Soto- Is it Time to Extend Daniel Murphy?

I was watching the Mets v. Braves game on Thursday night and in the bottom of the 9th, Daniel Murphy made an amazing "Derek Jeter-esque" jump throw from second base. The first thought through my mind was "Wow, Murphy has come a long way from his poor defensive days in LF."

I then thought more in depth about it.....Daniel Murphy has been extremely solid defensively this season. The statistics back him up as well.

Murphy currently ranks 5th amongst National League 2B in Put Outs, 3rd in Assists, and actually LEADS THE LEAGUE in double plays turned. He's also committed less errors (4) than notable guys such as Brandon Phillips, Rickie Weeks, Chase Utley, Marco Scutaro, and Dan Uggla.

Perhaps its time we start thinking of Daniel Murphy as part of the future of this organization. Yes, we have Wilmer Flores waiting in the wings, and performing well in AAA, but Murphy is a proven commodity, is only 28, and is under team control until the end of 2015.

I am going to start the bandwagon to extend Daniel Murphy. Lets buy out his two remaining arbitration years and 2 free agent seasons for an average annual salary of $5MM to $8MM. On top of locking down the 2B spot for years to come, it allows the organization to dangle Wilmer Flores as a trade piece to fill our hole at SS or in the OF.


Dan B said...

I think the Mets should extend murph. A lot of people think that he should be traded but I'm convinced that we would not be able to get enough value for him on the trade market.

A 4 year deal with 2 options at 6 per year should do it.

He's a young vetran and leader of this team behing Captain Wright. He's the deffinition of a team first person.

Extend the Irish Hammer!

Zozo said...

I think we should strike while the iron is hot, and trade him ASAP! Wilmer has more power potential at a cheaper rate, yes he hasn't proven it, but I think Murphy will get u a better piece for our puzzle by himself then Wilmer will at this point.

Anonymous said...

Well that's the thing Zozo....while Murphy may be playing extremely well, outside of the Mets fanbase and organization he is still viewed as a light hitting 2B who is below average defensively.

His value to us is higher than to other teams whereas Flores is viewed as a young controllable potential .300 hitter currently blocked by Murphy. His perceived value in the market is currently higher than Murph's.

Lastly, defensively Flores is just not very good defensively and is too slow to really develop into a good 2B the way Murphy did. Flores highest value remains as a 3B.

Mack Ade said...

I happen to think that Murphy represents everything positive about the current Mets... and, let's face it, there isn't that much positive.

I would keep him, sign him up for somewhere between 3-5 years at a decent price, and assign the entire public relations department to get on the Wilmer Flores train.

Herb G said...

I was on the "Trade Murph" bandwagon for a few years now, but suddenly I find that the wagon is moving in reverse. You can't help but be impressed with the improvement Murphy has shown in the field. And he is a consistent line drive hitter who should be good for .280-.290 for several years to come. He still has to play too deep a lot of the time, but it hasn't hurt the team much. So, bottom line is that I would agree to a 4 or 5 year extension for the sMurph @ $5 to $6 million per.

Charles said...

I don't believe for a second that Flores ha more value on the trade market then Murphy. Flores lacks a true position while Murphy is a solid ML second baseman that hits around .300, is in the prime of his career, and knocks 40 doubles every season.

This is a market where Jeff Keppinger got a 3 year deal. Baseball owners are paying huge dollars for average, borderline bench players. Look at Pagan's deal. Look at Cody Ross' deal. The prices for the average player has skyrocketed. Proven talent is worth a lot more then prospects.

Strait one for one deal. Murphy gets you a better player in a trade then Flores. Without any doubt, ten times out of ten. Wilmer is a prospect, Daniel is a everyday ML'er. Murphy's value is much higher then Flores'.

Anonymous said...

6 controllable years + success in triple A is greater than a 2 ARB years of increasing salary, a .271 MLB average, and perceived fringy defensively play at 2B.

Charles, you are correct though that Murphy SHOULD be worth more but I just don't think the market values him as much as the Mets do.

Michael S. said...

Charles you're correct. Teams have been asking about Murphy for a couple of years now. In that time his value should only have gone up. Murphy should return a good young prospect while Flores would have to be part of a trade package for an established bat.

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