And The New York Mets Choose With the 10th Pick...

1. Astros – The easiest guess in the world. I have yet to find a single draft pundit not pick NC State LHP Carlos Rodon for this pick. It’s not the + mid-90s fastball that has everyone talking about this kid. It’s the ++ slider which might be the best anyone has seen in years. Stupid stat lines over his young career. Trust me… write this one down in ink. Pick:  NC State LHP Carlos Rodon

 2. Marlins – Miami is always a team that is unpredictable at draft time. College 3Bman Colin Moran was a safe pick last year after striking gold in 2012 with Andrew Heaney (AA: 4-1, 2.94) and, in 2011, the unknown RHP Jose Fernandez (MLB: 12-6, 2.19). The safe bet here would be East Carolina’s RHP Jeff Hoffman, but I expect the Marlins to go middle infield with their first, regardless whether or not other players project higher in this draft. It also might be the first time college teammates were picked 1-2 in the draft. Pick:  NC State SS Trae Turner

 3. White Sox – The Sox’s last four (in three years) first round picks were (2013) SS Tim Anderson (A-full: .277), OF Courtney Hawkins (A+: .178, 19-HR), 1B Keon Barnum (full A: .254) and OF Keenyn Walker (AA: .201). So far, the first rounders haven’t paid off; however two of 2011’s picks, 2nd round RHSP Eric Johnson and SS Marcus Semien are already in Chicago. My guess is they will go pitcher and the best out there is a high school senior’ Pick: Shepard (TX) HS RHP Tyler Kolek

 4. Cubs – The Cubs went heavy duty pitching in the 2013 draft, picking 11 of them in their first 15 picks. They did; however go 3B with their first pick, choosing Kris Bryant (A+: - .333). They had three first round picks in 2012, OF Albert Almora (full A: ,329), RHP Pierce Johnson (A+: 6-1, 2.22), and RHP Paul Blackburn (A-: 2-3, 3.33). And, in 2011, their first pick was SS Javier Baez (AA: .294, 29-HR). I’ve got the Cubs picking the top college righty. Pick: East Carolina RHP Jeff Hoffman

 5. Twins – There’s some really good catchers in this draft, but there is only one that is outstanding and you better pick him early if you want him at all. No one is exactly sure if he is going to stick behind the plate, but he’s already getting comparisons to Bryce Harper for his catcher/outfield possibilities. The real bonus is his defensive skills and his cannon arm. The Twins can’t go wrong picking this kid at five. Pick: Ranco Bernardo (CA) HS C Alex Jackson

 6. Mariners – Seattle picked a guy in 2013 that I really wanted, 3B D.J. Peterson (projected to move to 1B) who wound up hitting 31-HRs and 119-RBIs for Div 1/low-A/full-A. He also hit .303 in the minors last year. Their top pick in 2012, C Mike Zunino, is already in the majors (.214) and the 2011 draft has already produced two major league players, SS Brad Miller (.265) and RHRP Carter Capps (53-G, 5.49), but it’s the flop of their first pick that year, and the #2 pick overall in the draft that year, LHP Danny Hultzen that hurts the most. The six million dollar bonus man may never pitch again, Pick: SS Clovis (CA) HS Jacob Gatewood -

 7. Phillies – The Phillies minor league pitching staff led all of baseball with the highest WHIP. This is an aging team that has both rushed and depleted their high end prospects to fill in their 25-man squad. They went long range with their first pick in 2013, going high school in J.P. Crawford (full A - .208). In 2012, they had two first round picks and went prep pitchers with both. Shane Watson went 4-6, 4.75, 16-ST last season in full-A and Mitch Gueller went 3-8, 5.86 in lower-A. Lastly, in 2011, 3B Cody Asche was rushed to the majors (.235) and first round pick, OF Larry Greene, hit .212 in A-ball. Look for Ruben Amaro to heavy up with college players this time around. Vanderbilt RHP RHP Tyler Beede

 8. Rockies – The Rockies continue to not be a successful team and will continue to try and build a foundation through the draft system.  Their first pick in 2013 (3rd overall) was Jonathan Gray, who finished the season 4-0, 0.75  at the A+ level. They had two first round picks in 2012, OF David Dahl (A-level: .275), and RHP Eddie Butler (AA: 1-0, 0.65, 6-starts). They also had two first round picks in 2011, starting with LHP Tyler Anderson (A+: 3-2, 3.25, 13-starts) and SS Trevor Story (A+: .233). The Rockies will pick the ‘best player available’. Conway (SC) HS RHP Grant Holmes

 9. Blue Jays – The Blue Jays pick again in two more picks so this would be a good time to pick someone that was originally not projected to be an early pick in the first round. They could easily save themselves a million dollars here by offering, let’s say, $1mil to someone originally projected to sign in the $500K range. Then, they could come back at pick #11 and draft the ‘best player available’ at the going rate (Michael Gettys). This draft is deep enough to pull this off and a great choice would be the late blooming lefty out of Hilo, Hawaii, Kodi Medeiros. He throws a 95 fast ball alongside a nasty slider and it’s thrown at a low three-quarters (almost sidearm) angle.  Michael Gettys said he was the best pitcher he had ever faced. Pick: LHP Hilo (HI) HS Kodi Medeiros

 10. Mets –First, the past three year’s first round picks. In 2013, the Mets picked 1B Dominic Smith (rookie: .301). 2012 brought two first round picks… high school SS Gavin Cecchini (.273 in low-A) and college catcher Kevin Plawecki (A+: .294). Finally, in 2011, they also had two first round picks, CF Brandon Nimmo (full A: .273) and RHP Michael Fulmer (A+: 2-2, 3.44, 7-starts, DL). General Manager Sandy Alderson seems to be building a good base of new talent that will make it’s way to Queens post 2016. My pick is similar to how the Mets think… high school talent with raw tools. Remember this name… he’s compared to Eric Davis.  Pick - J Serra OF Marcus Wilson


Mike said...


First of all, Love the site. I need you to do something for me with this mock though. Talk me into loving Wilson's tools over the tools of Gettys. Gettys screams a guy who ends up with at least a 55 across the board. Thanks!

Mack Ade said...

First of all, I have no problems with Gettys being picked. The two of these guys are both high tools players.

Jeff Sullivan (who had him picked 7th in his mock) turned me on to Wilson.

An old scout of mine wrote about him:

6'2 180, R/R, live body with good running speed straight away, showed arm strength, played LF, projects in the OF, either corner, has bat speed and strength in upper body to development further with more exposure, definite tools to keep an eye on in 2014

Another scout's look at him:

Wilson is another projection bet that's very young for the class with a very projectable, long-limbed, broad-shouldered frame that's he's still growing into. He posted plus-plus run times in the 60 and in games and shows some feel to hit in games with gap power than should improve with age

steve said...

Afternoon Mack
Hope you and your family has a great Christmas. I think you might be right ,with a high ceiling high schooler. But one guy who interests me is Newcombe. Big strong Leftys, don't grow on trees? Without a 2nd pick,i think the teams management,might go for someone like him?

Mack Ade said...

Mets Dom Smith posted this on Instagram about my picking Marcus Wilson with the 10th pick

50 minutes ago
How dope would this be? My little bro @_mw8 keep working bro and make this a reality 💯😎⚾️#bbg


Mack Ade said...


I like Newcombe also, as I like a lot of the pitchers in this draft.

It seems to me that, rotation wise, the Mets are going to be filled up (through the Steven Katz graducation) until at least 2018... these last few years are good to target on toolsy bats with the first few picks... IMO

Michael S. said...