before the season is over. Overall, his season looks unspectacular (6-7, 3.04), but he’s turned it up a notch in the last 10 games (2-3, 2.64). His last outing (7-24) was spectacular (7.0 CG, 0 ER, 8 Ks, 1 BB). Niese was promoted to New Orleans on 7-28, which closes out his B-Mets stats for the year: 6-7, 3.04, 1.30 in 22 starts, 112Ks, 44 BBs, 124.1 IP… eh…

4. RP Eddie Kunz/B-Mets – 22 years old - Kunz is slowly lowering his ERA/WHIP against lefties, which is tantamount to his future success in Queens. Like Niese, he is often mentioned as a September call up to Queens and should graduate from this list permanently at the beginning of next season. I am confident that Kunz will be a September call-up and a full part of the Mets roster next year.

5. 2B Dan Murphy/New Orleans – 23 years old - the most exciting thing to report this month about ‘Danny Boy’ is his permanent switch to 2B. That alone has vaulted him into the top-5. It’s interesting that he is also playing 1B in the first game of recent doubleheaders. That, and the fact that he also can play LF and 3B just enhances his future value. Stats for the season: .303/.371/.478/.850 23 doubles, 12 HRs, 65 RBIs (4th in league). I expect Murphy to be a September call up to Queens and probably stick next year as a 4-position utility guy waiting for Luis Castillo to stumble. Murphy was just promoted to AAA New Orleans.

6. 3B Jefry Marte/GCL - 17 years old – everyone would be talking a lot more about this kid if there wasn’t some guy named Flores playing in K-Port. Yearly stats: .343 (5th inleague)/.421 (7th)/.596 (2nd)/.1.017 (2nd).There’s no rush to develop a third baseman; however, there is a certain amount of desire to stock the upper minor league levels with prospects that can be packages in future deals. I look for Marte to play in Savannah in 2009.

7. 2B Greg Veloz/Gnats – 20 years old – I’ve been writing all year long that Veloz is the one true everyday prospect player on the Gnats this year, and he has stepped up in July and put up some fantastic numbers (.422 last 10 games). For the season: .282/.333/.409/.742, 26 SB. Still needs to improve in the field, but right now, he’s the #2 2B prospect for the Mets, behind the converted Dan Murphy. Veloz will be the starting 3Bman in Lucy next year, next to Wilmer Flores. An exciting infield indeed.

8. 1B Ike Davis/Clones – 21 years old - Davis looked like he was going to eat up the league the first couple of weeks; however, he slowed down considerable until late July. He’s now hitting the ball better (.244/.271/.317/.588) and once in awhile walking, which was non-existent early on. Anybody that has seen this guy play says he’s a potential 40-homer guy and could be ready as early as 2010. I expect him to most probably start the 2009 season at Lucy, but there is an outside chance he could go as high as B-Town.

9. SP Brad Holt/Clones – 21 years old – Lots of positive press coming out of Brooklyn on one of this year’s top draft picks. So far this season, the 6-4 starter is quickly becoming the ace of the staff. His first start did not go well, but since then Holt has allowed 4 earned runs in 32 innings. His last start (7-24) was extra special, striking out 14 batters in 6 innings. Getting lot of “local” exposure in Brooklyn.

10. SS Ruben Tejada/Lucy – 18 years old – Tejada has cooled off a little, but we have to remember that this is an 18-year old hitting in the 2 slot, at the A+ level. He also has to still learn to field stateside (27 errors), but that will come in time. Though still considered raw, Tejada is considered by the Mets as a top SS prospect. Normally, I would say that Tejada will most probably repeat A+ in 2009, but this looks to be Wilmer Flores’ spot next year. Being this young, he could go to B-Town, but might revert back to Savannah for some more grooming.

11. 1B Nick Evans/Mets – 22 years old - I guess you have to rank Evans above Carp at this point in his growth. I mean, the Mets have called him up two times, which is two times more than Carp has got the call. Mets fans are getting there first look at Evans and now everyone is starting to realize that this is not a potential superstar in the Bigs. Evans may stick next year as a utility player because of his versatility to play 1B, 3B, and OF, but he is what he is.

12. LF Mike Carp/B-Mets – 22 years old – boy, we sure like to forget Carp is still around, don’t we? Actually, his hitting did calm down a little in July after leading the league most of the season. Season numbers: .298/.383/.445/.828. Only 12 home runs all season. I still consider him trait bait to an AL team some day to play DH. If not, look for him at AAA in 2009.

13. SP Dillon Gee/Lucy – 22 years old - Gee has slowly and quietly become the ace of the Lucy squad this year… he pitched a super game on 7-25 (8.0 IP, O R, 8 K) and lowered his ERA to 3.36. That’s his 4th game (in last 8) that he went 8 innings and has now given up only 5 base-on-balls in 54.1 IP. When you think Gee, think Maddox or Glavine. Mr. Control.

14. SP Bobby Parnell/B-Mets – 23 years old – Parnell is another of those guys that get off to a slow start, you drop him from your prospect list, and then he slowly and quietly creeps back on. He earned his way back on this list simply after I heard that Omar Minaya mentioned that Parnell may wind up in Queens this year as a RP. Parnell was cooking with gas his first 9 outings out the last 10, but got creamed on 7-22 (23.62 ERA). Still the 10 game combined ERA was 3.56. Parnell closed out his July with 2 scoreless innings in a game that had to be finished on July 28th using another pitcher. Season stats so far: 9-6, 3.95.

15. SS Reese Havens/Clones – 21 years old - I have moved Havens down the list some because of the fact that an injury is preventing him from playing in the field. It’s tough to evaluate someone’s chances of making the roster of a NL team when all you can do is DH. The good news is he seems to be the one 1st rounder in baseball that came out swinging and knows when to take a walk. Recently, Havens was hurt for the 2nd time this year and he is currently on the IR. Where does he play next year, when he has Tejada and Flores ahead of him and he hasn’t even played an inning in the field yet? Hint: catcher in winter ball.

16. 3B Shawn Bowman/Binghamton – 23 years old – Should we believe what is going on in St. Lucie this year? Well, why not, especially after the Rick Ankiel/Josh Patterson stories. Bowman has returned to the form that had Mets brass projecting David Wright becoming a first baseman. Can someone who broke his back… twice… stay injury free? One good sign is the fact that he was promoted to AA on July 28th. Final A+ stats: .340/.369/.486/.853 in 97 at bats, 3 errors. He was leading the league in hitting at the time of his promotion. First AA game: 3 RBis and 1 home run.

17. 3B Zach Lutz/Clones – 22 years old – Lutz was one of the talks of last year’s draft (5th round), but went out for the season with an injury. Well, he’s back this year and making his presence known very quickly. He is currently on the IR with a minor injury and his stats so far for the season are: .333/.442/.514/.956.

18. SP Mike Antonini/Lucy – 22 years old – Fundamentally, Antonini is not a prospect, but all he has done this year is pitch well at 2 levels (Savannah & Lucy). He got his 2nd promotion on 7-24 when he was called to B-Town… combined stats at Lucy and Gnats: 8-4 with a 2.38 ERA. I know we’ve seen this kind of year from a lot of pitchers that never made it, but keep an eye on this one. Mike’s 1st AA outing on 7-25 wasn’t kind (5.1 IP, 4 ER, 6.75), but his year combined still comes in at 8-5, 2.57 and it’s been a great trip for a young kid this year.

19. RP Eric Beaulac/Gnats – 21 years old – I’ve been told by a couple of so-called ‘inside sources’ that the Mets are very high on this pitcher. He got his first professional start on 7-15, gave up 1 run in 4.0 IP, then followed it up with 5.0 IP, 1 ER, for his first professional victory on 7-15. Then, on 7-25, he returned to a relief role, pitching 3 scoreless innings and lowering his ERA to 1.89. On 7-29, Beaulac was promoted to A-Savannah and should be used as a starter for the remainder of the season.

20. SP Robert Carson/GCL – 19 yrs. old – Carson was a 14th round pick in the 2007 draft and spent most of last season in extended camp. This year, he’s came out of nowhere to become the ace of the GCL staff (1-0, 1.57 in 5 starts). He has since been promoted to K-Port, where he started 7-26 (4 IP, 1 ER, 5K, 2.25). Don’t be surprised if you don’t see him at Lucy in the spring.

21. OF Ezequiel Carrera/Lucy – 21 yrs. old – Considering he just turned 21, Carrera is holding his own at the A+ level. He’s been the lead off hitter for the entire season, which is quite an accomplishment for someone his age, at this level. The numbers are super considering the task at a young age: .277/.347/.401/.748.The only downside seems to be the lack of power which hopefully will develop as he gets older. Look for him in B-Town in 2009.

22. SP Dylan Owen/Lucy – 22 yrs. old – Other than two horrendous starts in July, Owen has had a good year at Lucy. His last outing came on July 28th where he turned in so-so stats of 6.0 IP, 4 ER, and only 3 Ks while walking 4. I guess a 3.85 ERA is, well, okay, but Owen needs to step it up if he expects to stay on my list (and make any of the other ones out there).

23. SP Scott Moviel/Gnats – 20 yrs old – Moviel got off to a slow start this year, but has begun to show the critics why he was drafted so high. In the last 10 games, he is 6-1, 3.05 as a starter. I have to tell you, I’ve sat behind home plate a bunch of times this year and, while Moviel had had some control problems this year, if he can correct that, he has real nasty MLB stuff.

24. SP Brant Rustich/Gnats – 23 yrs. old – Like Moviel, Brant started slowly in Savannah this year, but has finally been converted back to a starter, after hurting his shoulder in spring training. He’s currently on the 15-day DL with a blister on his pitching hand, but has showed renewed promise in his first 4 starts (4 ER in 16.1 IP). Rustich will move on to Lucy next spring to anchor the rotation.

25. OF Rafael Hernandez/K-Port – 19 yrs. old – Hernandez had only 8 at bats last year for the GCL Mets, after playing 2006 for the DSL team. This year, he’s matching Wilmer Flores in output. So far this season: .318/.396/.492/.888. Being as young as he is, there’s no rush, so I expect we’ll see him next year in Savannah.

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