Mack Ade – PM Report – 6-26-13 – Jayce Boyd, Kyle Johnson, Michael Fulmer, Eric Young, Gary Seagren


                                   1B Jayce Boyd - .371/.443/.509/.952, 275-AB, 6-HR, 53-RBI, 34-K, 35-BB

                                These are Boyd’s combined stats this season for Savannah and St. Lucie. They really are kind of special. I watched him play in Savannah and, I have to tell you, I didn’t think he’d actually hit better at the next level. That being said, he’s been an instant hit in Florida and, along with C Kevin Plawecki, has given thw Mets there a well needed shot of offense.

                                                I just can’t see any future for this kid as a Met. You have Ike Davis ahead of him and Dominic Smith one year behind. You try and figure out why a team drafts a first baseman in the sixth round. Was it an honest attempt to secure an insurance policy for Davis or was it an early roster fill?

                                                I’ve spent some time with Jayce as well as his family and ex-coach. I’d like to think the Mets recognized that Boyd had always been a hitting machine in college for a major school (Florida State) in a major conference (ACC). Boyd hit, in his three years there, .326, .335, and .376 and I remember draft day well. I was shocked that he was still on the board in the sixth round and thrilled he was picked by the Mets (though I do have to say that a hometown favorite of mine, St. John’s Kyle Hansen, was picked next at 201st overall).

                                                Boyd’s going nowhere the rest of this season and don’t be surprise you don’t see him in Arizona during the off-season. We have to recognize his potential at this point and raise him to ‘blue’ prospect’ status.

The Los Angeles Angels have acquired OF Collin Cowgill from the Mets for minor league OF Kyle Johnson

                                The Mets tried dealing Cowgill earlier this week for a higher level prospect. But it didn’t work out. Johnson is a non-prospect ex-25th round draft pick (2012) out of Washington State. He actually was having a pretty dam good year for the Angels’ A-level team: 245-AB, .310/.403/.424/.827. There is absolutely no pop here. Was the #10 prospect in the LAA system and did have 30 stolen bases, but he’s a 23-year old playing A-ball. 

                                   Michael Fulmer: 6 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K –
                                                Wow… I didn’t see this one happening.
                                                                        Fulmer is technically on the Savannah DL roster, though he would be pitching St. Lucie if he never was injured. Right now, the Lucy rotation is a 5-man (Domingo Tapia, Angel Cuan, Alex Panteleodis, Rainey Lara, Matt Bowman) with the Sand Gnats’ Steven Matz knocking on the door. Do you promote Matz and put Fulmer back in Savannah to take the pressure off, or do you keep Fulmer ahead of the Matz, both early draft picks?
                                                                        This is not the time of the year to have a six-man rotation.
                                                                        Me? I want Fulmer in St. Lucie, where he belongs, but I also want Matz there.
                                                It’s time to clean out the closet, starting with D.J. Mitchell and Chris Schwinden in Las Vegas. Replace them with Logan Verrett and Erik Goeddel.
                                                My Binghamton rotation for the remainder of the season would be Noah Syndergaard, Domingo Tapia, Cory Mazzoni, Mark Cohoon, and Darin Gorski.
                                                That leaves me Fulmer, Matz, Cuan, Pants, and Lara in Lucy.        

David Wright on Eric Young

“He’s been a shot in the arm for us. I think it’s unfair to expect him to keep up at this pace. He’s been great in the outfield. He’s set the table. And he’s provided some thump as far as some extra-base hits. He can steal a bag. And I think sometimes pitchers worry about him on the base paths and might leave one over the plate for you.”

MetsBlog quoted DePo saying that this was the second time he had tried to purchase Young. It’s amazing how easy it is for someone to fall in love with an outfielder that can hit .250. Still, I can see him sticking in 2014 as the ‘third best’ in a new three-man outfield. 

Gary Seagren -
Hi Mack, A thought just hit me the other day and I had to laugh. Can you imagine a scenario where we're in the wildcard race (don't stop posting the standings please) and come Sept. we're forced to "Strasburg" Harvey OMG! Come on stop laughing it COULD happen and admit it your thinking it too.
I haven’t spent any time thinking about pitch count. In fact, I can’t remember the last time, as either a Mets fan or writer, that this subject has ever come up. I have put back up the ‘wild card race’ as well as keeping up the ‘draft pick race’. Call it a ‘half-full, half-empty double post. There one main reason you aren’t going to have to worry about becoming a payoff team. There simply are too many teams that are needed to be passed in the race. It simply isn’t going to happen this year.
Anyway I agree with your recent post but I wouldn't go after any of the Eithier , Choo , Ellsbury troika cause we've been down that road WAY to many times before so I say stay with pitching, pitching and more pitching along with using the rest of the season to gauge Ike, Lucas, Travis Rueben and in Sept. Montero, Puello and a cast of thousands for the bullpen. Look if Harvey, Wheeler and Parnell are for real that goes a long way toward respectability and I know how you feel about prospects vs. major leaguers but if Choo, Ellsbury and Eithier are the answer then we're asking the wrong questions.
                I have no problem with Choo.
I like the stability of the past week, but that’s going to change when Ike Davis returns to first base and Lucas Duda goes back to left field.
I would play Eric Young, Duda, and Marlon Byrdevery night. I would establish this as the level of talent that my outfield needs to be judged by. Juan Lagares and Jordany Valdespin would be my utility outfielders until Justin Turner or Ruben Tejada returned. Then, I would replace Valdespin with Andrew Brown.
Until then, I would send down Brown with Kirk Nieuwenhuis. I’m probably done with the whole Captain Kirk thing. Banish him to the… no, that’s Superman. Just leave him at Vegas. The showgirls will love him.
As for Valdespin, he has refused to hit enough to be marketed. Now he’s just a bad hitting, average fielding, pain in the ass. Let him leadoff for Las Vegas until the phone rings some day.

In my opinion SS is our most pressing need and if I'm trading a major prospect chip that's the position I want filled after the dismal performance of Tejada and the lack of SS ready prospects in the system. I will live with defense in the OF and we certainly can find a suitable mix from among say an inexpensive resign of Young and Byrd and someone from among Den Decker, Puello and Lagares. We've stayed with the Sandy plan this long and we're finally starting to see the benefits so let’s stay the course a bit longer. Your opinion's always welcome.
I did find it interesting that everyone gave up on Tejada as soon as his defense started to stink up the place. In addition, he seemed to actually not care regarding the quality (or lack of) of his work. I’d like to give him the rest of the year to prove his long term value.


Dan B said...

Hey Mack,

With Texiera needing season ending surgery is there any chance we could flip Duda or Ike, to the Yankees for a meaningful outfield prospect or future piece or is their farm system that barren?

I still like the idea of sending one of them with Syndegaurd and several other prospects to the Rox for Tulo as well.

Anonymous said...

I'd promote Pants before Tapia... I just don't like what I'm seeing from Tapia in terms of strikeouts in correlation to his "stuff".

Plus Pants is MUCH older and needs to go to an age appropriate league.

Mack Ade said...


The Yankees just don't like to trade with the Mets.

They would rather A-Rod tweets.

Mack Ade said...


On 'paper' you are right, but I don't see Pants ready yet. Yes, he's older, but I think they'd eat him up right now at the AA level. His game is so much more than 50% mental and he needs to dominate at this level before he moves on.

Right now, the system is short staffed AAA/AA and overstaffed A+/A

Michael S. said...

Any chance we could get Jayce an OF glove and see how he does in left? I know this team has had it's problems converting players, but other organizations' players have made successful transitions to the OF.

Mack Ade said...

Boyd is not athletic.

He also has a very unconventional throwing motion.

Makes Alan Dykstra and Lucas Duda look like swans.

Michael S. said...

There goes that idea....well, more trade bait

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

Cesar Puello will make it big here... I can feel it

Young Jr. will be extended... he's perfect leadoff, .260 guy

and we'll get a gig guy with a trade for Montero + 2 more pieces

This is going to happen - I can feel it

Dan B said...

I feel it with Cesar Puello too, I just hope the biogenisis thing doesnt side track him too much.

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